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8 March 2017

10 Creative Heads to watch this women’s day

Today on International Women’s Day, we have curated artworks and photographs from 10 Creative Heads who inspire us and wish they inspire you too!

Happy International Women’s Day, be the inspiration!


1. Smriti Choudhary

©Smriti Choudhary

2. Rachel




3. Khyati Trehan

©Khyati Trehan



4. Ishani Das

©Ishani Das



5. Mehandee Meera Dureja

©Mehandee Meera Dureja



6. Naina Gahlaut

©Naina Gahlaut



7. Asfa Sabrin

©Asfa Sabrin



8. Chandni Dua

©Chandni Dua



9. Sehej Dassan

©Sehej Dassan



10. Upasana Malik

©Upasana Malik


Women, You are Power 🙂 | Keep Creating Rad Stuff.

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