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9 December 2017

5 days of exploration in the vicinity of Rajasthan with Tour-de-Thar

What if someone offered you an opportunity to spend the last few days of this year with friends, old and new, riding across the beautiful back roads in the day, sitting across a warm campfire in the wilderness, singing and dancing the night away, hard to say NO! Right?


Every year Tour-de-Thar lets you escape from the civilization, teaches you not to worry about anything else but the road ahead. Five days, your riding friends become your family and the wild becomes your home.


Tour-de-Thar every year has much more going, much exciting as you would be exploring a new side of the Thar. Tour-de-Thar routes are unconventional, untouched and riding on county back roads. All this lined up in the spirit of Tour-de-Thar to understand the artistic culture along with a host of new and exciting experiences.

A major highlight of Tour-de-Thar is the food. Instead of cooking our own food or sourcing it, we arrange for local cooks. These cooks reach the camping location ahead of us, cook and serve hot food on your arrival! Local recipes, cooked by local cooks, served in the wilderness, especially for you is pure bliss. This is the best food experience one can ask for. We have always believed in simple, rustic and authentic experiences, this is one great example of it.

A cake without icing doesn’t look appetizing. So is Tour-de-Thar, on the last night of the ride, a local band is called out. With soulful tunes being played, you start dancing to the lovely Rajasthani tunes.


Photo by Western Motorsport


Let’s sum it up for you, end of the year, five days of riding, you forget the world, a peek into the artistic world, camping, local recipe and you dance to soulful Rajasthani music.  A good way to end the year. A year, you toiled all along.


Come join us with Western Motorsport on Tour-de-Thar for a year ending experience of a lifetime!
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