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25 May 2017

Interview with Photographer: Vijendra Trighatia

Meet Vijendra Trighatia, who worked with State Bank of India for 32 years. But always used to find excuses to break his daily routine, while travelling he fell in love with photography.


Vijendra Trighatia


Inspiro India: Tell us something about yourself and how did you get started creating?

– I have been working for SBI for the last 32 years. Not the one for dull routines, I have always been finding excuses to break them. Initially, it was traveling and writing but six years back, I took to photography. Creativity is not something that can generally be learnt. You either have the knack or you don’t. One may learn the technical aspects of a craft but to be creative in it is something intrinsic.


Inspiro India: How did you develop interest in this field?

– For me Photography is not just about creating images for memories but it is all about feelings. Even inanimate objects ought to be captured to convey a thought. My intention is to develop a people centric collection of images and capture moments which linger on for a while. Traveling and meeting people has always been a passion for me. With a camera in hand, it was only natural that I strived for getting better in the field.


Inspiro India: Did you face any kind of problems while pursuing this field? How satisfied do you feel after working in this field?

– Yes, of course, but then they were the kinds that any beginner would face. Online tutorials and experienced photographer friends came to my rescue. One has to show sufficient interest and honesty of purpose in pursuing a passion and its only then that people would oblige you with their inputs. I never tried to hide my inadequacies and always was and still am a humble student wiling to learn from anyone.


Inspiro India: What is it about Travel photography that interest you the most? What are your top three favourite photography locations? and Why?

– Any kind of travel broadens your horizons and enriches you with the culture, sights, sounds and flavors of different places. Photography is a means of reaching out to those people you meet on your journey and share their joys and sorrows. I have been lucky to make friends throughout India whom perhaps I would have never met had it not been for the camera in my hand. It’s a special bond tied with eventful memories.



Inspiro India: What is typically in your camera bag while travelling?

– Well, I usually carry two cameras and three lenses. A wide angle, a mid range and a telephoto lens along with spare batteries, chargers and a tripod.


Inspiro India: If not this, What would have Vijendra Trighatia been doing?

– I really can’t imagine myself as anyone else but if I did have a wish I would asked for this
bug to bite me thirty years earlier. Having said that I still see myself going strong for another twenty.



Inspiro India: Describe your post-processing work flow And the equipment that you use?

– I am not much of an expert in post processing and do only some nominal color and contrast adjustments for which I use the Lightroom. I am still trying to find my feet with Photoshop and hope to gain some knowledge someday.


Inspiro India: Could you tell our readers how to reach such excellent results in Travel photography? What are you looking forward to purchase next?

– It is said that if you are hard working and patient with nature, it too shall bestow it’s benevolence towards you. It’s important to identify the correct vantage points from where you propose to shoot and the time when you are going to do it. The source and the direction of light is equally important for an impacting image. For clicking shots of people, always be humble and non intrusive. A smile generally does the trick but ideally befriend the people before you shoot their pictures. Monuments, in isolation, are just stones bound together but put a human element in your image and monument assumes a different character. Hence, once again, wait for the opportunity for a human element to enter your frame.


©Vijendra Trighatia


Inspiro India: What advice would the artist inside you like to pass on to our readers?

– In view of my limited experience, I barely consider myself to be eligible for dispensing advice but I guess it’s important to realize that to strive for excellence one should always be willing to learn. The day one starts believing that one can’t be taught any more will be the day when the downward spiraling starts.


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