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12 May 2017

Creative Head of the week : Veronica Gera

A 17 years old student- she is putting up in Delhi and loves travelling and exploring new places. She liked clicking pictures since she was 13, but she got to know the real meaning of photography when she got her new DSLR, she started learning photography on her  own from YouTube by watching videos and learning new tricks to improve your skills. She has not taken any course  and spent a lot of money, she would rather prefer to buy new lenses for her camera, she says.



She was just a beginner when she started capturing, she didn’t start creating beautiful frames, she chose beautiful subjects to make her frame look beautiful. She doesn’t actually think before taking pictures, the best shots in her gallery are mostly candid and if we talk about frame, she just improves her frame by clicking as many pictures as she can, this improves her skills, she says.

As per her, Capturing streets is way too interesting. You get to meet beautiful people, and because we can practice actual photography in the streets only(rules of thirds, compositions etc). Her inspirations are all the pros, specially Steve McCurry , Raghu Rai, Auditya Venkatesh and other professional photographers, and all those who have taught her something in her life and supported her. She says that she doesn’t know how to use Photoshop perfectly, she just uses mobile apps like snapseed to edit her pictures. And she only has  one camera. She  doesn’t carry multiple cameras.

Her valuable words about Inspiro India Magazine,

“Inspiro India is doing great for the beginners to display their talent. Keep exploring such beginner photographers, this gives us a lot of confidence and motivate us to do better! Thanks a lot Inspiro India for this initiative! Kudos to them, wish them luck.”


Photos by ©Veronica Gera

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