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9 October 2017

Traveller of the Week : Jade Dsa

Jade has D’sa spent most of her time in Goa where she was born and brought up and then ultimately moved to Mumbai for an MBA degree, earning her a job in Business Development. ‘That Goan Girl’ was started when she couldn’t find a creative outlet in working 9 to 5 anymore!

She began documenting her travels and new restaurants incorporating her thoughts and opinions. An ambitious woman, Jade does not give up easily and also cannot be stopped easily from doing whatever she sets her eyes on.


Jade D’sa


Travelling has been a lifelong passion, she remembers reading adventure books as a child and watching movies. “I used to dream that someday I would also get the chance to explore the pyramids in Egypt, to touch the soft white sand on deserted islands of the Philippines, to try some street food in Thailand, to see Manhattan from one of its rooftops and ride in a hot air balloon over Cappadocia”, says D’Sa.

While she has been travelling between countries since she was practically a baby, her first real trip happened in Grade 9 to the historically beautiful Hampi in Karnataka.


Trying local food, visiting museums, experiencing the nightlife, and shopping requires her to travel solo since travelling with a group of people will only make it uneasy in terms of preferences. For her to travel with someone other than herself, the ability to vibe together matters a lot, says Jade.


Jade is a full-time traveller and a freelance digital marketer by profession. She tries to finish her face to face commitments at one time and then continues to travel on road. Her family has come to accept her unconventional work style.


D’sa plans her trips when and where required such as experiencing Diwali in Varanasi but when it comes to exploring rural Maharashtra or Rajasthan, she’s ready to leave in half an hour. ‘That has happened on several occasions!’, adds Jade.

The Northern Lights, Greece, Russia, Turkey and North India are her top must-visit locations.

Her five must-haves for travelling outdoors are comfortable clothes, sunscreen, bug spray, a light scarf, and water!


Jade loves every bit of travelling right from planning where to go, which mode of transport to get and also the feeling to get back home once the trip is over! She also loves to learn and loves the diversity of culture, food and the way of life truly fascinating.

‘Travel constantly challenges you by throwing you into unknown situations and that gives me a thrill’, says the experience junkie.

Jade D’sa has travelled to Karnataka, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Gujarat. She has also travelled internationally to Kuwait, Singapore, Malaysia and Canada.


Travelling also comes with some life lessons which has taught Jade to trust her instincts over the time. It has also taught her to reinforce what she already knows but tends to forget.

‘Life is short and there’s no need to wait around to do something that makes you happy. If travelling makes you happy, then do it now and experience whatever you can, while you can’ says the traveller.



Whilst being invited to review a domestic airline’s new in-flight entertainment system, she was flown to Delhi for a few hours. Finding nothing to do at the Delhi airport, not wanting to kill time at a coffee shop like a normal human being, Jade decided to call a friend and ended up soaking Delhi in just a few hours. From trying Keema Parantha to taking in the sights at Connaught Place, saw the Red Fort and Jama Masjid and lastly, headed to Old Delhi where she tasted some fabulous Jalebi-Rabdi at Chandni Chowk, a good hour away from the airport while still catching the flight back to Mumbai at the nick of time!

Words by Harpreet
Images by ©Jade D’sa


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