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11 May 2017

Interview with Photographer: Taras Taraporvala

Taras Taraporvala was born and brought up in Bangalore, didn’t touch a camera till I was 20. 


Taras Taraporvala

Inspiro India: Tell us something about yourself and how did you start creating?

– Born and brought up in Bangalore, didn’t touch a camera till I was 20. I had a brief stint in an advertising agency which is where my passion for photography begun. I then decided to study photography in Melbourne from 2006-2009 after which I spent 5 years as an in-house photographer with Grazia India and the Times Group.. I have since moved out on my own and I’m very excited for the future


Inspiro India: How did you develop interest in this field?

– While working for an advertising agency in Bangalore, I had to take care of jewellery on a shoot for a client ( C.Krishniah Chetty And Sons). The shoot was in Bombay, at Mazda Studio and Prasad Naik, who probably won’t remember this, was the photographer. That was sort of when I developed an interest in photography and when I went back to Bangalore and spent a lot of time with a Leica M3 shooting on film everything from my dog to flowers and sunsets to the people around me.



Inspiro India: Did you face any kind of problems while pursuing this field ? How satisfied do you feel after working in this field?

– Photography as a career was always going to be a bit of a risk. Luckily, I have always had the support of my parents. My mum who is a piano teacher and my dad, who has gone from being a farmer to working in television for the last 20 years understood from early on that a creative field would likely be the direction I wanted to pursue. They have never questioned or tried to stop me from doing what I love. You come up against obstacles in any field. As an artist we constantly put our work out there and it is subject to opinions and criticism. With experience, as you grow, you begin to create more for yourself and worry less about what people around you are saying. It is at the same time a fine line between listening to good advice and shutting out the bad. Education and exposure to the arts is also something which helps you build trust and belief in yourself to keep going while people around you may not always be on the same page. Other obstacles are more practical: Like making a living. I have always believed, and continue to believe that if the main reason for working is the work itself, then financially you should be well taken care of; How true this is only time will tell I can honestly say photography is now my life. Everything I do from where I stay, to whom my friends are, to what I do on weekends to where I travel, revolves around photography. Being able to make a living of something I am so passionate about is something I have to be thankful for. ‘Satisfied’ is a dangerous word to me. There is always a hunger and desire that stems from essentially NOT being satisfied. This is true for any creative field and drives a lot of ideas and concepts which find their way in to my images.


Inspiro India: What is it about Fashion photography that interest you the most ?

– Apart from the women, I find fashion photography is somewhere I get to experiment. There aren’t too many rules and it isn’t too technical. It is also a lot of fun as it involves a whole team, and putting together each member of that team ultimately decides the outcome. It is fascinating to see different peoples skills and characters come alive in images I take. I am lucky to work with a lot of talented stylists, makeup artists, models and creative directors.


Inspiro India: Describe your post-processing work flow And the equipment that you use?

– When shooting in the studio for a magazine, I generally shoot tethered to an iMac and capture one pro. By the end of the shoot, I have the best images sent as low res straight to the magazine for layout purposes, the raw versions of these same images go straight to my retoucher or my hard drive if I’m editing them. Editing, then, goes through photoshop.


Inspiro India: What are the biggest challenges of working in Bombay?

– Bombay is probably the best city in the country to be working in. There are logistical issues almost every step of the way from timings to traffic to location issues, and even the smallest commercial jobs end up having 50 people on set. However, after close to six years working here, you do find a method to the madness and in my case, a home studio as meant I can avoid many complications.



Inspiro India: What was the first camera that you received?

– Before doing my photography course, I got a Nikon d300 and before this, I had experimented on friends film cameras but the Nikon d300 was the first camera I owned.


Inspiro India: If not this, What would have Taras Taraporvala been doing?

– I played a lot of cricket when I was younger and would like to think that I would have at least made the IPL.

©Taras Taraporvala


Inspiro India: What advice would the artist inside you like to pass on to our readers?

– Just to be true to yourself and produce work for you and not the people around you. Don’t get too worried or dependent on the latest gadgets, these are constantly changing. Educate yourself about your art, start a personal project and find your own natural style



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