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6 December 2017

Blogger of the Week: Nikhil Kandhari

Nikhil is a full-time fashion stylist and consultant, a part-time fashion blogger and musician from Mumbai. His blog ‘I AM NKHL’ is a conglomerate of his styling projects, daily outfit inspirations, music and an occasional peek into his life. His blog stands out from the rest because he enunciates his views on fashion, music and travel with a tinge of personal touch. Nikhil labels his style quotient as ‘versatile’ because he can transition easily from street style one-day to formals the other. He manages to extract inspiration from everything around- be it from different eras and their celebrities, architecture, etc. The best part about inspiration is that it is limitless.


Nikhil Kandhari


Nikhil started his blog on 11th May 2016. His inclination towards fashion is a long-time affair, which started during his college days. Being a part of multiple fashion shows for college festivals and winning several awards made him find a more significant goal in the same arena. Thus, he remoulded his hobby into his passion and career.


Blogging for Nikhil is a vast, limitless space to express. Being a blogger, you have the onus to be the art director, stylist, model-all in one. Though it seems to be an entertaining task, it involves a lot of hard work, he says.


Nikhil shares his tale behind the name of the blog. He has been DJ’ing as well as producing music as ‘NKHL’ for 3 years and wanted it to be his identity, a singular badge for every venture of his. Also, it preserves his originality and he prefers to call it ‘I AM NKHL’ (pronounced as I am Nikhil). His audience ranges from the age of 15 to all the way to 35. They’re all amazing and support him ardently for all the content he produces, his highly engaging pictures are a good proof of this fact.


About his future plans, Nikhil shares
, ‘Honestly, I wish to grow and create an impact on the menswear market, and the work starts with my blog. I have many plans for 2018 but I can’t disclose anything as of yet. You’ll see it all and hopefully like them’.


Nikhil’s regular photography tool is his iPhone and the rest depends on his photographer’s choice of gear. Mohit Varu is his regular project partner but he works with others as well since experimenting leads to improvisation.


Nikhil shares his words of encouragement for people who wish to explore the field of blogging as a career. ‘Be passionate and confident, make sure to think like a businessman or businesswoman’, says the blogger. One has to learn to market oneself. The most important part is to be inspired but to establish a unique identity, not using copying as an approach stresses the versatile being!

Words by Laveena Behl
©Nikhil Kandhari

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