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8 June 2017

Creative Head of the week : Shyamolie Katyal

Meet Shyamolie Katyal, an 19 year old girl, who is passionate about living moments and capturing them forever. She is a hardcore Delhite but moved to Osaka, Japan recently. There was a time in her life when nothing appealed to her. She started creating and capturing beautiful frames to break this monotony. This was a desperate attempt of hers to make herself happy. This made her realise how beautiful life was. Photography gave her a sense of self-worth and the feeling that she was gifted with an amazing perception of elements around her. Her approach to a picture is very simple. She does not get into complexities. She tries to capture the most common and ordinary of the frames in the most extraordinary way. She tries to make the monotony of life, visually appealing.
For her, the appreciation and the smiles on people’s faces when they see the photos she clicks, is a reward enough to click beautiful pictures. She lets her pictures do the talking. The sacredness and purity of nature inspires her. She tries to include elements of nature in her photos which gives them a very earthy feel. Nature in every form never fails to amaze her. She mostly uses her iPhone to click photos but she also owns a Canon 1000D. She believes that the equipment isn’t that important if you have a beautiful perception of the subjects around you. She, personally, has never let equipments become a hindrance in the way of clicking pictures. She uses VSCO for colour correction.
When she clicks a picture, she strongly emphasises on the tones. The secret to this is understanding the composition of a picture before clicking it. All the elements in a photo should be in a harmonious sync with each other in order for a photo to look visually appealing.
About Inspiro India Magazine, in her own words- “I think that Inspiro India Magazine is a very cool initiative which gives passionate writers, visual artist and photographers like me an amazing platform to showcase their art. Shout out to you guys for that.”


Photos by ©Shyamolie Katyal

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