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3 January 2018

Blogger of the Week: Samee Taskin

Hailing from North-East India, Samee Taskin feels that fashion and style have always been in her living roots. She mentions a memory of her mother making her wear a “skort” (skirt+shorts) for her uncle’s wedding when she was 5 years old. Her style has evolved through years along with influences from various fashion trends. Her primary education was done in Assam and she graduated in B.Tech in Manipal, Sikkim. She shares her love for cooking through her social handle dedicated to food (@themidmess).


Apart from that, her other likes are photography and books. She is a tea-holic and a minimalist at heart. Her blog “Sassy and Classy” is about fashion and Lifestyle. She doesn’t wish to limit herself to a single genre. She likes to blog about anything that grabs her interest, for example, she did a blog post on how to plan your Instagram handle, because she feels it is an important task if we wish to present it as our portfolio. Samee thinks that being unique in a crowded niche is not easy. She mentions, “While there may be a lot of other blogs that cover similar topics as my blog, I try to take advantage of my strength and experiences to help make my blog stand out. I try not to publish all the same types of content. Minimalism is my forte! Be it in fashion or lifestyle.” She also documents post-travel diaries and food recipes along with my other blogs.
Since she is fond of minimalism, it is her definitive style. She shares
 “I like anything and everything minimal and simple. I believe less is more and that’s what I go about when I do any styling or buy any home décor. I am fond of earthy tones because of the warm vibes. As for colour palette, I like coral colours and the hue ‘Fall’ is my latest favourite. Casual, Basic and Minimal is what I would describe my style as.”


She draws inspiration from current situations, mood or colour palette. The mundane life is where she drives her interest from. Social Media, according to her, is a great platform to get many inspirations from. Her blog came into being on one quiet evening of May 2016. She shares the anxiety she felt at that moment, “Everything about blogging seemed so daunting to me, uploading pictures, being consistent, having a catchy name etc. I have been really interested in blogging since the time I discovered the blogging community back in 2010 where I use to see my sister blogging. I thought I would create a little corner for myself in the world of Internet and share my interests.”



Samee Taskin


The significance of Blogging varies from person to person. It has been a year of blogging for her and yet she feels she’s naive at it. Blogging is not a piece of cake, it needs consistent work and a lot of patience. Blogging does not mean mere posting articles online. The main motive of blogging is sharing. For Samee, it does not matter how you share your knowledge and content with people, but the presentation is attractive and comprehensible.  She shares her anecdote about her blog’s name, “I have a penchant for classic as well as quirky. I think every person has both these sides, hence I chose ‘Sassy and Classy’ as the blog title.”  Her audience comprises mostly of youth from all across the globe. She aims to reach out to everyone. Her future plans include various collaborations and paid sponsors as an influencer and creator. Social Media plays an important role in this. She would love to create a YouTube channel, but that plan is still in pipeline.  She uses Canon 500D for her digital pictures but iPhone does a very good job, especially in portrait mode. She does a major chunk of iPhone photography as well. Yashica is reserved for print photography. She feels “Camera is just a tool, it doesn’t actually matter what camera we use to click amazing photos”.


One advice the blogger inside her would like to pass on to the readers is if someone wants to start blogging, just go for it. There will be lots of ifs and buts, which will be there always, so instead of speculating, jump into the sphere and experience it yourself. Her tip for other bloggers is “make mistakes if you can and then learn from them. Experience is the best teacher.”

Words by Laveena Behl
Images by ©Samee Taskin

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