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23 June 2017

Creative Head of the week : Sachit Chainani

Sachit Chainani is a person trying to step out of the box with his vision and ideology. He is someone who likes chilling on the beaches as well as trekking on mountains. He loves the sunset and waits for the sunrise. He clubs on the songs like one dance, closer and loves listening to old kishore kumar songs late night. He is on a mission to create innumerable stories in his life to tell people about. He just picked his mom’s phone in his teens to click pictures around wherever they went and they luckily would turn out to be great. He started enjoying that part and started practising it more to just get better but he wasn’t exposed to this part of creativity still. He demanded for a camera when he realised he is ready to seriously practise this little hobby that gives him happiness and makes other people smile when he shows them his pictures. He didn’t realise when did this hobby turn into passion and now, he would want to make this something he could survive on.

As per Sachit, taking a picture is quite simple which anyone and everyone can do. What actually interested him in a picture is its beauty, simplicity, elegance and the way he looks at it because this is going to be his signature in his picture. In his belief, a watermark isn’t something that is going to tell people this is his picture but his vision would. He approaches the nature the way he wants it and approaches people with a smile to never offend them and makes sure to get the best of that consent.

Travelling anywhere gets him to observe things in a way people wouldn’t generally. A very typical photographer’s thing drives him to create a picture.

He himself is pretty sorted as an inspiration to click but the amazing photographers he sees on Instagram who create something marvellous are his major inspirations to keep learning new things and implementing a lot of techniques in his pictures.
He, currently, is not to fancy with his equipments and software. He uses a Nikon D5100 (crop sensor camera) with a basic kit lens and he edits his pictures on Light room.

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Photos by ©Sachit Chainani

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