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2 June 2017

Creative Head of the week : Sonic Vijay Girnara

Meet Sonic Vijay Girnara, the artist whose internal emotions led him a long way! It all started in his secondary school where he used to make sketches of cartoons for his friends, one of his friends said that he can do better than this and that he should become an artist in the future. This made him pay more attention towards sketching and other art stuff. His art is completely internally driven. It is about his emotions at that moment. He thinks that all great art is produced that way. He did not use high end material in the beginning. He used to charge some money in exchange for portraits that he made. Buying himself some staedtler material with his own money was a great deal for him. He usually likes making a frame before he starts the sketch. It makes the sketch look neat and the rest just happens randomly. He works with rotring pens(005 & 003) and staedtler pencils. He avoids using

an eraser as he feels it’s not professional. Nothing from the outside world inspires him. He uses lots of ‘out there’ elements like mountains, sky, sea to express what’s going on inside his mind. He is not someone who surfs the internet all day to see what’s the new art trend or something. All his life, he has tried to stay without any influence of the outside world. It usually takes him 2-3 hrs to complete a detailed portrait.

About Inspiro India Magazine, in his own words- “Inspiro India magazine,as the name suggests, does a really great job of inspiring artist like me by bringing us in the spotlight so that people can know about us!”


Photos by ©Sonic Vijay Girnara

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