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19 January 2018

Creative Head of the Week: Avantika Mathur

Avantika Mathur thinks she was born to dabble in art. Music and art have always been a part of her life since the age of two. With time, she became more conscious about it and her curiosity grew in art progressively through time.


Art imitates life. She flows with it like a bohemian. Stereotypes don’t bind her. Initially, she experimented with form and style trying to find a unique style of her own. With experience, she is growing both in confidence and inspiration to discover herself.
An artist’s challenge is to be able to portray their ideas. So now, she paints and explores her style in different mediums. Her art is a narrative of who she is.
A new age artist also faces challenges of how to reach out to a larger audience and understand art. Further, artists occasionally slip into ‘dry’ unproductive phases in creativity. This can be very frustrating. Overcoming challenges are what makes an artist’s life exciting.


Avantika Mathur


Art is a universal language. It’s refreshingly liberating to Avantika. It’s her world where she can be whoever she wants to be without any outer power controlling her. It is freedom. Her artworks are like her wings.


As a surrealist artist, she is prone to be highly imaginative, easily crossing into a realm beyond real-life imagery. She often explains to people that she lives an uncompromising world which is totally her own. Her paintings are where people can get lost into and try to find the narrative. Another distinctive feature of her art is a riot of colours. She says, “When life shines in full glory, why be subtle? ”


As she mentioned earlier, she was into art since childhood. Soon she grew out of crayons into scribbling on scrapbooks, onto canvas and walls – that must be around age six, she reminisces. A decision to take art as a profession came after high school when she was planning to start her study for college. She chose her passion and which gave her happiness. Earning out of something you are passionate about and you love is a dream! And she is living her dream everyday!


With a Bachelors degree in Fine Art (Painting) and Art History from the University of the Philippines, Manila, and her Masters in Creative Painting from SNDT, Mumbai, she is formally well versed with fine arts.
A very observant person, her paintings are not just portraits; they are an essay, a narrative, which tries to capture multiple aspects of the character she is painting. Look deeper and you will find that the face in each portrait or artwork will convey not just the features of the individual, but the ethnic identity, the temperament and the power behind those eyes.
Her ‘Emerge series’ is a tribute to women- their rise in the new world order irrespective of their background.


A Surrealist, her process is to dream-reflect-compose-sketch-paint-display. Her Imagination is her most favourite and often used tool. The fuel to her imagination is her life and her adventure. Moreover, her artworks are not about the final product but more about the process and the journey to reach there. Each artwork is a discovery. Art teaches her something new every day.


The golden words, “Everyone has an artist inside. It is you who has to find your pensive moments. Pick up the material and let go. Who other than you to best understand the voice of your subconscious. Depict it. Art is a channel. Use it to find yourself. You will realise how liberating it feels”


Artwork by ©Avantika Mathur

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