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2 December 2017

Exotic visual tour of Indian marvels | India in Pictures #002

India is a country where various dynasties have conquered and vanished through the centuries, but the beauty still remains in the form of architecture, food and people themselves!

Cultures, traditions, celebrations and manifolds of landscapes make every corner turn into a new discovery, be it a local or visitor!

Here is a series of visuals by Creative Heads from all over the country.


Banke Bihari Temple, Vrindavan // ©Ankit Kumar


Nandgaon, Uttar Pradesh // ©Mohit Tejpal


Dal Lake, Srinagar // ©Nissar Rafiquee


CST, Mumbai // ©Yash Sheth


Sam Dunes Jaisalmer // ©Tanvi Sharma


Pahalgam, Jammu & Kashmir // ©Manali Jain


Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh  // ©Abhishek Kumar Singh


Bhabha Valley, Kinnaur // ©Ashish


Kochi // ©Ravinder Singh


Munnar, Kerala // ©Rejish



Featuring series of inspiring images by Creative Heads from all over the country as ‘India in Pictures’.


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1 November 2017

Blogger of the Week: Sonali Singh

The immense love and support from you ‘Creative Heads’ have been surreal over the past few years. Inspiro India wishes to grow with the growing population of ‘#inspiroindia‘. We’re continuously working to bring great content to anyone and everyone following us on various platforms.

This year we present to you, an all new feature presenting ‘The Blogger of the Week’.


Sonali Singh is a full-time blogger, with an education which spans from science to event management and has always been interested in multiple things.

‘TheStyleDrug’ is a personal blog which exists solely because of Sonali’s love for fashion! She likes sharing her views on fashion, connecting with readers and experimenting from time to time.


With the ongoing blog trend, ‘TheStyleDrug’ does tend to shine out! Sonali feels, ‘A blog is like a person, individual and unique’. Copying is a strict no-no when it comes to styling clothes and daily outfits. She tries creating unusual attires so she can have something original to write about.


Sonali Singh


With a style which has evolved pretty dramatically, Sonali tries to showcase chic, polished, edgy, effortless and casual at the same time!

Getting inspired by her mom is a no-brainer and quite cliché agrees the blogger. Her mother’s style has always taught her to wear whatever one is comfortable in. ‘She always emphasises not to fit in according to people’s wants!’, adds Sonali.


TheStyleDrug is only 2 years old and was born during a very random conversation with the best friend! A simple question like ‘why not?’ started her journey to blog, followed with taking pictures with her best friend which turned out to be quite beautiful. It was time to share it online and make the blogging journey more obvious!

‘TheStyleDrug’ is a platform for experimenting, going out of comfort zones while dressing up along with sharing her viewpoints and ideas for a reason.

‘Every blogger has their own reasons for wanting to share and every blogger has vastly different levels of dedication to it’, says Sonali. The blog also boasts of a young audience of girls who look up to Sonali for daily style and outfit inspiration.


Her blogging tips and tricks include her iPhone 8 Plus camera for daily Instagram updates and a Canon camera for the website pictures. She also suggests being inventive and consistent when it comes to blogging. Agonizing over comments and likes is also a thing of the past, ‘the most important thing is to have fun with your job. Love it and be happy’, stresses Sonali Singh!

Words by Harpreet
©Sonali Singh

Follow Sonali : Instagram | Website


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Art | Blog | Interviews

30 March 2017

Interview with Artist: Moanungsang Lemtur

Moanungsang Lemtur has been drawing since he was a kid. Constant love, experimenting and practising art all these years got him more serious about it in the mid of the year 2013.


Moanungsang Lemtur

Inspiro India: How would you best describe your style of illustration? And the challenges you faced as an artist/illustrator?

– Technically I do a lot of pen work. And mostly in black, sometimes some dash of colours if necessary, I always like mixing up different elements to form a surreal image. Growing up as an artist, setting up a certain price for commission works has always been difficult. There are always admirers of art who want to get some art done. But there are very less genuine lovers of art who are willing to pay for the art it actually deserves.


Inspiro India: Why illustration? Can you please explain about your work process (software/tools you use)?

– I always think that illustrations are a more versatile way to speak through artworks. Anyway, I’m not one sided with illustrations alone. I love painting a lot and have been painting a lot too.
I use micron pens, and dip pens for inking. I always use black for the penning part for post production. I also use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.



Inspiro India: How satisfied are you with the artist you are right now?

–  I always think of this question myself. I always end up not being satisfied, I don’t think I will ever be.


Inspiro India: What is your working environment like?

– I don’t have my own studio yet. I live with some friends in a rented apartment who are artists as well. So my workplace right now is very basic, with some artworks hanging around here and there done be me and my friends. Also, you can find books and musical instruments lying around in every corner.



Inspiro India: Who or what inspires your creative work?

– Good movies, books and documentaries inspire me a lot. This often keeps me in loops of thoughts and helps me in building up visual ideas, which I later execute them through my art.  Then there’s Vincent Willem van Gogh.


Inspiro India: Is studying illustration in college worth the cost or do you recommend an alternative? 

– Me being a self-taught artist myself, I won’t recommend for an art college to learn an art. But there are situations, there are some people who need that ‘push’ to keep up with art. If you’re one of them, then college can help (shame on you, though). But anyway, colleges do help in directing you for your job too. So it has its perks I guess.



Inspiro India: What did you want to become as a child? How did you get your first job as an illustrator? 

– Honestly, I didn’t have any aim in my life when I was young. But whatever I was interested in doing, I always wanted to do something original. I always wanted to be someone irreplaceable.
My first job was with an EP album art design for Alobo Naga and the Band. I knew them since some time back and they reached out to me for their work.


Inspiro India: Five things you like other than illustrations?

– Guitar, reading, watching documentaries, bonfires and mountains!

©Moanungsang Lemtur


Inspiro India: What advice would you as an artist give to other creative heads out there? And Some creative tips you’d like to share?

– Don’t be one of those cliché art school kids who consider oneself above the idea of art as a commodity. Take up commercial work as well as design work.
Do the band’s poster for 500 rupees and a six-pack. Do whatever it takes to be able to call yourself a working artist. It’s a noble title, regardless of the particulars!



Check out his full feature in Special North East Edition of Inspiro India Magazine issue#23 – Download Free.



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29 March 2016

Interview with Landscape Master: Debraj Chakraborty



Inspiro India: Tell us something about yourself and how did you get started creating?

– Nature has always attracted me with its vastness, vistas, moods, colours, extremities. It is an endless list and so in my early days I used to be a Landscape painter to express my vision and love for it in canvas. I started taking photos about 5 years ago as when I started my own business I found it difficult to devote time to paint landscapes. Later, when I again thought to start with painting, by coincidence the camera was the medium most available to me then as a medium of artistic expression so, I happen to be a photographer.


Inspiro India: How did you develop interest in this field?

– As i told before, I was initially a painter and liked painting landscapes a lot. This went on till I started my Business after studies which presented with shortage of time in nurturing the hobby further. Later, when I again thought to start with the same, by coincidence the camera was the medium most available to me for portal of landscape which i previously used to paint in canvases . I am into a Business of IT and sale of Electronic appliances and selling cameras is a part of my business. As i started to explore the possibilities that the camera can offer which will help me to be a better salesman on selling this product, I just got amazed by its possibilities and thought it can be a way of artistic expression which i was for so long doing in a canvas with paint and brush.




Inspiro India: Did you face any kind of problems while pursuing this field ? How satisfied do you feel after working in this field?

– Though i have not faced any problem while working in this field but risks are always associated when i travel to some remote locations and that too in odd hours and in extreme weather conditions. I am very satisfied after working in this field as i love doing it for the memorable experiences it brings. I find myself really fortunate enough to listen to my heart’s call and pursue my dream.


Inspiro India: What is it about Landscape photography that interest you the most? What has been your favourite photo location in North East India?

– Well it is an endless list but constantly searching for those rare magical moments when the Perfect Light embraces nature in all its glory is what interests me in landscape photography the most. Even the dynamic character of Landscape that can me captured like movement of water etc. North East India is a treasure chest for landscape photographers and nature lovers alike and i keep on exploring it ,few places which I like near where i stay has always exited me to come back over and over gain is Meghalaya and two seasonal wetlands in South Assam Sonbeel and Chatla.




Inspiro India: Please describe your post-processing work flow and the equipment that you use?

– Camera alone is not capable to replicate the scene which we have seen or experienced in the field. As it lacks such a wide dynamic range where we can see details in both dark and light areas of a scene unlike human eye. No one tool is perfect so a photographer has to take the help of Darkroom techniques and now with the advent of digital world, Its Digital Darkroom. The process in this pursuit of mine involves to pay a meticulous attention to details and technique in the field , along with some precision work in today’s digital darkroom. To further optimize, fine tune and adjust contrasts, colors, tonalities, luminosity, etc. of the picture, in an endeavour to better present the viewer the sense of being in the place. Regarding the equipment, I use Digital SLR with an ultrawide lens primarily apart from that Mid range zoom lens, telephoto lens and prime lenses depending on the situation. But i prefer to be in ultrawide while shooting landscapes. Regarding to accessories, i use a solid stable tripod along with remote release and depending upon situation use filters like Neutral Density and Circular polarizer.






Inspiro India: What did you want to become as a child?

– As a child i always wanted to be an Artist-sometime creative like a painter or sculpture.


Inspiro India: If not this, What would have Debraj Chakraborty been doing?

– Artists will always find ways of expressing themselves by whatever means and skills are available to them. I would have been Businessman which i am still now and a painter painting landscapes to fulfil my passion for art and love for landscapes.






Inspiro India: What advice would the artist inside you like to pass on to our readers?

– As a landscape photographer I believe whatever may be the photography technique or process, being at the right place at the right time to capture that perfect light and that stunning split second moment is the key to make a perfect picture. No photograph can ever be eye-catching unless it obeys the golden rules of photography which crafts the art in it. The rule of third is the most commonly used theory of composition in photography. Sometimes stunning images can also be created by breaking these golden rules too but knowing the rule first then breaking the same will set us apart. Shoot Shoot and shoot- the more time we spend on the field, the better we are in producing great work. Identify places near your residence which have great potential and visit them over and over again. Some of my best shots happened near my hometown.




Image00009©Debraj Chakraborty

Inspiro India: What do you think about Inspiro India Magazine?

– At the onset, I must congratulate for this great job of bringing all the creative talent that our country posses under one roof. With the beautifully done layout and showcase of art and creative talent, this is definitely going to promote lots of Indian artists.




Inspiro India Official

Blog | Travel

28 March 2016

Living Double Decker Root bridge by Asutosh Kashyap

During the midst of the year 2014, I went through the episodes of NatGeo Covershot, there was a task at the double Decker root bridge and according to the words of the contestants that task proved to be one of the toughest trekking task they have ever went through. So those verses stroke my mind to visit that natural phenomena ( the living bridge) . I waited for my exams to get over, and thus it ended and my urge was more to go for that tough route. I was very confident. It was a working day, I started my journey early morning, my driver said it’s a four hours journey surpassing the capital of Meghalaya. We went off towards my destination with music and negotiations with the driver, his experiences in driving and places he visited. I got to know that he was a driver at our Honorable Chief Minister’s Vehicle. We continued, the journey was pleasant because of the weather and the safe drive way roads and I would like to mention the beautiful natural beauty that we passed by. And by mid-day we reached Cherrapunjji.






The place is beautiful, very beautiful indeed. Now ,there, we have faced a problem. It was the time tourist come across from all over the world and we were into a situation where we were out of hospitality and even food. We weren’t familiar to their environment. For another 3 hours we searched for a place to stay. We only got luxurious hotels costing 6000 bucks in Indian currency for only a day. We thought of sleeping inside the car. But while returning to a safe place for parking car we found a lodge, it seemed to be a normal lodge. I had asked a 2 bedded seat, and it costed me a 1000 bucks for a day, and I paid the bill, and at last I could take sigh of relief. We ate our dinner with two bottles of beer and some chicken wings. And the day ended with early night sleep. The very next day we were prepared, we started our journey at 5 o’clock in the early morning. The journey to the bridge in the car was very tricky, the route was pretty stiff and very dangerous on the hills of Khasi and Jaintia Hills. The environment was humid and comparatively colder. We had to put our car on top of the hill and we needed to walk downstream on the khasi hills towards jaintia Hills. The walking journey was totally on foot for atleast 5 kilometers. After few rounds on the khasi hills we reached the actual route towards Living root bridge, and the only way to reach there was to go through slippery steps






But my confidence was much more than my phobia. I was dressed very casually and carried my camera, with some equipments and my wallet and my phone inside a small hand bag. I was walking and walking alone on the woods of khasi hills, and I could figure out lot of reptiles, amphibians, birds, etc during my walk through those slippery steps. And I was walking and walking, and world was not coming to an end. I climbed on a rope bridge, and again I was walking ahead with lot of water I consumed as I was exhausted walking for 3 hours. At one point, I was at the side of the khasi hills, I could see the jaintia hills on the other part and with the tiny water flow I figured out the root bridge and I was shocked and was totally petrified if i would be able to make it? Or this is my very last journey. With all these thoughts, I continued walking again. I reached an end where two rope bridges were in front of me and there I surrendered. I was exhausted and my whole body was in pain and sweating like my morning bath. I sat on a rock and was literally sleeping, then after some passing minutes, a short man with a dagger wearing very less clothes came from those rocks. I got real scared and the big knife frightened me more. I was shivering, he came towards me and spoke something in khasi and he mentioned root bridge, I directly said Yes! Without a thought in my mind, he waved me to follow him to the direction, I followed him but still I was little afraid. And after more than one and a half hour journey I reached my destination, and trust me this was triumphant. I took some shots and had a bath in the stream beneath the bridge.


Image00005©Asutosh Kashyap

There, I negotiated with two foreigners – one from Australia and the other one from England. The village where it was located was Tyma Village. The people were very friendly but they didn’t know English or Hindi, they just knew Khasi. After some negotiation, I packed myself to get back to my car, the same journey repeated again and this time it was tougher as it was upstream, spreading all my energy on my feet.I walked along. At last, I came to my car and counted the steps, it was like 8000 steps in one way and like 4.64 kilometre into the woods . It was real exhausting, The bridge was made up from a rubber tree roots Ficus elastic. And ,thus,I returned to my home with memories.

You can find more of his work here: Website

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28 March 2016

Artist : Prince Sarmah

Social Media- this medium is a huge push in itself if used properly- He had interest in art from childhood, but after joining instagram, he came to know about a lot of great artists. And after checking their works, be had decided to improve on his skills. So here he is still learning his things. All these things went unplanned for him..!!

About his style-

He loves to experiment, and he thinks that’s the best way to learn. So we can say that by watching his feed, he loves to sketch portraits as of now. Though he tries a lot of them in a different way. There are a lot of challenges that he has to face in everyday life pursuing what he loves, main challenges are motivation and mind block. You can’t make art unless you feel so, hence he has to check instagram or other media for constant inspirations and motivations. Or he ends up thinking only.









His main style is sketching, though he does watercolour and oil paintings too, but till now he is showing his sketches in social media. His tools are not that expensive or so, he uses whatever he finds in his local art supply, pencils like 2H(for lighter areas), HB, 4B, 5B, 8B(for darker tones) all mainly from brands like Apsara, Camlin etc . And his favourite tools are hi mechanical pencils, he loves them. He uses HB leads in them. He uses ball point pens for some sketches too. He prefers Reynolds 045 fine carbure for that. And i use normal art pages but sketch pads from brands like rubberband and mypaperclip are nice as well.








Image00007©Prince Sarmah

There are a lot of artists and photo magazines who inspire him.Some artists are ▶Daniel Segrove (@dsegrove) ▶Dika Toolkit (@toolkit04) ▶Farooky (@farooky) ▶James Jean (@jamesjeanart)

As a child he always wanted to do some creative works. He wasn’t sure about what to become. But he loved creative things. He is not professional, so he is not working from this field but he gets some offers from brands like Motorola, Vague for some arts. And he gets commissioned orders as well.

You can find more of his work here: Website





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28 March 2016

Rising sun of Arunachal : Lobsang Nima

Arunachal Pradesh is said to be the land of rising sun, Lobsang Nima as the name goes by is no less than a rising sun for his home state and also for his homeland Tawang. Lobsang, who is just 14 year old, has already set a huge benchmark for the youth of his state. He belongs to a heavenly place of Tawang, located at the Indo-Tibet-Bhutan border. Lobsang was discovered by Art for Cause, a charitable trust based in New Delhi when they organized 15 days camp in Tawang district on various creative art fields, which included photography also. Ishu, the founder of Art for Cause and also a photographer and filmmaker discovered his passion and extraordinary vision for capturing the moments. He was than awarded scholarship by the same trust to provide him extensive training in photography during his summer vacations which gave him a lifetime opportunity to travel various places like Ladakh, New Delhi, Dharamshala etc under the mentorship of Ishu who gave him his camera since last December to learn and experiment. Lobsang Nima, who now studies in 10th grade in one of the government school of Tawang, use to do odd jobs to support his family, where mother works in PWD and father just lost his government contract based job, plus he has three more siblings.








Ishu has adopted Lobsang since last year and is taking care of his all expenses and also promoting him as the face of Tawang to make this heavenly land popular through his work. Lobsang now feels great on being recognized as the youngest photographer in whole  Arunachal. Lobsang’s work really surprised   everyone at recently held Tawang Festival where Art for Cause displayed his work.  Art for Cause recently concluded it’s second Tawang Autumn Camp just like last year, but this year Lobsang proudly joined the team as the mentor and taught various kids of his district. At the same camp, he was felicitated by the trust as the official youngest photographer of Arunachal and in upcoming Metropolis festival he will be launched as the youngest photographer from whole North East. Ishu is planning to take Lobsang to either USA or Germany in year to host his first international exhibition for which he needs financial support.






“I see my own reflection in him, he is more like my son and I am sure soon he will even cross my footsteps in photography. He is getting what he deserves. His journey has just started which has no limits”,said Ishu.

Lobsang Nima, now, wants to study outside Tawang for his higher schooling and wants to become professional photographer and  filmmaker to make his family, homeland and mentor proud.

“I still remember Ishu sir said in our very first class that keep your eyes always open, look around and discover, you will never know when an angel will come and change your life. I never thought this can come true and he is no less than an angel for me, I feel safe and happy with him, he can change anyone’s life”,said Lobsang.


05©Lobsang Nima

Lobsang wants to travel and capture various moments and show people great things. He loves to travel, loves nature, people, street photography and one day wants to try  underwater photography also.