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28 March 2016


Artist of the Month| July’15|Illustrator : Nilomee Jesrani

Nilomee Jesrani : Things come to you naturally because after all, destiny is destiny..!! To our artist of the month, things actually came naturally and visually. It was quite simple, She would get excited about executing ideas for art and illustration when She saw things that inspired her. Like we have always said, inspiration is the biggest motivation one can ever get..!!

As all artists face situations where they feel their work starts resembling their inspiration, but the more they draw, the more personal it becomes, and then a STYLE emerges, similar happened with our artist of the month. For a while, She felt that She didn’t have a STYLE till someone pointed it out to her. ‘Style’ could mean anything your choice of colours, the tools you use, the way you draw details, the subject etc. Her work reflects who she is. She loves trees, birds, animals etc. And she like colours. She also tends to day dream quite a bit-






A DAY DREAMER- best of a creative soul..!! And her love for illustrations-she has been drawing since she could hold a crayon, and she never knew it was called ‘illustration’ till she went to Art/Design school. She likes it because she gets to define her rules in what she illustrates and gets to break them in her own way. She sees it as a form of expression, and a way to bring together her love for colour and drawing. She doesn’t have a set process. She process is defined by the medium. To do digital illustrations, she dives right in. She makes quick rough on Photoshop, and draws over it in. Usually the end result looks very different from the rough sketch.





It was her  first film ‘The Runaway Circle’.She studies Animation at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad. As her first independent project, she had to come up with a story, animate it, add sound, edit it etc. It involved bringing together her  skills as an artist and tested her  at many levels. The film is about a chalk circle that runs away from a (blackboard) duster that wants to erase it. In the end she had a really good time making it, but she struggled with finding the right ending to the story till the right idea hit her and then it all fell into place.







She is not satisfied with on a daily basis but it is natural. As an artist, you tend to constantly question your skills, but when she works and gets ready absorbed in an illustration, she looses track of time and feels happy with what she is doing. After she finishes it, the feeling of SATISFACTION she gets is amazing.

She wants to learn illustrate with paper. She has been meaning to do that for a long time because it involves using her hands and crafts skills. She tends to stick to digital because of the bright colours she can use on a computer, but she knows that it’s possible to achieve something as beautiful and crafty even out of paper. She also wants to try painting on canvas with acrylics. She loves the matte finish they give.












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Learn how to get your work out and how to share it on social media. Loom around and look at every opportunity to put your work on things. Think about the other skills you need to pick up to put your work on a new platform and learn them.”

You can find more of her work here: Website