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18 October 2017

Blogger of the Week: Neha Menghwani

The immense love and support from you ‘Creative Heads’ have been surreal over the past few years. Inspiro India wishes to grow with the growing population of ‘#inspiroindia‘. We’re continuously working to bring great content to anyone and everyone following us on various platforms.

This year we present to you, an all new feature presenting ‘The Blogger of the Week’.


Neha, a Design and Styling Head at a high fashion label has always been interested in fashion. She realised at a very young age that style would always dominate her life no matter what.

A studious kid, the now blogger topped Mumbai University but she never got the encouragement to study fashion. However, she ended up following her heart and entered the fashion industry, incorporating her passion with her job.


Neha blogs predominantly about her personal style and how she dresses on a day to day basis along with a few magnified looks.

She describes her style to be very basic but wearing them differently to add her own twist to it. She says, ‘It’s all about styling, and that’s what I give tips about on my blog. I also include a “Pro Tip” in every blog post’.

The young stylist believes styling key pieces to be her biggest strength. She wears garments differently than people normally would. Her style is raw, edgy, street chic, extra, colourful, tonal and much more!


Neha Menghwani


‘I would say I am head to toe well styled – meaning every garment and accessory is playing a part and contributing to the whole look’, emphasizes Neha. A style chameleon, she gets really excited and tries out something new every single time.

Having said that, the young blogger takes inspiration from street style photographs she spots on Instagram and Pinterest. Every individual creates a unique look and wears clothes differently according to the fashionista. There’s so much creativity which gets her mind working and right back styling.


Fairly new to starting a blog but not new to styling, Neha decided to document her style when fashion insiders from the fashion industry kept complimenting her amazing style!

Stylessential, a blog name which also describes what the stylist believes in, ‘Style Is Essential’, a sense of style is something an individual has and will always have, says the stylist. Good styling can make the most unflattering garment look amazing stresses Neha! She also wishes to expand her blog into beauty and travel related stories.


Not to forget, a majority of her followers are based in India which consists of college students, fashion students, aspiring bloggers and also working professionals.


To click pictures, Neha uses a HTC phone or a friend’s iPhone and also adds that only 10% of the pictures for the blog are taken with a DSLR. ‘I edit all my pictures myself and that’s really where the magic happens’, says the blogger.


Great at blogging her style, she admits it is challenging as well. The fact that she can inspire people to go the extra mile when it comes to dressing oneself also gives her a high when she wears certain apparels and blogs about them! It is hard to be regular with blogging along with having a killer Instagram account and a full-time job but nonetheless, she loves it!

Words by Harpreet
©Neha Menghwani

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