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21 June 2017

30 songs to add to your playlist on this World Music Day

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

The concept of Fete de la Musique or World Music day to mark summer solstice has been adopted by over 120 countries across the world. However different at the genre level, music is the kind of magic that unites people of different age, experience or background, the kind of magic that can make one smile beyond worries, groove to the rhythm, transcend new worlds, fall in love, and much more.

It’s wonderful how music has a note for every shade of feeling and almost everybody embraces music. This day signifies bringing out music on the streets everywhere by everybody and not aimed at any profit or lucrative motive. The purpose of this wonderful day is universal, where amateurs and professionals perform for free and encourages everyone to bring out the world of music in them.

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” – Victor Hugo

And here are the 30 songs we believe you need to listen to and celebrate with us on World Music day:

1. Azaadiyan – Udaan


2. Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’


3. Kholo Kholo – Taare Zameen Par


4. Where is the Love? – Black Eyed Peas


5. Roobaroo – Rang De Basanti


6. Harder, Better, Faster – Daft Punk


7. Yun Hi Chala Chal – Swades


8. Not Afraid – Eminem


9. Kandhon Se Milte Hain Kandhe – Lakshya


10. Walk – Foo Fighters


11. Jaage Hain – A. R. Rahman


12. OneRepublic – Counting Stars


13. Kinare – Queen


14. Snow Patrol – Run


15. Arziyan – A. R. Rahman


16. Lost But Won – Hans Zimmer


17. Ki Banu Duniya Da – Gurdas Maan feat. Diljit Dosanjh


18. The Police – Every Breath You Take


19. Leaving Home – Indian Ocean Live


20. Michael Jackson – They Don’t Care About Us


21. Dinae Dinae – Papon & Harshdeep Kaur


22. Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know?


23. Nenjukulle – A. R. Rahman


24. Hold – Dabin feat. Daniela Andrade


25. Dum Laga – Dil Dosti Etc


26. Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud


27. Chadh Chadh Jana – Ram Sampath, Bhanvari Devi & Krishna Kumar Buddha Ram


28. Pray For Me Brother – A R Rahman


29. The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony


30. Bohemia – Kali Denali



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13 June 2017

The A-Z of a playlist | Type Series by Anushka Tendolkar

Anushka Tendolkar is a 20 year old communication design student with a keen interest in graphic design and is very passionate about photography. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Anushka has been in love with her city and all that it has to offer. She believes the city has made her the kind of person who just can’t sit idle because there’s so much to do and so little time. She always keeps her occupied by doing something or the other, trying to make the most of her day,everyday. Currently she is trying to experiment with her photography style and also get back into the habit of reading!


36 days of type is a worldwide challenge where designers and artists around the world recreate the 26 letters of the English alphabet and 0-9 numbers however they like it. Anushka was headstrong about taking up the challenge this year and decided to work with a theme which she just randomly decided would be her music playlist! Over the last couple of years, she has been introduced to some really great music and she thought it would be something she would enjoy doing throughout the challenge. Most of them were rock artists since rock is her favourite genre.



Anushka decided to do A-Z on her playlist excluding the numbers and posted them every day on Instagram for 26 days. She says it did get tough to keep up in the middle but everyone on her Instagram profile appreciated the project so much that it really kept her going. People were waiting for the next one every day and that made her really happy too. The best part she says was she would tag the artists for each letter and she actually got some recognition from the band ‘The script’ who started following her and liked her work; even ‘The Zombies’ reposted one of her letters on their official page so that was a really big deal for her.


The challenge was also a great learning process for her because she did get better at her skills by doing it every single day. Anushka usually sketches out what she visualises and then renders it digitally. So for most of these letters she had a rough sketch of how she wanted it to look and then went ahead with the digital part but some of them were just pure mix and match till they looked okay to her. All of them have been made by her on Adobe Photoshop. The series took Anushka a month to finish, since it was a letter a day with some delay here and there due to other commitments.


Anushka takes inspiration from everything and everyone around her. She does not have one idol as such because there are so many things to learn from so many people and places. But she says she is really Inspired by the idea of being so good at whatever she does that she gets actually recognised for her work while she is alive and hopefully makes a lot of money and buys herself tickets to wherever she wants to travel whenever she wants. Nevertheless, she wants to work hard like her parents and just be able to live life exactly the way she wants.

Words by Arvind Vairavan
Type Series by ©Anushka Tendolkar

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