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14 December 2017

Protected: Interview with Photographer: Pritham Denzil Dsouza

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6 December 2017

Blogger of the Week: Nikhil Kandhari

Nikhil is a full-time fashion stylist and consultant, a part-time fashion blogger and musician from Mumbai. His blog ‘I AM NKHL’ is a conglomerate of his styling projects, daily outfit inspirations, music and an occasional peek into his life. His blog stands out from the rest because he enunciates his views on fashion, music and travel with a tinge of personal touch. Nikhil labels his style quotient as ‘versatile’ because he can transition easily from street style one-day to formals the other. He manages to extract inspiration from everything around- be it from different eras and their celebrities, architecture, etc. The best part about inspiration is that it is limitless.


Nikhil Kandhari


Nikhil started his blog on 11th May 2016. His inclination towards fashion is a long-time affair, which started during his college days. Being a part of multiple fashion shows for college festivals and winning several awards made him find a more significant goal in the same arena. Thus, he remoulded his hobby into his passion and career.


Blogging for Nikhil is a vast, limitless space to express. Being a blogger, you have the onus to be the art director, stylist, model-all in one. Though it seems to be an entertaining task, it involves a lot of hard work, he says.


Nikhil shares his tale behind the name of the blog. He has been DJ’ing as well as producing music as ‘NKHL’ for 3 years and wanted it to be his identity, a singular badge for every venture of his. Also, it preserves his originality and he prefers to call it ‘I AM NKHL’ (pronounced as I am Nikhil). His audience ranges from the age of 15 to all the way to 35. They’re all amazing and support him ardently for all the content he produces, his highly engaging pictures are a good proof of this fact.


About his future plans, Nikhil shares
, ‘Honestly, I wish to grow and create an impact on the menswear market, and the work starts with my blog. I have many plans for 2018 but I can’t disclose anything as of yet. You’ll see it all and hopefully like them’.


Nikhil’s regular photography tool is his iPhone and the rest depends on his photographer’s choice of gear. Mohit Varu is his regular project partner but he works with others as well since experimenting leads to improvisation.


Nikhil shares his words of encouragement for people who wish to explore the field of blogging as a career. ‘Be passionate and confident, make sure to think like a businessman or businesswoman’, says the blogger. One has to learn to market oneself. The most important part is to be inspired but to establish a unique identity, not using copying as an approach stresses the versatile being!

Words by Laveena Behl
©Nikhil Kandhari

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2 December 2017

Exotic visual tour of Indian marvels | India in Pictures #002

India is a country where various dynasties have conquered and vanished through the centuries, but the beauty still remains in the form of architecture, food and people themselves!

Cultures, traditions, celebrations and manifolds of landscapes make every corner turn into a new discovery, be it a local or visitor!

Here is a series of visuals by Creative Heads from all over the country.


Banke Bihari Temple, Vrindavan // ©Ankit Kumar


Nandgaon, Uttar Pradesh // ©Mohit Tejpal


Dal Lake, Srinagar // ©Nissar Rafiquee


CST, Mumbai // ©Yash Sheth


Sam Dunes Jaisalmer // ©Tanvi Sharma


Pahalgam, Jammu & Kashmir // ©Manali Jain


Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh  // ©Abhishek Kumar Singh


Bhabha Valley, Kinnaur // ©Ashish


Kochi // ©Ravinder Singh


Munnar, Kerala // ©Rejish



Featuring series of inspiring images by Creative Heads from all over the country as ‘India in Pictures’.


Rules to submit for ‘India in Pictures’ here .


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Blog | Travel

27 November 2017

Traveller of the Week: Neer Patra

Neer Patra has always been on a travelling spree, right from his school days in Varanasi to his graduation from Allahabad and then pursuing an MBA from IBS Hyderabad.

Originally from Odisha, Neer is an Investment Banker living in Delhi for the past 6 years. He has always wanted to visit as many places as possible in his lifetime which also happens to be his goal for now.


Neer Patra


Neer also wants other people to travel and explore our beautiful city, a reason why he started sharing images from his travels on social media. He also admits not everyone can visit every place, so he makes it a point to showcase them through photography. He doesn’t mention or portray himself to be a traveller or a photographer. He hardly takes his camera out when visiting a town and steers away from mentioning anything in his social media bio.


‘I think leaving for one place and then reaching another, where everything, people, culture, food everything is different from your last visited place and that’s motivation enough for anyone to go to new places and explore more’, says the explorer.


The cycle continues, it is deep-rooted in him since childhood which is why he can never stop exploring new places in the world. A thought vested in him during the times he’d visit his hometown twice a year whilst his father was posted in Varanasi, the entire 24-hour train journey passed through 3 different states. A long 6-7 hour road journey by bus crossed multiple villages. The constant travels to his hometown and his very first trip as a student to Chittaranjan, a small city in Bihar is where his love for travel was born! ‘If you talk about my very first trek or encounter with mountains, it was my schools days of grade 9 when I was NCC cadet and went to Dhanlauti in Uttarakhand for 11 days of trekking and camping’, he says.


Though not a full-time traveller, Patra loves his job and makes it a point to travel twice a month. Not so fond of travelling in big groups, hiring a travelling or trekking agency for his expeditions is a strict no-no. He loves travelling solo or with 1-2 people only if need be which is a personal choice as well.

He does admit travelling with a group to be good fun,  as one meets like-minded people which also helps in minimizing travelling expenses. ‘But I feel like going solo gives me a lot of confidence and helps me to believe in my own ability to make decisions. It makes me feel more independent’, says Neer Patra.


‘I always believe a well-planned travel cannot go haywire especially when you keep going to mountains, you have to have A or B plan ready’, says Neer. It makes a person mentally and physically strong to take on the challenges to be faced in the mountains. Sometimes a spontaneous trip may end up in emptying one’s pockets, where a planned trip is more budget friendly.


The traveller shoots with a Nikon D810 with a wide angle lens of 14-24 mm. He also likes to use his 85 mm lens which makes a part of his must-haves for travelling. A medicine kit, headlamps, GPS, some dry fruits and vitamin bars are a few essentials to carry along!


Patra loves trying local delicacies, learning their language and the culture and story associated with the place.

He has travelled to more than 20 states of the country and wishes to explore the northeast region of India. He is travelling to Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh next month, ticking off two states from the northeast!

He also deems Kerala and the ‘Seven Sisters of India’ to be a must visit for all the travellers out there, not to forget, Norway and Greenland if you’re planning an international trip!


Taj Mahal, Agra


Zanskar River

Nubra Valley

Chadar Trek

Key Monastery, Spiti

Stok Kangri

Varanasi Assi Ghat

Chadar Trek


One of many interesting stories during his travel was during his recent expedition to ‘Stok Kangari’. Not sure if he’d be able to reach the top, he was told by many locals that he’d be the first one in this year to climb in the month of May. Where half of the climbers returned half way from the incredibly tough trek as said by the locals, he kept going only because he was travelling solo with a local guide and porter-cum-cook!

‘It wouldn’t have been possible if we had come here with a group because in the mountains, most of the time you end giving up only because the fellow trekker has given up’, said the local guide to Patra once they were on the top!


Last but not the least, ‘The world is beautiful and you cannot see everything in your one life’, is what Neer Patra has learnt from his years travelling around the country.

Words by Harpreet
Images by ©Neer Patra


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Blog | Photography

24 November 2017

Creative Head of the week: Nupur Singh

Nupur Singh hails from National Institute of Fashion Technology in Mumbai. She learnt Fashion Photography in college but never entirely picked it up until she joined Instagram in 2013.

A platform to share her photos and stay up to date with what her friends were doing got her in the mood!


She started liking neat frames once she realised Instagram was much more than a social media application. It was full of

designers, artists, photographers, bakers, video-makers, bloggers and content creators sparking the inspiration instantly.


Nupur is all in for expression, ‘I want to express to the world my liking for food, for ordinary doors and walls, for flowers. I want to express my troubled thoughts. I want to express my fashion sense. I want to express what I think looks good’. Hence, she creates her expressions in the form of pictures!


She looks for a story in her pictures, where the subject came from, how the subject poses and what compliments the subject.

For instance, whilst styling a dish, she makes sure to play around with a few ingredients on the side to give the viewer the feel of how it was prepared.


Nupur doesn’t follow any rules while preparing frames, whatever feels right in the moment gets her attention and on work to create pictures. The elements are kept ready before every shoot, however, the composition of those is done spontaneously!


A Canon 60D semi-professional camera, coupled with 50mm f/1.8  and 24mm f/2.8 lenses make the cut to her photography gear.

She shoots in raw format, following which her pictures go through four stages of editing – Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, VSCO and finally some minor Instagram adjustments.



The online creative community inspires her the most. Appreciations and compliments from followers on Instagram,

inspires her to become even better. ‘You see, inspiration is everywhere. One just has to find it!’, says Nupur Singh.


Photos by ©Nupur Singh

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1 November 2017

Blogger of the Week: Sonali Singh

The immense love and support from you ‘Creative Heads’ have been surreal over the past few years. Inspiro India wishes to grow with the growing population of ‘#inspiroindia‘. We’re continuously working to bring great content to anyone and everyone following us on various platforms.

This year we present to you, an all new feature presenting ‘The Blogger of the Week’.


Sonali Singh is a full-time blogger, with an education which spans from science to event management and has always been interested in multiple things.

‘TheStyleDrug’ is a personal blog which exists solely because of Sonali’s love for fashion! She likes sharing her views on fashion, connecting with readers and experimenting from time to time.


With the ongoing blog trend, ‘TheStyleDrug’ does tend to shine out! Sonali feels, ‘A blog is like a person, individual and unique’. Copying is a strict no-no when it comes to styling clothes and daily outfits. She tries creating unusual attires so she can have something original to write about.


Sonali Singh


With a style which has evolved pretty dramatically, Sonali tries to showcase chic, polished, edgy, effortless and casual at the same time!

Getting inspired by her mom is a no-brainer and quite cliché agrees the blogger. Her mother’s style has always taught her to wear whatever one is comfortable in. ‘She always emphasises not to fit in according to people’s wants!’, adds Sonali.


TheStyleDrug is only 2 years old and was born during a very random conversation with the best friend! A simple question like ‘why not?’ started her journey to blog, followed with taking pictures with her best friend which turned out to be quite beautiful. It was time to share it online and make the blogging journey more obvious!

‘TheStyleDrug’ is a platform for experimenting, going out of comfort zones while dressing up along with sharing her viewpoints and ideas for a reason.

‘Every blogger has their own reasons for wanting to share and every blogger has vastly different levels of dedication to it’, says Sonali. The blog also boasts of a young audience of girls who look up to Sonali for daily style and outfit inspiration.


Her blogging tips and tricks include her iPhone 8 Plus camera for daily Instagram updates and a Canon camera for the website pictures. She also suggests being inventive and consistent when it comes to blogging. Agonizing over comments and likes is also a thing of the past, ‘the most important thing is to have fun with your job. Love it and be happy’, stresses Sonali Singh!

Words by Harpreet
©Sonali Singh

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Blog | Photography

20 October 2017

Creative Head of the week: Roshan Ravindra Mandavkar

Roshan Mandavkar is a 20-year-old professional photographer who captures portraits, people in situations and real life events in an artistic manner. Roshan owes his inspiration to his friend with exceptional photo skills when he was in grade 9!

Sumedh Sawant is one of those persons who inspire him because of his will, determination, perseverance and the willingness to never stop learning.


As a kid, Mandavkar was very fond of painting which is art and very similar to photography, he says. During this time he came with an idea to click first and paint the same picture later. This is when he realised there is a lot more to than just taking a photo.

He believes photography is not only about creativity and clicking photos, basics are to be known. Roshan joined a photography institute to acquire the fundamentals of photography, he also got to meet people who were creative, had amazing vision, were willing to share and always willing to learn.


Roshan started out with a Canon 600D enough for his amateur days as a photographer graduating to a Canon 5D Mark III. He uses Adobe Photoshop CS6 for post-processing his works.

The young lensman imagines how a picture would look before clicking a photo. He then decides on the background, foreground, his subject and lastly the exposure.

He then compares the picture taken to his actual visualisation, if the picture is the way he had imagined he goes ahead otherwise he keeps clicking till he achieves the point.


Photos by ©Roshan Ravindra Mandavkar

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“Inspiro India will be featuring bloggers every week irrespective of what they blog. To get featured on Inspiro India simply use ‘#iiblogger’ on Instagram ”


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Blog | Photography

7 February 2017

Photo Series : Gay Pride March, Mumbai’17

This was my first Gay Pride March and I was a little excited to shoot the LGBT community . I was expecting a small gathering of around 100 people but what was in utter shock when the turnout of the march came to be more than 2000 people . Here are a few of my shots with the narrative behind them.

The LGBT March was organized by the www.gaypridebombay.org

Photos and words by ©Archit Rege

~ A huge crowd of 1000 people engulfs the Grant Road Bridge as the march begins ~

~ The March saw people coming out and encouraging others to come out with their sexuality to their loved ones. A satin multi-color flag was unfurled and waved with the help of many people. ~


~ The view from under the LGBT flag ~

As I was covering the parade from the front, I went and crossed the road and waited at a signal next to a standing Cop. Suddenly a Biker comes and cuts past me and the police officer stops him, The guy replied to let him go as he was late for a meeting, these gay people will take a lot of time. To my surprise, the cop looked at him and said, ‘so what? They are people too, they work too’ and glared back at the biker. He made it clear if he tried to get past him, he will take his license. For me, that was one of the biggest moment of the walk for if a police officer can understand and support someone’s sexuality then why not the Government? The Nation shouldn’t be far behind, after all, the government appoints the police.

~ Sushant Divgikar (centre), Mr Gay India 2014, accompanied by his friends. ~

~ A gay couple proudly display their relationship and support for the LGBT community ~

~ A man holds a signs to show how support for the legal marriage law contradicts our right to equality and freedom even though India has been independent for over 70 years. ~

~ A guy holds the LGBT flag with pride ~

~ Mothers come out to support equality in their initiative called ‘Mother’s for Equality’ and hold signs to support their child irrespective of their sexuality. ~

~ College students joined for equality for doctors. ~

~ A proud father joined the walk to support his son’s sexuality ~

~ A guy wears an angel costume to the gay march ~

~ A cop stalls the traffic on one side and awaited the gay brigade as they started the LGBT march towards Grant Road Station ~

~ Three guys pose with bold costumes and pose for a quick capture. ~

Photos and words by ©Archit Rege

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Blog | Interviews

29 March 2016

Interview with Avinash Jai Singh : Daaku Jai Singh of Illustrated World



Inspiro India: Art/Illustration- How did you decide it was your calling ?

– I don’t think, you decide your calling. It’s the calling that chooses you. It’s the small little effort one puts in everyday for years. I have been painting, since i was a little kid and that too, was my in my initial years, it was my dad’s persistence to make me sketch every day. And I became better at visual literacy than anything else.


Inspiro India: How would you best describe your style of illustration? And the challenges you faced as an artist/illustrator ?

– I swear by Symbolism and Metaphors, it gives me an interesting layer to play around with and it’s always exciting to discover what lies beneath. This pop surreal world has enchanted me. People usually describe my art as, Unapologetic, unabashed, clean, bold and minimal. I just try to keep it organic. To me, they just come and merge into their surroundings and keep evolving into new ones. Unpredictable, because they surprise you or shock you but would never go un-notice. Light hearted and play-full art, I don’t design to offend anyone, but taking a cranky bit on mythological stories, history lessons and ever one around from everyday life is quite fun. I mean, there are no different challenges as such, because it’s really a journey, discovering your style, discovering your look, finding the right story to say. It all matters, and sometimes, doesn’t. You can’t force an art to be done. It takes its own time, to develop in our own conscious – subconscious mind. And you can’t do anything about it, until it’s ready. But sometimes, it gets tough, when you have to meet a certain deadline, for commercial project, then it can get tricky, sometimes.


Image00002 Night Sky, now, in your favourite colour

Inspiro India: Why do you love illustration? Can you please explain about your work process particularly ’30 Days of summer’ series?

– Illustrations are one of those mediums, where i can work independently, unlike photography or direction, where i need to have a team in place which in itself is an exhausting job. I mean, sometimes, emotions or thoughts or ideas, are so strong that i want to put it on paper there and then, I am trying to put some ideas in photography as well but that requires planning and team management. It can’t just happen, instantly. I have to wait it out for stylist, set designers, models to come together. But in illustration, it’s just you and that one blank piece of paper. One of my self-initiated project, was to sketch every day and about the strongest emotion i felt in last 24 hours which turned out to become, 30 Days of Summer, with that one emotion, i used to thread a story around it. I have tried defining a certain style and using a certain palette to express the mood, one helluva ride that one month was.


Image00003 Him – Can I take a nap in your ocean of thoughts?
Her – only if you’re not scared of the storm. ~ A
Image00004 I stare at the broken man in the mirror, with a hollow, laugh of despair

Inspiro India: How satisfied are you with the artist you are right now?

– Hahaha, initially I thought, i would feel more settled in head once this series is done, but damn, as soon as i finished this. I got more hungry for ideas. And now i don’t think there’s a thing called satisfaction, in art. More you create, you’ll realize, how little you actually know. So it’s quite a crazy scene. But as an artist, my work has a certain visual language now, a defined style, which easily stands out. So, yeah, that way i am doing pretty well.


Image00005 Soulmates are fraud, they come around just to fuel themselves, when broken.
Image00006 Not from just another dysfunctional Indian family. Summer of 1989.
Image00007 Our Explicit dreams and weird thoughts, Priceless!
Image00008 The jar of space, for every relationship.

Inspiro India: What advice would you as an artist give to other creative heads out there? And Some creative tips you’d like to share?

– If you feel it, just say it. One needs to feel it, to say it. Be sensitive towards things around you, world u live in. observe and absorb. And what you do every day, makes you, who you are Not what you do occasionally.


Image00009 Popsicle after all.
Image00010©Avinash Jai Singh

Inspiro India: What do you think about Inspiro India Magazine?

– You guys have been quite a pleasant platform for creative guys. The stories you publish motivates a lot of people like us. who don’t have a real job (as per our parents) 🙂 it’s the magic of creating, which is above anything else. God Bless.


Inspiro India Official

Blog | Travel

28 March 2016

Dhom Lake – Nature’s big secret! by Aishwarya Choudhary

Never had I seen a secret as big as the marvel that Dhom lake is. We took interest in seeing all famous points, the other lake in Mahabaleshwar and the famous gardens of Panchgani but no website or other sources told us about Dhom Lake in Wai, just an hour’s drive from Panchgani. Thankfully, no one needed to tell us about its existence. We could see it from everywhere – the resorts, the high points, the table land and even the roads at some points. Yet, not many seem to be interested in exploring beyond the obvious recommendations and points. What a miss, I’d say! If you ever wish to take a weekend off to rejuvenate yourself with a trip to a place lesser known, or with something which can appropriately blow your mind, take a trip to Dhom lake without any doubts in the credibility of its beauty.




The lake is near Dhom dam which is situated in the valley of the hills in Satara and anyone in the village Wai can guide you to it. It is about 5 hours away from Mumbai and you can conveniently drive to it or take a bus to Panchgani and then a taxi down to Wai. It is an untouched and unexploited spectacle, so to say, with no hotels, restaurants or even a tea-stall around it. To use the washroom, you have to climb about half a kilometre uphill until you find a little shack that offers washrooms for use, tea and snacks if need be, and has beautiful hammocks for you to rest. Other than that, you can camp at the lake side and a few tents can be arranged for you. If you are lucky enough you can find an occasional Bhutta-wala serving delicious spicy corn-cobs.




And oh! You do have one boating facility there which can take you around the lake in a boat for 5-10 minutes if you wish to but you’d rather stay lakeside and absorb nature’s elegance with the beautiful birds, impish ducks that play around and a few gorgeous geese that flock up at the side. I found myself a beautifully adorned camel, a few tamed horses and an extremely cute, playful dog named Milo! The place can never disappoint you. Mark my words, never. It is quite an irony that the Venna Lake in Mahabaleshwar has unending lines of people in front of the ticket booth for boating and water sports, but a lake quadruple its size just about 20-30 kilometres away goes unnoticed and uninteresting. Or so it seems. In fact, to make an impression of it in your mind, I’d have to tell you that it is much like Pangong lake in Laddakh; just a friendlier Maharashtrian version of it. I would go as far as to say that is a phenomenon to find and experience a wonder as such in the close vicinity of a metropolitan.






Image00005©Aishwarya Choudhary

For all of you who’d love to take a peek and see it for yourself, stay a while, I’d suggest. Catch the sunrise if you may, or spend your day until the sun rests behind the hills. The lake has a quintessential feel of itself unlike other ones. The lovely breeze, the water pretty friendly, the birds so quirky and the peaceful landscape can win you over and you’ll find yourself making a promise to return again. Artists and lovers, families and friends, travellers or just lost souls can all find solace in the serenity of it. Let it engulf you in its beauty and you’ll have a story of yourself to tell.