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26 May 2017

Creative Head of the week : Mohan Manian

Mohan Manian 18 year old photography enthusiast from Maharashtra. He took a year’s gap after completing his schooling a year ago to travel around India and to have a decent collection of pictures. And to do this it’s love and support from our people what matters. He hardly earns anything through photography, neither does he have any company to sponsor his trips. His family sponsors him. The support actually plays a vital role. He loved travelling since he was a kid. He travelled alone for the first time when he was 13. Before that, he used to travel with people whenever possible. He Would join his grandparents in their trips, Uncles and aunts in theirs. Cameras used to amuse him just as much as any other ‘cool’ device would.



After his 10th board, his family decided to go on a trip to Kashmir. They bought a new Point and Shoot camera for that trip. Since, he was always excited about new things,  was the only one clicking from it. With very little knowledge or none, he managed to click decent pictures. Thanks to the beautiful landscapes of Kashmir, mega zoom of nikon P510, and appreciation from loved ones which quite helped him. He Went on a trip to Hyderabad with friends, the next year. His camera got stolen there. His parents gifted him a 2nd hand DSLR on his next birthday which he is using till date. Nearly everything has changed from when he started till now, shooting style, gears, thought process behind a picture, way of processing etc. One thing has never changed since birth, love for travel.

Mohan tries to show negativity as less as he can, unless that negative picture would help things turn positive. Street photography is not about beggars, poor kids, under privileged people. Picture not taken on streets could be street photos too, also, photos taken on street are NOT necessarily street photos. Street photography is about patterns, leading lines, story, balance, flow etc. It is very easy to take pictures of beggars in a country with a million beggars on street and spread more negativity than there already is. He just tries to do the real street photography which he has seen and learnt. Finding and clicking something unusual in the usual is what he tries to do.

Mohan is drove to create by the vivid culture, the different faces, the deep emotions, the intense stories, the desire to make new friends, and the vast experience – all this compels him to save some part of these precious moments of life into pictures, thus, driving him to create travel pictures.

If the list is to be made of people who inspire him, then it’s going to be a never ending list to name a few,

“Vineet Vohra, Co- founder, APF Magazine. Seeing extra ordinary in ordinary is what he has specialised in. Full of originality, this guy is a gem. Achal Mishra.

He owns a nikon D3000+ 18-55mm+55-200mm kit. He carries his friend’s Canon 1200d with him during trips, since the Nikon D3000 is very old and basic and a bit problematic too. He is planning to buy Nikon D750 very soon. Carrying multiple cameras totally depends upon his mood. He sometime goes out with a thought “I won’t miss anything and click everything” at that time he carries multiple cameras. Sometimes  he likes restricting himself, challenging himself to click as less as he can and with restricted focal length. He mostly uses Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 for post processing of his pictures and rarely use Adobe Photoshop CS6.


Photos by ©Mohan Manian

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