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30 March 2017

Interview with Artist: Moanungsang Lemtur

Moanungsang Lemtur has been drawing since he was a kid. Constant love, experimenting and practising art all these years got him more serious about it in the mid of the year 2013.


Moanungsang Lemtur

Inspiro India: How would you best describe your style of illustration? And the challenges you faced as an artist/illustrator?

– Technically I do a lot of pen work. And mostly in black, sometimes some dash of colours if necessary, I always like mixing up different elements to form a surreal image. Growing up as an artist, setting up a certain price for commission works has always been difficult. There are always admirers of art who want to get some art done. But there are very less genuine lovers of art who are willing to pay for the art it actually deserves.


Inspiro India: Why illustration? Can you please explain about your work process (software/tools you use)?

– I always think that illustrations are a more versatile way to speak through artworks. Anyway, I’m not one sided with illustrations alone. I love painting a lot and have been painting a lot too.
I use micron pens, and dip pens for inking. I always use black for the penning part for post production. I also use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.



Inspiro India: How satisfied are you with the artist you are right now?

–  I always think of this question myself. I always end up not being satisfied, I don’t think I will ever be.


Inspiro India: What is your working environment like?

– I don’t have my own studio yet. I live with some friends in a rented apartment who are artists as well. So my workplace right now is very basic, with some artworks hanging around here and there done be me and my friends. Also, you can find books and musical instruments lying around in every corner.



Inspiro India: Who or what inspires your creative work?

– Good movies, books and documentaries inspire me a lot. This often keeps me in loops of thoughts and helps me in building up visual ideas, which I later execute them through my art.  Then there’s Vincent Willem van Gogh.


Inspiro India: Is studying illustration in college worth the cost or do you recommend an alternative? 

– Me being a self-taught artist myself, I won’t recommend for an art college to learn an art. But there are situations, there are some people who need that ‘push’ to keep up with art. If you’re one of them, then college can help (shame on you, though). But anyway, colleges do help in directing you for your job too. So it has its perks I guess.



Inspiro India: What did you want to become as a child? How did you get your first job as an illustrator? 

– Honestly, I didn’t have any aim in my life when I was young. But whatever I was interested in doing, I always wanted to do something original. I always wanted to be someone irreplaceable.
My first job was with an EP album art design for Alobo Naga and the Band. I knew them since some time back and they reached out to me for their work.


Inspiro India: Five things you like other than illustrations?

– Guitar, reading, watching documentaries, bonfires and mountains!

©Moanungsang Lemtur


Inspiro India: What advice would you as an artist give to other creative heads out there? And Some creative tips you’d like to share?

– Don’t be one of those cliché art school kids who consider oneself above the idea of art as a commodity. Take up commercial work as well as design work.
Do the band’s poster for 500 rupees and a six-pack. Do whatever it takes to be able to call yourself a working artist. It’s a noble title, regardless of the particulars!



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