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29 March 2016

Minimalist : Soumita Das

She is a Calcuttan and she believes that it is one city that has more people than mosquitoes. Sometimes you need to get rid of noise to make way for silence, and this is why she started creating minimal frames. It took an epiphany in the form of a research project to make her realize that wearing a sterilized apron and mask and not being able to talk to anyone for hours can be claustrophobic at times. So, all she needs after a long day is a breath of fresh air and her own world where she can create clutter free frames and capture them.

She believes that to reach a spot there is no process. She loves to wake up with oven fresh ideas. Sometimes, she wake ld up in the middle of a night with an idea. She fantasizes about strange things almost all the time. When she gets ideas, She writes/types them immediately no matter where she is.If she doesn’t find a paper or her phone, she writes on her hand. Basically, all she does is come up with an idea, jot it down, rethink it later and convert it into reality. It’s really amazing to watch an idea transition from a dream to reality. Her minimalist lifestyle drives her towards creativity..!! He doesn’t live in a white room without television and chairs. She believes in minimalism but she does not compare herself to some other minimalist. Her minimalism is only about believing that sometimes less is much more.    Well said,”Inspiration is everywhere.” She is most inspired by things she see every day. Also, her friends, photographer friends and her favorite instagrammers inspire her. She gravitates towards likeminded people.

















She, actually, doesn’t have a routine. She wakes up, opens the windows to let the light in, meditates for 10 minutes, creates a to-do list and prioritizes her tasks.


She doesn’t use a lot of apps- VscoCam, Instagram filters and Adobe Photoshop. Also, She loves using a basic digital camera (Sony DSC) She believes that everything can be photographed. Does an apoplexy hit you when you enter the bathroom after a long day and realize there is no bodywash left in the bottle? She, on the other hand might simply take the loofah and click pictures of it. Things like this happen to her all the time. She doesn’t like to ignore a creative opportunity.




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