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2 February 2018

Creative Head of the Week: Satbir Singh Waraich

Art is just like breathing is for every living being. The appetite to create can never stop just like a basic necessity for survival is his ‘approach to art’. Satbir Singh Waraich is a self-taught Artist, a computer graduate turned graphic designer and now identifies himself as a painter by profession. His impeccable ability to understand and balance his psyche and make peace with the fact that every stroke is either ‘pre-visualised’ or ‘an error’ is completely justifiable. He also points to the challenging part of making that error from anything to something (silently with strokes and flow).


Satbir takes an intricate understanding to his illustrations by painting and sketching. Visual art for him is anything the random human can capture (in the wake of life and reality) for seconds, minutes or a long timeless pause in front of anything and anywhere.



Satbir Singh Waraich


Satbir has been best friends with art and illustrations since childhood being a single child in the family. Well aware of his gifted hands even though it has been only 6 years for him professionally, ‘it was a boy returning home not a hobby’, he says. I believe that Art should tell you something (but not everything).


‘I believe that Art should tell you something but not everything!’

His work stresses on ‘people’ and ‘eye contact’ which is the primary stage to be drawn to by us humans.

The artist indicates, while that ‘observant pause’ is extremely crucial and describes visual artistry, it is the layer of emotion which a human experiences and is more likely carry to his or her eternity.

Moreover, if the viewer is eager to open one’s bounded psyche, they’ll be able to identify the stories, guiding signs, hidden paths and written words. Look even closer you’ll find that Satbir paints in the form of small tiny drawings inside the faces and figures.


Astute observation skill set when he meets humans is one of his strongest skills, he says ‘humans are very much okay to shed a layer of emotion which artists seek and leech upon to use in his or her art’.


Satbir’s typical work process is nothing fancy or similar to a tailored process psyche of an art student. He has a ‘no tool process’ whereby he uses anything and everything from oil paints to water colours or may even end up tearing a sketch and then end up using it on a canvas.

Every day guides this painter differently, he likes riding bikes late at night around farms, collects books regardless of old or new and is currently trying his hands on learning piano. A tea and music lover, he refuses to give advice to his fellow humans. He says there is no point of advising someone when one doesn’t believe and recognise oneself from the inside, it’s a mere wastage of time when the brain is already full and knows what to do!

Words by Harpreet


Tangled Mirror

Merged Emotions


Pendent Protecters

Images by ©Satbir Singh Waraich

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