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28 March 2016

Rising sun of Arunachal : Lobsang Nima

Arunachal Pradesh is said to be the land of rising sun, Lobsang Nima as the name goes by is no less than a rising sun for his home state and also for his homeland Tawang. Lobsang, who is just 14 year old, has already set a huge benchmark for the youth of his state. He belongs to a heavenly place of Tawang, located at the Indo-Tibet-Bhutan border. Lobsang was discovered by Art for Cause, a charitable trust based in New Delhi when they organized 15 days camp in Tawang district on various creative art fields, which included photography also. Ishu, the founder of Art for Cause and also a photographer and filmmaker discovered his passion and extraordinary vision for capturing the moments. He was than awarded scholarship by the same trust to provide him extensive training in photography during his summer vacations which gave him a lifetime opportunity to travel various places like Ladakh, New Delhi, Dharamshala etc under the mentorship of Ishu who gave him his camera since last December to learn and experiment. Lobsang Nima, who now studies in 10th grade in one of the government school of Tawang, use to do odd jobs to support his family, where mother works in PWD and father just lost his government contract based job, plus he has three more siblings.








Ishu has adopted Lobsang since last year and is taking care of his all expenses and also promoting him as the face of Tawang to make this heavenly land popular through his work. Lobsang now feels great on being recognized as the youngest photographer in whole  Arunachal. Lobsang’s work really surprised   everyone at recently held Tawang Festival where Art for Cause displayed his work.  Art for Cause recently concluded it’s second Tawang Autumn Camp just like last year, but this year Lobsang proudly joined the team as the mentor and taught various kids of his district. At the same camp, he was felicitated by the trust as the official youngest photographer of Arunachal and in upcoming Metropolis festival he will be launched as the youngest photographer from whole North East. Ishu is planning to take Lobsang to either USA or Germany in year to host his first international exhibition for which he needs financial support.






“I see my own reflection in him, he is more like my son and I am sure soon he will even cross my footsteps in photography. He is getting what he deserves. His journey has just started which has no limits”,said Ishu.

Lobsang Nima, now, wants to study outside Tawang for his higher schooling and wants to become professional photographer and  filmmaker to make his family, homeland and mentor proud.

“I still remember Ishu sir said in our very first class that keep your eyes always open, look around and discover, you will never know when an angel will come and change your life. I never thought this can come true and he is no less than an angel for me, I feel safe and happy with him, he can change anyone’s life”,said Lobsang.


05©Lobsang Nima

Lobsang wants to travel and capture various moments and show people great things. He loves to travel, loves nature, people, street photography and one day wants to try  underwater photography also.