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Gorkey Patwal’s series is an amalgamation of noir and white portraying raw emotions | Photo Series

Gorkey Patwal is a 24-year-old innovator from Delhi who searches for beauty in everything around and remoulds it. He is on his path to become a fashion photographer and let the world know the significance of his name.


He often works with a stylist and model to figure out a theme for the shoot. He doesn’t prefer to instruct the model and keeps the theme open to the model’s interpretation which ensures the raw, natural shots. This series is an amalgamation of noir and white, Gorkey mentions, is a collaboration which he and Ishani have been planning for a year. The entire process of finding a suitable time from their busy lives and planning took 3 months, are just a few of many hardships they went through to manage 3 shots to be uploaded to Instagram. People, he feels, are unaware of the tedious background work a photographer goes through, to manage one perfect shot.


Gorkey is not fond of post-editing hence he tries to fix the problem by clicking multiple shots so he can select the best out of all the shots. The device he uses is a Canon 6D and a Sigma 50 mm. For editing, he uses Lightroom. He has a penchant to play around with natural lights, for example – a piece of glass, lighter and even a lot of leaves!


His key source of inspiration is the thought of someone making an effort, a notch higher than him every hour to creating better work in this world. Being a part of this league, he too has to aspire to work hard so that he too sets an example and a beacon for others to follow.


 Photo Series by ©Gorkey Patwal 


A single series, Gorkey tells us, it takes almost a month of planning and coordination between the model, the stylist and the makeup artist to scheduling dates and choosing the appropriate location for shooting. Since he was employed fulltime, he had only weekend for himself to execute the shoots. On Mondays’ of every month, Patwal would plan his weekends for shoots.

Words by Laveena Behl

Photographer: Gorkey Patwal
Model: Ishani Das
Styling: Anuradha

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