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1 December 2017

Creative Head of the week: Sarah Naqvi

Sarah Naqvi stumbled upon questions regarding the existence of women in the society and taboos spanning over the same while going through the process of understanding the female body.


Sarah felt morally obligated to address the issue by using embroidery to share her thoughts. Embroidery is a versatile and ancient art form which was interestingly done by mostly women and thus was perfect for what she wanted to showcase!


Naqvi works on topics such as menstruation and body shaming. She has received immense support from young girls, positive criticism, threats and nasty comments from anonymous people over direct messages on Instagram.

Interestingly, a couple of her artworks were taken down by Instagram for obstruction of community guidelines which were considered obscene even though there are highly sexualised and altered images of women all over the app.


Nitesh Mohanty, Ghada Amer and Shirin Neshat are some of the artists who inspire Miss Naqvi. Each embroidery takes anything from a month to a couple of days to complete depending on how much time she gets with her daily schedule.


The idea behind her artworks is to portray a society which is suffering from deeply rooted patriarchy and has ultimately created, cultivated and enforced an idea of the ‘ideal woman’.


She works with a range of different mediums, but embroidery is positively one of her biggest strengths. ‘With every stitch I make, I hope that it challenges these common apperceptions and shows how much strength and voice every piece can carry’, says Sarah Naqvi.

Words by Harpreet


Art/Images by ©Sarah Naqvi

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