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12 October 2017

Interview with Photographer : Rema Chaudhary

Meet the woman who quit stock market to pursue photography full time.

Rema Chaudhary


Inspiro India: Tell us something about yourself and how did you start creating?

– Well, I worked with my father in the stock market for 2 years before I decided I wanted to pursue photography. I’d always carry my point and shoot camera around when I was in college, taking pictures of the most ordinary things. So I bought a DSLR and started shooting portraits of my dad’s employees and taking pictures on my commute to work every day. I got good feedback from family and friends and decided this is what I wanted to do. At some point in 2010, I got my first commercial job which was a real eye opener because that’s when I realised that this is not easy! Then I went on to study it in Massachusetts at Hallmark institute of Photography and I think that’s where it all really started for me.


Inspiro India: Can you talk a bit about your mesmerising portraits and your way of working?

– I spend a lot of time location hunting. I think nothing inspires me more than being outside surrounded by nature. I have endless notes on my phone with pictures of things and their location, whether it’s a random tree or a strange door or a pretty staircase. I keep revisiting my notes and try to figure out what I would like to shoot there. It’s probably the most important part of the entire process for me, and also the most private. Unlike all the other aspects, I’m very used to doing this alone. Apart from that, a lot of it evolves as we go along. I try and evoke a sort of harmony between the environment and my subject, whether it’s with their gesture or expression.



Inspiro India: Did you face any problems while pursuing this field? How satisfied do you feel after working in this field?

– Yes of course, what is any profession without problems anyways. It was rough in the beginning. The work you get to do more often than not depends on your network rather than your actual work, which is sad. Another thing is when people will commission you to create something that has already been done have absolutely no vision of their own. I find that incredibly nerve-racking. But it’s starting to change slowly.


Inspiro India: How would you describe your photography style?

– Aaaah that’s a tough one. But I guess you could say intimate and at times, melancholic almost. Something that is more about the feeling than it is about the content.


Inspiro India: Which genre of photography interests you the most? and why? What are your top three favourite photography locations?

– I do enjoy shooting people. Whether it’s portraits or a fashion sort of setting. I think Fashion photography allows me to explore the kind of photography I like which is moody and has a narrative. No top locations but I do love shooting outdoors.


Inspiro India: Your portfolio includes quite a lot of portraiture. Walk us through your process of creating a great portrait?

– I’ve realised that for portraits, less is more. I try staying away from directing my subject too much because it can get confusing and they often lose themselves. I will just give them a very basic brief of what I’m looking for and then kind of let them get comfortable or even uncomfortable for that matter in that environment. I’m very disconnected from my subject during portrait sessions and I think a lot of the great shots, for me, happen in the awkward silences.


Inspiro India: Could you tell our readers how to reach such excellent results in fashion photography? What gear are you looking forward to purchasing next?

– I do think that more than the gear you use, you have to have the eye for it, and you will make some amazing images if you do. It’s really not about the most expensive camera and lenses. But either way, I use the Canon 5D mark III and just invested in the Sony a7R II last week, so I’m still getting used to the switch.


Inspiro India: Describe your post-processing workflow? Which camera do you shoot with? Tell us about your favourite lens and equipment.

– Well, it starts with taking everything into Lightroom. Shortlisting photos probably takes the most time. I go through 2-3 rounds of shortlists, the first time I look at the images and then come back to it a few days later to see if I feel differently about any of them. Once I know which ones I’m going to work on, I start colour correcting and making other adjustments after which I take it to photoshop to refine them further if need be.
My favourite lens has to be the 85mm. I shoot everything I can with that lens.


Inspiro India: What did you want to become as a child? Any dream which is still on your bucket list?

– I honestly don’t even have a memory of what I wanted to be as a child. I always thought I’m going to grow up and start working with my father because that’s just how things happened in my house. But currently, my dream is to learn how to play the piano.


Inspiro India:If not this, What would Rema be doing?

-I would be a musician.


Inspiro India: Which is your favourite photograph you’ve taken till date and why?

– Hard to pick a favourite really, there are so many! But I think one of my all time favourites would be this image I shot last year for Roha. I would explain why I like it but that would just be me generating my own propaganda. I’d rather have the viewer project their own narrative onto the picture.



favourite photograph

Photos by ©Rema Chaudhary


Inspiro India: What advice would the artist inside you like to pass on to our readers?

– I would tell them to go out and keep shooting. Don’t just look at pictures. Study them, and keep trying to get better. Don’t worry about who will or will not like it, you simply can not please everyone.


Check out his full feature in February’17 Edition of Inspiro India Magazine issue#35 – Download Free.



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28 June 2017

Blogger of the Week : Shivani Boruah

The immense love and support from you ‘Creative Heads’ have been surreal over the past few years. Inspiro India wishes to grow with the growing population of ‘#inspiroindia‘. We’re continuously working to bring great content to anyone and everyone following us on various platforms.

This year we present to you, an all new feature presenting ‘The Blogger of the Week’.


Shivani is a fun loving person and love dogs! Apart from being a blogger, she is a  musician and is currently working on her E.P. “The Velvet Radio is something through which I speak my mind. It’s basically a visual story teller. Currently it has the following major sections : Fashion, Lifestyle, IAndAThing. ‘IAndAThing’ is where I feature people who are living their dreams and in some way inspire me to work on my dreams. Also, June onwards, I have started a ‘music’ section where I would cover major music concerts across India and a few music related talks( The first and the latest one being ‘The Music Scene In North- East India: A Retrospective’). Coming to the fashion section, which is the crucial section of the blog, I mostly try to come up with conceptual ideas so as to be able to tell stories through the pictures. As I go by my motto- “Let Art Begin”, I love to experiment with my wardrobe.” Boruah talks about her blog.


Shivani Boruah


The Velvet Radio is a visual storyteller drawing major inspiration from Art. “I try to portray a few grey areas of the society through my pictures( Two such blog posts being–  Mannequin and Phantom Bride ). In the days to come, I want to bring to light more such grey areas of our society.” As she continues to talk about her blogging ideas.

Shivani’s style is all about comfort. Although she experiments a lot, it always revolves around comfort.

“Art and a lot of Art. Apart from it, its the people around me, people on the streets who inspire me. Also, it’s the kind of music I listen to helps me draw my inspiration from  ‘cause I like to move along, groove with the music, dance or headbang a little bit, so yeah, that’s the kind of clothes I usually prefer to wear in which I am comfortable to do all these! Plus one of the major source of inspiration is the nature itself! I also draw inspiration from the trend forecasts by the elite magazines and webzines but try to add the me- flavour to it.” Shivani shares about her inspirations.

Well, It was last year July ​​that I took my writing skills and ideas about fashion a little seriously and started blogging. Although I kicked off TVRadio as a Fashion Blog, now it has many other sections too. I have a great interest in putting my thoughts into words and then I also needed a platform to showcase my ideas behind fashion with a poetic flare. Fashion, for me, is a creative expression and a beautiful form of art. My blog serves as a medium for my visual/ photo stories.”

Shivani talks about the blogging industry, “ It is good to see how the blogging- industry is developing but also at the same time there is a lot of grapevine around it. People usually do not know how much time and effort bloggers and photographers spend on one concept. Also, in blogging it is very much important to be original and never copy the style and content of an already- famous blogger. Two of the key traits a blogger has to have are: Patience and Honesty. I don’t endorse brands with which I can’t relate my style to. My blog is a personal blog portraying two of my passions: Fashion and Music. I wanted a name that would highlight both, hence, the name. Velvet signifies fashion and Radio signifies music. Well, since my blog is pretty new, I do not have a huge follower base. Plus as I am mostly into an editorial theme, people can’t always relate to it. But yeah, it’s the youngsters around the age group of 15- 30 yrs within and across the nation.”

As she moves ahead with her future plans, “ I want to be better w.r.t., the kind of work that I have been doing. At times, I don’t get what I seek from the photographers, as in, there is a clash of taste and interest. And it is very important to maintain your flare throughout no matter who you work with. Its my creative direction that I put into my pictures, so as to master it I want to develop good photography skills. I do not shoot and am still in my learning phase with my Canon 700D. I use my iPhone for on- the-go pictures. My photographers get their own cameras but I only work with photographers who understand my flare and with whom I am very confident shooting.”

Shivani gives us two tips regarding blogging, “Never lose your originality and develop  the basics of photography and editing.”

Words by Archita Rajkumari

FRIDA for eShakti

Phantom Bride- A concept blog dedicated to Early and Child Marriage

In the shoes of a PAINTER who longs for unadulterated art for QUIRKBOX

Showcasing Maybelline’s EYESPEAKDRAMA Campaign as a tribute to victims of Domestic Violence

What does a MANNEQUIN desire

©Shivani Boruah

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14 June 2017

Blogger of the Week : Varun Singhania

The immense love and support from you ‘Creative Heads’ have been surreal over the past few years. Inspiro India wishes to grow with the growing population of ‘#inspiroindia‘. We’re continuously working to bring great content to anyone and everyone following us on various platforms.

This year we present to you, an all new feature presenting ‘The Blogger of the Week’.


Varun Singhania aka BeardsEyeView is many things but mostly a photographer, a personal style blogger and a hardcore beard enthusiast. He says he is a misfit, a non-conformist and an introvert.


While talking about his blog, he says, “My blog is a showcase of my personal style and experiments with my own wardrobe. My blog is an amalgamation of my personal style, my experiments in fashion, and a bit of travel and photography. I don’t endorse brands I don’t stand behind or the ones that don’t represent my personal style. It’s how I view fashion and how I like to see it on myself. I’m also not your typical tuxedo-wearing slick-haired dapper blogger.”

“My style is very fluid and it keeps evolving, but more often it’s a fusion between hipster and grunge/ street.” As he talks about his style.


Varun Singhania


His inspiration is a lot of Italian, Asian (Indian & Korean), underground street and tribal fashion.

Also, fashion within music, especially from the 80s inspires a lot.

Varun started blogging about 3 years ago and it was around the time He started growing  beard as well (pun intended). He says, “In fact, my beard was pretty much the game changer. It made me switch up my style and up my fashion game and I began documenting it. I also got into a lot of photography around the same time and my personal Instagram just evolved into a blog from there on.”


Varun’s take on blogging, “I believe that blogging should be a representation of who you are and what your views are. Whatever the core of it might be, it should always be authentic and stem from your own creativity. I don’t believe in blogs & bloggers that turn into mere advertisements and billboards.”

Varun’s blog was initially just his Instagram where he used to post his everyday photography and edits. It had nothing to do with fashion initially. “Around the same time I began growing a beard, and I began to be known as “beardie”. And it just suddenly hit me one day that I wanted an alias name; one that would be representative of not just my beard but also my vision. A friend and I got thinking, and the same day we came up with ‘Beards Eye View’ as a pun on the phrase ‘Bird’s Eye View’.”


He says, “My audience is a mix of beard enthusiasts, guys who want to switch up their style and women who appreciate a man who tries different things.” They’re scattered between the age group 15-30yrs and mostly from India, Italy and USA.



Varun says wherever his blog takes him regarding his future plans with blogging. “My interests are split between my blog and my photography currently, and I’m trying to find a way to fuse both. I want to experiment more with contemporary Indian fashion and also include more travel oriented content on the blog.”


He uses a Canon 6D and a GoPro, and occasionally iPhone.

Varun gives advice to readers would be to not judge. Never judge anyone for their style, their views and their take on things.

Two tips to future bloggers would be 1) Hire or collaborate with a good photographer. Quality pictures always make a great impression. Also, learn how to edit your own pictures/ videos. 2) Be yourself and experiment within your own style and comfort zone. Don’t be a sell out.

Words by Archita Rajkumari
©Varun Singhania

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“Inspiro India will be featuring bloggers every week irrespective of what they blog. To get featured on Inspiro India simply use ‘#iiblogger’ on Instagram ”

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