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22 March 2017

Blogger of the Week : Aditya Madiraju

The immense love and support from you ‘Creative Heads’ have been surreal over the past few years. Inspiro India wishes to grow with the growing population of ‘#inspiroindia‘. We’re continuously working to bring great content to anyone and everyone following us on various platforms.

This year we present to you, an all new feature presenting ‘The Blogger of the Week’.


Aditya Madiraju has always had the passion for dance and paintings, he grew up in New Delhi and ultimately moved to the US for his studies. Even though he works as an IT employee, his passion for art is what fuels the creative head’s spirit and soul!

Aditya Madiraju


Aditya’s blog is all about his personal fashion and lifestyle. The world of style is yet to be explored for this creative mind but he can definitely eye men who struggle with clothing, walking through the streets of New York City. He believes men don’t really understand or pay enough attention to accessorising, which he feels ‘makes or breaks an outfit’.

Through his blog, Aditya wants to explore more of what’s current in the New York City and what it means to be a ‘brown boy’ in New York! One can absolutely see glimpses of his love for dance and photography that also eventually influence his way of clothing himself.


With plenty of blogs out there, what makes a blog different and appealing to a set of masses is a great deal, where blogging is picking up more and more as a profession than just a hobby. His blog is very personal as he writes only about the things he loves doing, it is obviously not about buying new clothes or keeping up with celebrity styles! ‘It’s all about reinventing what you already have in your closet to reflect what you are doing or feeling that day’, says Madiraju.

The blog combines his everyday wardrobe with the activities he does, whether he is going to work, grabbing a meal with his friends or exploring the city.  He also feels the need to associate himself with any Indian guy living in the US. ‘Our sense of style ought to be different as we bring one culture to another’, says Aditya Madiraju.




Aditya’s style is ‘Relaxed and Rebellious’! One can find him in a white shirt, blue jeans and sneakers. The only thing that will stand out is his use of collar pins or the sleeve roll-up pins in his outfits. He believes in incorporating something unique or new in everyday look, one should never try too hard, says Aditya. ‘It should be effortless’.


The young blogger also draws his inspiration from ‘Mariano Di Vaio’, a very famous Italian blogger. He is also inspired by linen and denim clothing and owns several pieces in both the fabrics!


A newbie in the blogging world, he has received great feedback from people all around. It has been only a month for Aditya but he always wanted to share his fashion sense with the world. Although he had harboured the thought to start a blog for the past 5 years, spending around 45% of his paycheque on clothes, it hit him how potential worthy his closet was!

Starting his journey by uploading only a picture or two per week has now turned into his own website. ‘I believe in baby steps, but once in a while, a giant leap does help!’


Blogging is not only taking high-quality pictures or writing well, networking and building relationships with people are equally important, says the creative blogger.

One also needs time, patience, a unique perspective, and a positive attitude. It takes years for bloggers to establish themselves but large platforms can, fortunately, give a huge boost as well!

The blog focuses on targeting men between the ages of 25 to 45, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t connect with people of other age groups or gender. In fact, he has a great female audience who visit his social media in search of something for their boyfriends or husbands.



He also plans to feature female bloggers and noteworthy personalities on his website very soon. ‘Styling and blogging are an art and art does not discriminate!’.

Aditya wants his audience to remember him by his real name as the blog is the reflection of his lifestyle hence, www.adityamadiraju.com as the blog name! What is interesting is his Instagram handle ‘@mad_adiyoo’, it is a cut and cross derivate of his name.


Aditya wishes to be recognised for the skill set he has and having a strong voice and presence, to make an impact. He does admit he wants to be famous, ‘who doesn’t want to?’ says Madiraju! He also wants to launch new sections in my blog talking about ‘brown folks’ in the US and upcoming artists, anything which can connect him to new and interesting people!


The blog features photos shot by a very well known professional photographer in New York, Shravya Kag (Instagram @saxophonestorie). Other than that, he uses his iPhone 7 to get very creative and artistic photos for the blog.

On asking him what he’d like to tell the readers as well as aspiring bloggers, Aditya says, one should definitely get inspired and incorporate the looks they see online in their wardrobe. A lot of people read articles but they are still a little scared to try things at home. One should take the information from others and find one’s sense of style. As for creative heads who’d like to start blogging, he says, ‘Take it easy and do not stress, if you enjoy what you are doing, it will always work and the moment you feel stressed, re-evaluate your approach and start again. You have to have thick skin to be in this game!’


©Aditya Madiraju

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Blog | Inspiration

19 March 2017

Best of February’17 | #inspiroindia


We’d like you to know that Inspiro India is receiving immense love and support from you ‘Creative Heads’ out there.

In the wake of the phenomenal usage of the ‘Inspiro India’ hashtag, we have a created a new section, ‘Best Pictures of the Month’.

Here are the Best Pictures from the month of February!

(The pictures are not in any supposed order. To get featured in the next month, use hashtag #inspiroindia)

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©Jassi Oberai
©Nisarg Gandhi
©Ankit Kumar
©Navin Kr. Vatsa


©Tanmoy Kayesen
©Jagjit Singh


©Harshit Kishnani


©Kasturi Mukherjee
©Aaditya Singh




©Saurav R Nair




©Aniket Nag


©Bhagyesh Patel
©Abhilash Baishya


©Shyamolie Katyal
©Sudeep Agalgaonkar


©Ujjal Kumar Das


©Ankit Vijay
©Sanjoy Sengupta


©Paras Rathod
©Navaneeth Kishor


©Apoorva Chouhan
©Siddhi Bhanage


©Roshan Singh
©Divyesh Vadgama


©Arjun J Bhatnagar
©Shivani Javeri


©Upasana Malik


©Adarsh Rathod


©Abhishek Singh Rawat


©Monojit Mondal


©Rajni Jain


©Atul Nahata


©Varun Rathnakar


©Nirman Saini


©Arnab Deka



©Niharika Sonavane





©Sourav Paul


©Rakesh Saha




©Sukriti Dubey


©Charmi Mehta


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Blog | Inspiration

17 March 2017

Creative Head of the week : Akash Negi

Akash Negi, the photographer to whom photography came as a realisation while scrolling down Instagram, lives in Nagpur and is presently pursuing engineering. It was almost three years ago when he shifted to Nagpur. When he was new to Instagram, he used to upload selfies only. Later, he came across some really good Indian photographers and admired their work, but all he had was a cell phone. That’s when he thought “Can I click good pictures without any professional camera?”


Akash Negi


Eventually, he started trying ‘cell phone only photography’. He uses a phone which costs less than 15000 INR, so there’s no high-end equipment involved. When shooting with a mobile you have to take the perfect frame, there’s no scope of cropping the photo as the quality degrades, says Akash.


People say it’s very easy shooting with a phone, on the contrary Akash believes that it needs a lot of precision and hard work. The pictures he clicks are never pre-planned. He has immense love for long exposure shots that are spontaneously composed at the location only. People appreciating his work and asking him to help out with phone photography drives him to create more and he makes sure that he never misses out on any of the Direct Messages he receives. The whole Instagram community inspires him. His favourite accounts being @brandonwoelfel, @bryanadamc and @achalmishra.

The Tool Kit, Equipment and Softwares he uses are phone based, for clicking, YU Yureka and Nubia Z9 mini. Nubia Z9 mini has a fully manual camera, he then processes the pictures using phone apps like Snapseed, VSCO, PicsArt and Polarr. He has recently started using Adobe Lightroom.


©Akash Negi

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Blog | Inspiration

8 March 2017

10 Creative Heads to watch this women’s day

Today on International Women’s Day, we have curated artworks and photographs from 10 Creative Heads who inspire us and wish they inspire you too!

Happy International Women’s Day, be the inspiration!


1. Smriti Choudhary

©Smriti Choudhary

2. Rachel




3. Khyati Trehan

©Khyati Trehan



4. Ishani Das

©Ishani Das



5. Mehandee Meera Dureja

©Mehandee Meera Dureja



6. Naina Gahlaut

©Naina Gahlaut



7. Asfa Sabrin

©Asfa Sabrin



8. Chandni Dua

©Chandni Dua



9. Sehej Dassan

©Sehej Dassan



10. Upasana Malik

©Upasana Malik


Women, You are Power :) | Keep Creating Rad Stuff.

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Blog | Interviews | Photography

2 March 2017

Interview with Photographer : Aniruddha Das

Aniruddha Das was born in Kolkata and is a true Bengali at heart. He loves the city and all that it has to offer which naturally makes him a huge football fan. He played the sport when he was younger and was even offered a semi-professional training though unable to pursue due to his knee injury. Out of pure love for football, he took up photography in order to get involved with the game any way he could!


Aniruddha Das

Inspiro India: Tell us something about yourself and how did you get started creating?

– Born and raised in Kolkata, I am a true blue Bengali. I love city and all it has to offer, which also made me a huge fan of football. I played the sport a lot in my childhood and adolescence and was even offered a semi-professional training, but due to a serious knee injury, I could not take it up. It was then, out of pure love, for the sport that I decided to take up photography in order to be involved with the game in some way or another.

Being a student of RK Mission Residential School at Narendrapur, I had the opportunity of watching the nature closely, getting inspired from the ambience there. I completed Computer Science Engineering from Kolkata, started working in Cognizant Technology Solutions, all the while working as a freelance photographer for the East Bengal Football Club, but soon gave up the former as it was photography that I always wanted to do.


Inspiro India: How did you develop interest in this field?

– As a child, I followed my father around as he captured the world, one moment at a time, using a film SLR. I even watched him develop films in the dark room, playing with chemicals to get the best result. Wanting to create something of my own made me pick up a camera, and I haven’t been able to put it down ever since! I still love the thrill of developing a negative. Even today, I shoot my personal projects, those close to my heart, with a film camera. It’s a different world out there; what a digital camera shows you is nothing compared to the beauty of the moment captured through a film camera, specially in Medium Format. Currently, I am using a Hasselblad 501c and it has become a passion project of sorts. A different story in every 120mm frame.


Brand: Nike


Inspiro India: Did you face any kind of problems while pursuing this field? How satisfied do you feel after working in this field?

– Being born and brought up in Calcutta, there is a different kind of love and attachment that I feel for the place. However, being the kind of city that it is, though you’ll get the most amazing subjects to capture, there is very little opportunity to take this field up professionally. In terms of the exposure the city has to offer, I felt that had I stayed there, I would have never been able to expose myself to the kind of photography I wanted to do. It’s still a little amateurish; you can pursue photography as a hobby, but not as a profession. That’s when I decided to shift to Bangalore, where opportunities are in abundance. I currently work with 22Feet Tribal Worldwide, a digital solutions provider, and this has allowed me to work with a multitude of brands across categories. Talking about the satisfaction that this field provides, I’d like to say that there is no better job in the world! Traveling, taking pictures of people and places – it is a different kind of satisfaction, where you’re content on the inside, but always hungry for more!


Inspiro India: What is it about Sports photography that interests you the most? What has been your favourite photo location in India?

– Watching a game live from the stands is one thing, being on the ground where all the action is happening is another. The thrill of sharing the same space with the best sportsmen in the country and in the world is inexplicable – you have to be there to believe it! The best thing about shooting a match live is that you don’t know what’ll happen in the next moment. You’re amidst all the action, the tension, the sweat, alone with your camera and clicking away, when suddenly you’ll get the most brilliant shot, the one you’d always wanted but never really knew how to get! Speaking of my favourite photo location in India, I was given a running project and I had to choose the location for shooting it. After a thorough research, we finalised on Gurudongmar Lake (Sikkim), which is one of the highest lakes in the world. Once there, we realised that while it was the best place to shoot the project, it would also be the most difficult! The air was thin and the temperature was low, but the pictures were great!


Brand: Fastrack

Brand: Fastrack

Brand: Fastrack


Inspiro India: Describe your post-processing work flow and the equipment that you use?

– My equipment depends on the kind of project I am involved with. While shooting sports, I
usually use two 1DXs with a Canon 70-200mm and a Canon 200-400mm mounted in each. It is always a struggle using two heavy systems but I prefer keeping it that way! While shooting fashion, portraits and landscapes, I like to use a Canon 5DS and in lenses, a Zeiss 35mm and 85mm and a Canon 50mm. The standard post-processing work flow is choosing the best photographs from the shoot and proof-reading the images at least twice with two different edits to get the perfect look for the project. Once the look and feel is set right (which is always the toughest and most confusing part), I choose the top 10-15 images from the lot and treat them all accordingly. This is where the artist in you comes to play – not only are you editing the shots, but actually creating the perfect photographs!


Inspiro India: What did you want to become as a child?

– I always wanted to be a traveller. I love meeting new people, seeing new places, experiencing different cultures and cuisines and exposing myself to all sorts of experiences that this world has to offer. The whole thought behind this is to grow as a person, and you can’t really do that if you’re stuck in one place all the time. When you travel a lot, you leave behind a piece of yourself wherever you go and take in a little of the place instead. Luckily for me, my work allows me to travel as much as I want, so I’m happy!


Brand: Nike

Brand: Nike


Inspiro India: What do you enjoy most about being a photographer?

– I don’t just enjoy being a photographer, I love every bit of it! The feel of the equipment between the fingers is something beyond compare. The smell of the studio, the process of developing negatives, the post-processing work, the final image – it’s all a part of the job and I love it. I get to travel, see and work with new faces, visit places and face challenges that I wouldn’t have otherwise faced had I been doing something else. Photography is something so close to me that it has become more of a journey than a profession. A journey that I am proud and happy to embark upon!


Brand: Wildcraft

Brand: Nike

Brand: Nike

©Aniruddha Das


Inspiro India: What advice would the artist inside you like to pass on to our readers?

– Every artist will always tell you to follow your heart, and it is true, however cliché it may sound. You’ll never be fully satisfied if your heart doesn’t get what it wants, so stick with what you do best and follow your dreams. To all inspiring photographers, I would just like to say that it is not the equipment; it is your creativity that matters. You can shoot the most brilliant pictures with a non-professional camera and a mediocre one with the most expensive and professional camera that’s out there. Become one with the equipment and know everything about it, so much so that if someone asks you to open a camera blindfolded, you’d do a marvellous job even at that!



Check out his full feature in January’16 Edition of Inspiro India Magazine issue#24 – Download Free.



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1 March 2017

Blogger of the Week : Tanvi Srivastava

The immense love and support from you ‘Creative Heads’ have been surreal over the past few years. Inspiro India wishes to grow with the growing population of ‘#inspiroindia‘. We’re continuously working to bring great content to anyone and everyone following us on various platforms.

This year we present to you, an all new feature presenting ‘The Blogger of the Week’.


To Tanvi Srivastava, fashion and style come organically. Younger Tanvi always helped her family and friends to figure out what would flatter them and build their respective styles to a much flattering way. She gained a better perspective on style and ventured out of comfort zone during her time at NIFT and still continues to do that after graduation!

Tanvi Srivastava


She now runs her blog ‘TheDuskess‘ spanning over fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle. Tanvi believes in being realistic and flaunts her Indian skin tone with pride. She says most of her audience is aged between 15-35 years old which can get a real and positive image, ideas and inspiration from, TheDuskess’s social media rather than following false masses and popular culture that propagates white skin obsession. She believes in highlighting the Indian skin tone and also does not hide her birth marks which most of the today’s trends force us to. Tanvi says, ‘I’ll never be the one to promote skin lightening products, slimming teas and their likes on my social platforms’.


Her personal style is extremely comfortable, also extremely wearable in Indian diaspora! She likes presenting her audience with practical and functional wardrobe even for public transportation. An avid street style lover, she says street style has massive potential, and it amazes her how individual and subjective it can get!  She hopes to continue to find the drive and courage to experiment with new styles and looks and to always have respect, consideration and appreciation for her audience.



©The Duskess

©The Duskess

©The Duskess

©The Duskess


A year ago, Miss Srivastava discovered Instagram and its amazing capabilities to make her feel more connected to the rich brown skin tones. Only if she had known more realistic and relatable avatars of Sushmita Sen, Bipasha Basu, and Priyanka Chopra to look at and interact with. That’s when the idea of ‘TheDuskess’ came into being.

As a kid, she always related to the duskier celebrities, after being told off by the commercial mass media, and the Indian beauty and fashion industry. She finds immense joy in celebrating all skin colours regardless of brown, black or white. To embrace what we are born with rather than fighting is what made her think of the name ‘TheDuskess’ which certainly rhymes with Duchess! It is a statement of the sort, directed towards anybody who thinks dark skin is pitiful when it is not!


Blogging is not what meets the eye, one must have the skills of photography, picture editing, writing, marketing, public relations and much more.  As a blogger, she has to constantly keep honing all these skills, whilst simultaneously creating content that is real, honest and relatable, says Tanvi. Tanvi uses a Canon Rebel T5i. It offers a great value for money with an ease of self-shooting for her, thanks to the flip-out screen! She also recommends a DSLR with a flip out screen for anybody interested in blogging!


As long as the work is driven by passion, the content one puts out will consistently have creative value and worth says the young blogger. Blogging is the art of infusing your style with your innermost thoughts and feelings, viewing the Blogger status as somewhat of celebrity will get one nowhere believes Tanvi Srivastava. Staying honest and true to the audience whilst liking and replying to their comments is a must. She says, ‘The success of your blog is directly proportional to the strength of your relationship with your readers!’.


©The Duskess

©The Duskess

©The Duskess

©The Duskess

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Blog | Travel

27 February 2017

Traveller of the Week : Ravinder Singh

Meet Ravinder Singh, once a lawyer who devoted his time to working for NGOs in the past is now a full-time traveller. The 29-year-old travels the country without money, his first trip being around 12 years back when he drove from Delhi to Mussoorie on his birthday in a Maruti 800. He loved the air and the people, the excitement behind travelling motivated him to travel even more says Ravinder. His mother initially being hesitant behind the whole idea now understands and accommodates his being.

Ravinder Singh


Ravinder travels solo and also with friends. A spontaneous traveller by heart, Singh chooses to plan his travels well in advance for his photography shots.

He also loves making people, he says ‘I’ve always believed people make places so when I meet them I can see where they are coming from and you can learn so much from them’.

To our amazement, Ravinder has visited every state in the homeland! He says he never travelled abroad because he wanted to see India first. Ticking off all the states on his bucket list, he now plans to travel to Nepal and Bhutan by walking.

Lok Tak Lake, Pangong Tso, Pondicherry, Goa and Jaisalmer make on top of his 5 must visit locations’ list!




The wanderlust soul advises to carry a sleeping bag, camera (any camera for that matter), a good pair of slippers, a sturdy backpack and a good pair of earphones for travelling and staying outdoors.

One lesson Singh has learnt from his travelling expeditions is to not panic and to stay stress-free. Some things are out of control says Ravinder, he has experienced an earthquake in Manipur and was also stuck in Chennai flood. He has also spent days with the Maharashtra drought affected farmers.

The vagabond’s stories don’t end here, he has also been invited by the Tripura’s royal family for dinner when his roommate along with a girl who joined them for dosa, posted a selfie on facebook regarding Ravinder’s moneyless travels. The girl happened to be the sister of the inviter!


Images by ©Ravinder Singh


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Blog | Travel

25 February 2017

Munsiari: the unplumbed bliss by Sachin Chausali

The quote holds all the aesthetic essence of life. Nature has hidden doors for those who yearn to unleash. I started travelling at an early age, given as a present by my defense background which, soon became a hobby. I belong to Uttarakhand and hence love for mountains runs in the blood.  Also, I have a knack of capturing moments through my lenses and showcase it to the world out there. And when these interests united, they brought out the wanderer in me.

My thirst of travelling and capturing the serene beauty led me to the city Munsiari. Munsiari had been lying in my bucket list for a long time and as Christopher McCandless said, “If you want something in life, just reach out and grab it.” I grabbed the opportunity and ticked it off! But it turned out to be more than travelling. I met some of the humblest and welcoming people throughout my journey who helped me in my recce to this beautiful city.

Hidden amidst the clouds and alpine mufflers is the city of Munsiari, also known as “Himnagri” (Himalayan town ) by localites. Munsiari is the name of a small town, a Tehsil and Sub Division in Pithoragarh District, in the hill-state of Uttarakhand, India.

It lies at the base of the Great Himalayan mountain range, at an elevation of about 2,200 m (7,200 ft.) and is a base camp for various treks into the interior of the range.




You can reach the city by two ways from Delhi. You can either take a bus directly from Delhi for Pithoragarh or can travel by train/bus to the same via Haldwani. From Pithoragarh you can find any private transport or cabs for Munsiari.


View of Pithoragarh city from Chandak at Sunset


Albeit travelling on a very tight budget I made sure that the trip still would be as I had planned. I took a bus from Delhi to Pithoragarh at 5 pm, a journey of about 565 km and reached at 1 pm (18-hours journey). I stayed there for 2 days to get concrete information about my destination. On third day, I took a private cab for Munsiari. The 151 km journey was 5 hours long and tiring. But, the pure mountainous beauty accompanying you throughout the journey made those hours much picturesque. The best defined curvy roads that turn steeper along the way, giving an adrenaline rush to your body is simply unexplainable. In Munsiari, I stayed at the hotel ‘Bijlu Inn’ where I had booked a room before leaving from Delhi and relaxed before starting on my excursion next day.


मुनस्यारी लैन मा” – IN MUNSIARI LANES

On reaching Munsiyari after a 72 hour back-breaking journey with breath-taking views all along, Panchchuli peaks greet you invigoratingly. I had heard about the peaks from my family and how magnificent they were!!

Lost in my thoughts while staring at these peaks, I came to a halt only to realise that we had reached my hotel. I asked the hotel staff to enlighten me more about these peaks and they were happy enough to do so.



Panchachuli peaks are a group of five snow-capped Himalayan peaks touching the eastern kumaon region, Munsiyari. And the best part about them is these snow capped mountains are visible from all over the town but the breath-taking beauty can only be witnessed if on a high altitude. Panchchuli – ‘Panch’ means 5 & ‘chuli’ which means the cooking hearths. Mythology states that 5 brothers (The Pandavas) along with their wife Panchali cooked their last meal here before proceeding to the heavenly abode. But after interacting with the hotel staff I got to know that there are several other myths which say that the Pandavas and their wife came to this town via Badrinath. They believe that Lord Shiva (Hindu Mythological god) visited them in this town after which the brothers converted into the 5 high altitude mountains along with their wife who also got converted and stood still with her husbands. People say that the dvapara yug (stages or cycles of world described in Sanskrit scriptures) hasn’t completed yet, after the ongoing kaliyug, the last phase of dvapara yug will occur and the Pandavas will come back to their normal forms.


Panchachuli Ranges


Panchachuli – II

DAY 1.

“Study history, study history. In history lies all the secrets of statecraft.” – Winston Churchill

I wanted to know Munsiari from the scratch, from its dirt to its mountains and the history behind every collection it held. So, on my first day there I started afresh by visiting the Tribal Heritage Museum, a 2 km journey from the city, where I met the founder of the museum, Mr. Sher Singh Pangtey. I interviewed Mr. Pangtey, a retired history professor, built the museum 16 years ago with his sole dedication and hard-work to preserve the culture.

Munsiari, as Pangtey elucidates, was a checkpoint to reach Tibet and Nepal. It was the main trade hub for all sorts of goods starting from rock salt, jaggery, cotton wool to aluminium to motorbikes. Tibet was the main benefiter and year after year the Indian- Tibet relationship grew stronger. East India Company had a major role in uplifting Munsiari as a trade market and saw ways to bring it to the limelight: 1. Education for kids 2. Road to Tibet for trade.

In 1962, when China invaded Tibet the borders were seized and the business of trade barred. So, the government of India provided the people of Munsiari with reservation quotas. This made them leave the city to live a modernized life. Upon realizing the emigrating population and culture loss, he took the initiative and efforts of collecting the artworks and what he thought was a diminishing reflection of their roots.

The museum has a collection of all sorts of jewelries, utensils, dresses and other souvenirs collected by Pangtey himself to preserve the culture. This 2 storied building constructed with ancient techniques has everything from flora and fauna to its history to dance, food and culture. Also, it contains more than 15 books about the town and its culture all written by Pangtey himself.  Nearly after 5 years of retirement and hard work the man was rewarded for his work throughout the nation.

This 2hour interview with Mr. Pangtey left me bewitched and Pangtey showed me around the museum himself. By the end of the day, I had so much respect for the man whose endeavor is highly laudable. After being fed with so much information I couldn’t contain my excitement for the next coming days and the places I was going to visit. My next stop would be Nanda Devi Temple but first I needed sleep.



On my 2nd day there I decided to visit the very famous and most worshiped Goddess temple of Uttarakhand – Nanda Devi temple. Temple is about 2 km from the Munsiari town with scenic landscapes and mesmerising views on the hike to the temple. Luckily I found Mr. Dev Singh Papra, Ex Army person who now takes care of the temple.

On interacting with Mr Dev Singh Papra who is the pujari(Priest) there, I found out some really intriguing information about the place.

As the folklore says, in the 19th century a pujari (Hindu Priest), a devotee of goddess Bhagwati, on the eve of Radha Ashtami couldn’t visit the place, so the goddess asked him to make her a temple on the highest altitude possible.

It was in 1857 the pujari established Nanda devi temple in Munsiari with all the means he had. Back then; its structure and premises weren’t significantly built.

Later in 1944, an ITBP (Indian Tibet border police) soldier Bacchii Ram remodeled and reconstructed the temple. Eventually, the place became more popular.

Due to its scenic beauty and landscape the temple became more of a picnic spot and the negligence in maintenance demolished the pilgrimage.

It was in 2013 Mr. Papra took the responsibility, left his home and stayed in the temple and worshipped the goddess. Mr. Papra renovated the temple and its premises.


Residing in the lap of the mountains this temple had the prettiest view surrounded by lush green mountains behind, snow-capped ones beyond those and meadows and valleys all around, this structure basks in its full glory. The view was enough to have left me hung-over for a thousand days to come. I departed from the place and reached my hotel room at around  15:00 hrs and had lunch as the trek was exhausting.


Nanda Devi Temple


So far so good! The past two days I stayed there I felt at home. With hardly any network available and detached from all the social media nuisance, I felt calm and loved it. After a good breakfast at the hotel I picked up my essentials and left, for I knew the day was going to be long and consuming. Like previous two days, I had my trip planned and agenda set already. I had decided to cover Thamri Kund and Bhirti fall for the day.

I left the hotel at 8 AM, shared a cab from the city and departed. The lake is located around 18 km away from where I was staying which is followed by another 6 km hike from Belati Band (a hanuman temple). I reached the lake at 11:30 AM.

Thamri Kund or Thamri Tal, is situated atop Himalayan city Munsiyari and daubed with alpine trees. Enveloped in layers of clouds, this lake is situated at about 7500ft above the sea level, it is almost magical for a lake to exist at such height. With plethora of cotton candy like clouds covering the lake you can see the Panchchuli peaks through them, like you’re watching them from a window.

There are several beliefs that say the Lake is the home of a Hindu Goddess and shouldn’t be littered, if done so the clouds overspread the whole city and rain heavily. It is also believed that a pair of swans keep the lake untainted and that people who have never been sinful in the past and performed good deeds are lucky enough to see them.

I took some pictures of the place and left for my hotel oblivious of the problem that laid ahead. On my way back I couldn’t find any vehicle or transport going back in the city so I decided on taking a different and small route towards the city by foot. I was back at the hotel by 2 pm when it started raining buckets and I had to work against my schedule and postpone my further plan for the next day.



Thamri Lake

Beautiful Scenic Views on trekking to thamri kund


The petrichor emanating from the earth and a chilly breeze accompanying it, I knew my day would be no less than exhilarating. This time I booked a cab to avoid the problem I faced the day before and also because this one was 22 km long journey. I started from the hotel at 10 AM and reached the destination by 11.15 AM.

This waterfall is a middle ground landmark for Pithoragarh and Munsiari. Located at an appalling height of 400 ft, it can be sighted and heard from a long distance.

The Kalamuni top which is the highest place in Munsiari and this waterfall is situated there. The waterfall eventually meets Gore-Ganga river.

I stayed here for some time, took some pictures and made time lapse and videos. On strolling near the waterfall I found a small tea stall where I had some tea and snacks before making my way back to the hotel.


©Sachin Chausali


On my last day in Munsiari, I decided to treat myself with another scenic view. So, I decided to visit another lake, Maheshwar Kund. Just like Thamri Kund, this small lake has beautiful landscapes. It lies on the route of Thamri Kund but 5 kms from the hotel and another 2 km hike from there.

Known as Maheshar Kund by locals, this place like every other; I visited in Munsiari has a crystal clear view of the Panchachuli peaks; a breath-taking picturesque.

I was back in my room by 1 pm and had a lot of time to spare so I decided to not spend it staying indoors but make the most of it. I drifted off to the Munsiari bazaar in the evening. There I had insightful conversations with few residents who told me that Munsiari is the base for Kailash Mansarovar. Also, it is the main route of Milan, Nilam and Ralam glaciers and all excursionists and trekkers follow the route. Moreover, Nanda devi and Nanda Devi Kot routes also include Munsiari. Also, that during winters this place receives 8 ft. snowfall every year and that is why people move to the valleys during winters and come back to their houses in summers.

After strolling through the streets for good 40 minutes I decide to head back to the hotel and rest for a while in peace, consuming the reality of a 6 day stay at a destination I always wanted to be at and finally ticking it off of my bucket list.




September – November is the perfect time to visit this heavenly abode. For all the adventure junkies out there lurking for adventure sports like paragliding, skiing and a relaxed vacation, Munsiari is just the place you want to be on your vacations.




“pahaad aur pahaad -phir ghataatop”

Translation- “mountains behind mountains yet more mountains- then haze beyond”

This one haiku always tempts me to find more such places, discover them, know their stories and paint it out for the unknown world out there. It has been a terrific experience spending ample time at such a beautiful place and knowing the stories of people and places. And hence I rightfully call this as Nirvana abode. Let’s explore and evolve ourselves in these places!

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23 February 2017

Interview with Illustrator: Ajayan Chalissery

Ajayan Chalissery belongs to an artist family. Born to a freelance artist, he was greatly inspired by his father’s board paintings and other artworks. With a clear imagery in mind, Ajayan enrolled in a Fine Arts College and got various opportunities to attend art exhibitions and drawing camps.


Ajayan Chalissery


Inspiro India: How would you best describe your style of illustration? And the challenges you faced as an artist/illustrator?

– I think I didn’t face much challenges. Anyway, getting into the field of art was a little bit difficult for me until I was published in public. Once you get published, you would get the work similar to that. I prefer to draw all the details of the object. I keep different styles of different work. I can’t follow the same style for different works. It depends on requirements of clients and situation.

I consider the nature of the audience who wants to see my work.


Inspiro India: What are the tools you couldn’t live without? Can you please explain about your work process?

– Now, I can’t live without all the tools like brush paints etc. I don’t use technology much. First, if I get an idea about something,

I visualise it clearly. I State it first, and I explain it to myself second, and I elaborate it to the maximum and start drawing.



Inspiro India: Is studying illustration in college worth the cost or do you recommend an alternative?

– Studying in fine arts college is way better than any other alternative in field of art. If we study in an art college, we get a lot of opportunities to meet different kinds of artist from all around the world and we get many chances to attend art exhibitions. We get chances to exhibit our work to the great artists in the same field. I don’t see any other alternative for this.


Inspiro India: Can you explain a little about Detailing in your illustrations?

– First, I draw only the form of the object. After that when I indulge myself into the art, all the details come automatically. I think it happens because of my experience and my observation on life around us.



Inspiro India: What did you want to become as a child?

– I didn’t have any aim in my childhood. I was interested in drawing. I automatically became an artist. Perhaps, it was my destiny.


Inspiro India: As you work with film industry, Can you tell us about your journey in film industry as an illustrator?

– I told you basically I am artist. I had so many friends in the field of cinema. They used to call me to help them in their projects. It widened my friend circle in film field with directors, script writers and producers. They started calling me to handle their project independently. Now, I have done a lot of films as art director in malayalam and have worked as Assistant Art Director in many films in Bollywood and Kollywood.



Inspiro India: What are you passionate about besides your work?

– Watching films and studying about them.









©Ajayan Chalissery

Inspiro India: What advice would you as an artist give to other creative heads out there? And Some creative tips you’d like to share?

– Be passionate about your work. See life around you from all perspectives. Draw, draw and draw. You will reach where you want to.


Check out his full feature in June’16 Edition of Inspiro India Magazine issue#29 – Download Free.



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22 February 2017

Blogger of the Week : Devesh Baheti

The immense love and support from you ‘Creative Heads’ have been surreal over the past few years. Inspiro India wishes to grow with the growing population of ‘#inspiroindia‘. We’re continuously working to bring great content to anyone and everyone following us on various platforms.

This February we present to you, an all new feature presenting ‘The Blogger of the Week’.


An aeronautical engineer by the day, 22-year-old Devesh Baheti jokes how he saves the world at night with fashion blogging! Born and brought up in Hyderabad, Devesh believes to make the best lemonade possible when life throws lemons at you, both sour and sweet. He describes himself to be neither carefree nor distressed which is clearly visible in his Instagram handle (_thenakedsoul_) of choice!

Devesh “TNS” Baheti


The blog, ‘The Naked Soul’ is primarily based on lifestyle and fashion which whirls around charismatic stories and sagas of couture, clothes and costumes. To him, it’s a platform and a diary where he can talk about the things he loves with utmost passion and a tongue in cheek attitude! The blog quickly escalated after having successfully created a niche for itself in three years on Instagram.


Baheti is true to his style and proves to be hundred percent authentic to its syntax. Where his fellow bloggers are already turning out to be huge media influencers, he feels his blog doesn’t hold the burden of any influence or sponsorship. He’d rather focus on his niche of being a lifestyle blogger and curate stories that are directed towards the audience than cover an event that’s off topic and off-brand as an influencer. The stories and words penned by him on the website are true to his individual work and devoid of pressure. Devesh proudly believes in quality over quantity, for sure.


Greatly fascinated by someone who is opinionated, he respects the fact that someone constructively and creatively creates an outlet to vent and pen his or her thoughts through blogging. The personality and creativity can be morphed into so many different things which are endearing, exciting and intimidating, gets him. The inspiration to start blogging came naturally and also to have a proper platform like Instagram to showcase what he loves.


His journey started when he was introduced to Instagram by his brother. Being a ‘Waldorf school’ graduate, the impeccable blogger was an avid journal keeper. The ‘valencia’ filter was the only thing that intrigued him on Instagram. An eventual random post of an excerpt from his diary ended up being well received and liked by the community. It resonated a lot of fellow photographers, artists, bloggers and liked minded humans to his drool-worthy Instagram Feed!


This brings us to the style aspect of The Naked Soul’. Devesh says, ‘style to me is not what you wear, it’s how you wear something. Confidence is my style’. A mix of sophisticated and a little hipster-inspired he uses the word ‘schizophrenic’, in the sense it keeps changing with his mood.

From a high-end sharp fitted suit to rocking just a basic white tee, he doesn’t want to be limited to any one style. He steers clear of trends and strongly believes in being comfortable and glamorous at the same time! Nevertheless, he says his style is still evolving.



©The Naked Soul

©The Naked Soul

©The Naked Soul

©The Naked Soul


On talking about the general take on people about blogging, he says it is sad that it is not taken seriously, perhaps because of the frivolous and glamorous tag it comes with. Intrigued with goodies and the photo shoots, people are unaware that it’s a full-time job. A blogger is a self-employed entrepreneur and a content creator in terms of working with brands. The photo shoots and location choices are not mere fun but a content creation based digital business, says Baheti. Half-hearted blogging and doing sponsored post doesn’t make one a blogger, according to him proper time and mind investment is the key to blogging!


The story behind the blog name is always a fun thing to know. When asked what made him stick to the blog name ‘The Naked Soul’, the engineer remembered when he was once on a call with his best friend. Wanting to change his Instagram handle to something fancier, he ended up debating for hours into the night. He says he wanted something which made him feel empowered as well as vulnerable at the same time! Hence, The Naked Soul was born.


The Naked Soul caters to an audience of teenagers to 20-23-year-olds from countries like India, US, UK and even European countries. Since the niche is pretty young and majorly targeted towards the Fashion Conscious, he does have a pretty solid reach with the older age group in the middle eastern countries which is surprising because he has personally never thought about someone older to him in Abu Dhabi wanting to read his fashion-oriented content. To our amazement, ‘The Naked Soul’ collectively sees a traffic of around 6,000-10,000 clicks on the website each month!


Baheti usually gets clicked by his friends Abhishek, Arpita and Shreya with equipment such as a Canon 1200D, Canon 5D Mark III, and a Canon 650D respectively. 50mm and the 35mm are his preferred lenses.

As for the future, he wishes his plans are a gift to him and that he is totally ‘worthy of’ and ready for them!


On asking him what he’d like to advise the readers and future bloggers, he says, ‘Just start!’. He thinks everything and everyone has become brand oriented, people who start blogging about a month or two ago, want to see results in forms of affiliate programmes, collaborations, VIP event passes and 1000’s of Instagram followers which sadly doesn’t happen overnight. In the process of branding, marketing and positioning oneself as a blogger, people forget to roll out good content.

Devesh Baheti also stresses on the fact that in the midst of brand deals, a blogger will end up being manipulated, mistreated or misunderstood as well. The key to starting a blog and be successful at is to be sincere, real and passionate!

‘One shall also voice his or her opinion but never let the naysayers’ deject you!’ says Baheti.


©The Naked Soul

©The Naked Soul

©The Naked Soul

©The Naked Soul

Follow Devesh: Website | Instagram


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20 February 2017

iidailyinspiration #110

Featuring series of inspiring images by creative heads from all over the world everyday as ‘iidailyinspiration’.

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Featuring series of inspiring images by creative heads from all over the world everyday as iidailyinspiration’.

To contribute, send your work at info@inspiroindia.com along with subject: ‘iidailyinspiration’, your name and location.

Eg. Subject:- iidailyinspiration+name+location


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