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29 November 2017

Blogger of the Week: Charuta Arvind Yadav

Charuta Arvind Yadav is the Founder and Creative Head of art inspired, experimental fashion, DIY (do it yourself), travel and lifestyle blog named ‘Moda Yalda’. A masters degree holder in technology in Genetic Engineering, Charuta blogs about wearable art, street style and has recently started sharing her travel experiences via blogging.


A blog free of following set patterns or trends, the blogger always adds a personal touch to her blogs. ‘I would not force trends or brands down your feed. I have a strong voice and I believe in what I say and that’s very important otherwise you just become a part of the herd’, says Yadav.


Charuta Arvind Yadav


Her blog name, ‘Moda’ is derived from Spanish meaning ‘Fashion’ and Hebrew word “Yalda’ which means ‘Daughter/Birth’ which ultimately translates into ‘fashion’s birth or fashion’s daughter’ in English!


A fashion bipolar, she does not have a tedious approach to style. Experimental by nature, Charuta wants to try everything and wear everything that makes her feel good without caring about the rules. ‘I do love vintage finds and statement pieces’, mentions the blogger.


Greatly inspired by art, travel and people, the engineer started her blog 3 years back. With an idea to document her personal style, she started wearing self-designed hand painted clothes turning it into a visual diary. Charuta uses a Nikon D5100 for her artistic pictures.


Blogging is much more, to have a voice of your own is one such thing she believes in. To create content of which one is proud of, something that is cohesive with one’s vision should be a top priority when it comes to blogging. The blog (website) should be the main focus. She says, ‘social media apps like Instagram and Facebook come and go and they are just extensions where you share your work, your blog is your work’.


The blogger feels blessed to have a mature audience that understands the work she does. They also have the capability to appreciate her love for art based blog posts. She wishes to continue her blogging journey and give more time to her personal brand ‘Adagio’ in the future.


She advises our readers to not worry about trends or rules when it comes to fashion or style. If you like it, wear it – is her motto when it comes to blogging.

She also shares her tips for new bloggers or someone who’d like to start blogging. Number one, be original. She stresses newbies to have their own voice and to stand true to their vision. Last but not the least, blogging shall never be started because of perks or sheer excitement one has out of fancying a particular blogger’s style! ‘Because to be honest, the perks do not even suffice for the hard work you put in’, she says.

Words by Harpreet
©Charuta Arvind Yadav

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