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26 January 2018

Creative Head of the Week: Chandni Dua

Chandni Dua started out by enrolling in an art college for animation but later discovered her love for photography through a couple of teachers who were photographers themselves.

She was drawn to the idea of requiring no books for the task, editing her personal pictures and ultimately trying to learn how to click a better photograph in the first try!


Chandni initially used to have fun and was obsessed with her camera, carrying out both paid and unpaid jobs and never really giving it a serious thought!

Once out of college, Dua started taking photography earnestly by taking her own pictures, communicating through self-portraits!


With composition and technicalities in mind, Dua feels it’s the emotions that matter the most. She makes sure her snaps breathe the emotion even though they’re badly composed or even at the worst location or scenario.



Chandni Dua


A huge attention is given to the lighting, angles and highlighting the object she wants to show. Natural light loves Chandni’s attention and she refuses not to experiment with it!


Currently inspired by Nirrimi and since many years, Chandni does 3-4 edits according to how the mood for the picture was initially planned!


Dua remembers to be once addicted to Adobe Photoshop. She started with editing before photography, her advancing editing skills got her to love and get into photography.


Her recent venture into wedding photography has seen about 90% use of Adobe Lightroom and the rest in Adobe Photoshop. She also captures photographs from her phone and makes the use of VSCO app regularly.


Photographing and executing her ideas on her sister and friends, basically everyone when she’s travelling is what she loves doing the most. Endless hours of shooting in the hills or places with huge trees and vastness are what makes her happy!

Other than that, a person with an interesting face and bold expressions never fails to impress Chandni Dua.


A typical day in the photographer’s life consists of researching and executing ideas every week by collaborating with various artists in the city! If not that, her evenings are spent by exploring new places with food!


In her opinion, anyone who is into photography shall keep experimenting on something they took inspiration from.

She never replicates anyone and advises the same!

She feels it’ll never satisfy the inner artist which also happens to be her long kept secret!

Words by Harpreet


Images by ©Chandni Dua

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