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15 February 2018

Interview with Photographer: Siddhartha Joshi

Meet Siddhartha, an Industrial Designer by profession and a full-time traveller and photographer. 

Siddhartha Joshi


Inspiro India: Tell us something about yourself and how did you start creating?

Siddhartha Joshi: I am an Industrial Designer, travel blogger and a photographer, pretty much in that order. I guess I started my creative journey from the time I started my master’s education in Design from NID, and have since expanded beyond products to many other things like writing, visual storytelling and so on.


Inspiro India: Can you talk a bit about your travel shots and way of working?

SJ: I rarely plan for my shots, and depend on a lot of spontaneity. This doesn’t always work, but I enjoy working this way more. I rarely, if ever, take stress while taking pictures, and if they don’t work out as I would like them to, I focus on other aspects of travel – interviewing people, explore hidden experiences and so on.


Tram in Helsinki


Inspiro India: Did you face any problem while pursuing this field? How satisfied do you feel after working in this field?

SJ: The only problem I face is the lack of time. There is way more work available than what I can possibly take up, especially with a full-time design job.


Inspiro India: Which genre of photography interests you the most and why? What are your top three favourite photography locations?

SJ: I like street photography the most, followed closely by travel photography. I love clicking people in their natural states, so both these styles work well for me.


Favourite locations – streets of any town or city, Kashmir and street processions.


Inspiro India: If not this, what would have Siddhartha been doing?

SJ: I guess I would pursue some other creative field, maybe write full time.



Inspiro India: How would you describe your photography style?

SJ: I think it’s very mixed, I try and expand my area of interest all the time. Especially when you travel, there is always a need to learn something new and I really like that.


Inspiro India: What did you want to become as a child? What dream is still on your bucket list?

SJ: I wanted to be a scientist as a kid, a physicist to be precise. It’s no longer my dream but I would like to take up research projects in future.


Inspiro India: Out of all the photographs you have ever taken, which is your favourite and why?

SJ: I am yet to take a picture that I can call my all time favourite. I think I am still a few years away from it.



Inspiro India: Describe your post-processing workflow? What camera do you shoot with? Your favourite lenses or any other equipment, if any?

SJ: I shoot with Canon 6D, and sometimes a GoPro Hero 4, and my favourite lens is a 50mm prime lens. I also use a 24-105mm lens, especially for travel photography.


As for post-processing, I don’t really have a standard workflow. I don’t use Lightroom (yet) and edit with Camera Raw and a bit on photoshop.

Lapland in Finland

Bikaner streets


A migrant in Dubai

Dera market Dubai

Burj Khalifa

Porvoo village in Finland

Photos by ©Siddhartha Joshi


Inspiro India: What advice would the photographer inside you like to pass on to our readers?

SJ: Click, observe, click, observe and repeat. Also, identify what is it that you like in the pictures that you like.


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14 February 2018

Blogger of the Week: Dhwani Kathotia

Dhwani Kathotia is a fashion blogger, stylist, fashion consultant and visual artist in progress who overthinks like there’s no tomorrow. The blog which started out as a personal style blog has now shaped her into exploring more.


A creative canvas, her blog, she discovers conceptual art and storytelling through fashion. Each post has a concept behind it and the imagery used has a certain mood that goes with the concept. It’s not restricted to fashion but covers the entire story.


Dhwani Kathotia


Her online journal stands out from the rest as she does not stick to any rules or norms related to blogging. She wishes to delve into creative freedom! Dhwani and her audience find themselves resonating with the aspects of fashion explored through the blog. Defining one’s own style is different from merely following fashion trends. Her blog, ‘My Little Cupboard‘ is a fragment that expresses her unique style statement which she curates through separate creative pieces in a slow, sustainable manner. It’s about creating a look out of what one already possesses. It is also about utilizing all one has in numerous ways. Above all, it’s about creating a new story with every new post.


The blogger’s style statement, if she had to use only one piece of clothing to describe it, would be a plain white t-shirt, basic yet multi-functional! She likes to wear a lot of white and solid muted tones, oversized silhouettes and is most comfortable in wearing any clothing item basic in structure, fuss-free at the same time.


She believes that a slow and steady introspection is needed to find true inspiration. Over the last year, she focused on stealing some “me-time” from her busy routine and allocating specific hours to reading books, observing and absorbing everything around. It’ll surprise one to know how minimal our engagement with our surroundings is, she says. She has come up with the idea of giving herself a creative hour every week- an hour to cut off from everything around and spend time either experimenting with her camera or flipping through a coffee table book- no planned routine, but going with the flow. Her work is now inspired by recollections of jumbled pieces from everything around.


‘My Little Cupboard’ started as an experiment around 5 to 6 years ago. As someone who was (and probably still is) anxious about public speaking, the blog became the mouthpiece for her expressions (where the initial posts consisted of nose down pictures!) It began as a fashion experimenting platform where she mixed and matched clothes out of her closet which she hadn’t worn in a while. Dhwani cleaned her closet and dug out abandoned clothes! She tried to utilize all of it by styling in a unique way so that she didn’t have to discard them. This is how she found the appropriate title ‘My Little Cupboard”


Dhwani feels that blogging is a method of self-expression. In the contemporary scenario, blogging has become an established industry with certain norms and well-known brands and we agree! But if you take away the glamour and branding attached to it, she feels blogging is all about expressing oneself through any medium preferable to the person concerned-photography, clothing or even poetry.



Not having a concrete bigger picture for the blog means that there’s room for more creativity and experimenting. If there’s something to look forward to, it is her website which will soon feature all her styling and creative direction work form the last year along with her personal blog posts.


She collaborates with a bunch of photographers from Bangalore and hence the cameras used differ with every post. She shares valuable advice for people who wish to explore the world of blogging and has two crucial tips for them:

1.  Don’t get caught up in blindly following the trends. Blogging isn’t about rat race to top the ladder of trends or posting online only to gain popularity. Create a style that symbolises YOU.

2. Experiment, push your boundaries and never stop creating.

Words by Laveena Behl


©Dhwani Kathotia

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7 February 2018

Blogger of the Week: Sayanti Mahapatra

Sayanti Mahapatra is a 20-year-old student pursuing fashion communication, who has a quirky dream of possessing a huge closet of sneakers, the work is still in progress.  She has interned and worked as a fashion creator with seldom styling work in between. She currently works as a Content Partner and runs a blog of her own!

She has Bengali roots which are a primary reason for her love for art and aesthetics. She had no need to take any tuitions for art because she had a mentor at her home- her mother. Her mom infused basic principles in Sayanti which paved a way to develop her own peculiar interests. The passion to work in this is why she ignored the idea of attempting entrance exams for engineering after her school. Hailing from a legacy of engineers, swapping of careers wasn’t a piece of cake, but it all turned out to be positive eventually.


Sayanti Mahapatra


She primarily started her blog to showcase her personal style, her love for art, sneakers and basic clothes but it has developed into something more. It has transformed into an interactive platform where she is ever ready to take up different challenges that her audience wants. More than representing her personal style, she loves to curate the content for her readers. She also initiates soulful conversations.


Her blog stands unique because all the fashion tips and tricks that she shares in her posts are inclined towards spreading body acceptance and self-love. “There’s no way to feel beautiful if you aren’t in love with yourself, or you aren’t embracing your flaws because that makes you, you”, she says! Her blog shares her personal experiences as an overweight kid who was often mocked down, the starvation she donned upon herself in lieu of cutting down calories. Working out to stay fit is reasonable, starving to death isn’t. It took a lot of time to accept her own natural self and feel grateful for her talents. She had no one to boost her with confidence and that it’s perfectly normal to wear shorts even if one has cellulite thighs. This is the self-confidence she wishes to instil in the female audience that they deserve all the love and respect for who they are. And this what makes her blog different from other blogs


There’s no symbolic style of her own. She tries to experiment a lot, from bohemian to laid back to traditional Indian! From Gucci to Sarojini, from French girl to Frida Kahlo she admires every style. She likes to stay versatile but denim on denim look is what wins over others in her case. She loves how basic and yet unique that outlook can be.

The inspiration for Sayanti comes mostly from the streets. But she also likes to follow different celebrity bloggers like Audrey Hepburn, Victoria Beckham, Chiara Ferragni, Santoshi Shetty, Masoom Minawala etc. Everyday style is still what arouses interest in her. Metros, street markets and even at times people I come across in my society’s elevator are the glimpses that serve as inspiration.

She started with microblogging around May 2016 but she had so much to put out in front of the world. Hence in July 2017, she began her own website while she was working with other different websites. One of her articles went viral which paved her way for an offer from UC News to become its Content Partner. This is when she decided to take up her own blog-something that defines and designs her niche. She recalls an incident which gave her thought of starting her own blog an affirmation. Once she came across a girl in a metro who walked up to her to compliment her outfit and wished to know where did she purchase the outfit from and if she runs a blog to provide fashion tips and tricks. She revealed that she has no blog of her own to which the girl replied that she must start one soon. And that’s how Sayanti got the work for her blog started!


Blogging for Sayanti is an escape, a stress buster. Over a period of two years of reading, writing and creating content, the blogging process has become a part of her life. It makes her feel empty without getting engaged with her blog even for a day, and she admits that she prefers to remain occupied with work because that makes her feel happy and content. According to her, blogging should help you connect with people and not add to the burden of your daily life. It should be something that relieves you of your stress and not adds to your existing anxieties.

Her only requirement while deciding a suitable blog name was to add the word “Basic” in it since her styling is about incorporating basic things to come up with a stylish outfit like she came up with 10 styles with a simple white shirt. But she couldn’t come up with something catchy. One day she and her sister were brainstorming, and her sister pointed out that she does everything in excess since she was binge-watching and eating, and Voila! It clicked for her that she binges on particular stuff, for example, wearing a pair of denim jeans for 5 days continuously. And hence she came up with the name “Binge on Basics”.


Her audience consists of mostly women with age range of 15-26 years old and who are fashion oriented and love to interact along with continuing her work on her blog, which is her foremost love. Sayanti wishes to pursue styling as a career in future.
 She uses a Sony Alpha 58 to click pictures and at times iPhone for a grainy and vintage effect, which is her current favourite.


Sayanti extends her gratitude to all the readers because she feels that bloggers are nothing without their dedicated audience, and all the hard work they do is for them. She feels great to know that people admire her work. And hence she wants her audience to reach her out because the community would always be happy to help them in any manner.
For someone who wants to start blogging, she urges them to just make the move without much thought. Passion is all it takes. All the doubts will fade away sooner or later and things will be figured out slowly and steadily, but kick-starting the project is the most crucial step. One should not expect to unravel it all before actually beginning it. The other important thing to follow is originality. ‘Find your own style, make your own statement’ is the ultimate mantra. Whatever you intend to serve to your audience, it should carry the flavour of authenticity.

Words by Laveena Behl


©Sayanti Mahapatra

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24 January 2018

Blogger of the Week: Ramandeep Kaur

An Engineering graduate, Ramandeep Kaur worked in some of the top MNCs in India for 6 years until last year when she moved to the UK with her husband. Having managed her day job and blog together for 3 years, last year she decided to take up blogging full-time. Besides blogging, she loves to dance and travel as well as enjoys reading inspirational stories about successful people as it fills her with positive energy.


Hues of Me” as the name suggests, is her personal online journal where one can find stories about fashion, beauty and travel aiming to inspire every woman around the world reading it. With a strong desire to create and serve relatable quality content, she thrives to put up articles that are visually appealing and aspirational for her readers.


Ramandeep Kaur


Ramandeep has been blogging for 4 years now and ardently believes that every blog has a unique essence. Since she has a personal blog, everything that goes with it is unique as well as personal to her.


Inspired by real-time success stories of people in her field of interest, reading about their journies inspired her to reach where they are today. Also, getting appreciated for her work inspires her to keep doing what she loves.


She started her blog in 2014 as an online space where she could articulate things that she loved. She was reading a lot of blogs around that time and felt that starting her own blog was a perfect way to feed her creative soul. It started off as a hobby and now is her profession.


Her style constantly evolves but she calls it comfortable chic. She loves to refresh her wardrobe with latest trends but prefers to keep her classics too. Kaur believes investing in classic pieces like accessories or handbags to be the best style advice one can get. She believes that fashion is a lifestyle and how one dresses on a daily basis while running errands or chores defines their personal style.


Blogging to her is about sharing independent views with her readers on any given subject without being biased. It is a platform where she can reach out to many people around the world as well as connect with them on a personal level. According to her, this is the most amazing aspect of blogging.


She started out with a different blog name and later changed it to “Hues of Me”. She wanted a name that resonated with her work on the blog in terms of content and her personality and “Hues of Me” was a perfect fit. Majority of her readers are in India but she also gets views from UK and US. Now that she is fully dedicated to her blog, she has some big plans for it and wishes to come to India soon. She wants to concentrate on creating good quality content that her readers can relate to and get inspired by. She wishes to work on some dream collaborations this year and knows that it would involve a lot of hard work, but she feels ready to put her best foot forward. She is also planning to spend more time on her own YouTube channel in order to connect with a wider audience through it.


She uses a Canon 1200D DSLR camera with a basic kit lens and a 50mm prime lens. All her pictures are clicked using the same camera or her iPhone.


For someone who wants to start blogging, Ramandeep advises one to work hard, not succumb to the numbers or worry about what others are doing. She feels that one should always carve his or her own niche and stay true to oneself.

Words by Laveena Behl


©Ramandeep Kaur

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17 January 2018

Blogger of the Week: Shivangi Lahoty

Shivangi Lahoty is a full-time fashion designer, fashion blogger and off-lately a Youtuber as well. An award-winning graduate from NIFT Mumbai and FIT New York, her blog “With Love Inaaya” is a personal styling space where she articulates what does and doesn’t work for her in fashion. It is centred around fashion along with a little bit of everything else that comes with it. Through her reach, time and again, she attempts to address some important issues most millennials face.


The unique feature of her blog, she believes is in creating content that she herself would like to read and the products she would find comfortable to use, hence putting herself in the shoes of her followers. Unlike most blogs featuring everything that comes their way, she prefers personal screening before publishing anything. Each outfit or look is created with the utmost detail, keeping in mind that her audience includes working women who won’t doll-up to work every day but need daily fashion ideas to use their existing wardrobe as a resource, mixing and matching it to up their fashion game.



Shivangi Lahoty


She has been using her blog to address some bigger issues in the last few years, namely depression, self-doubt, self-love and body image issues. These are the issues all of us fight inside our heads but accepting them is tough. When you have someone you follow or like discusses these issues in an open space, you realise everyone is vulnerable and hence you can find a recluse in the other person, she says. This makes you shed your inhibitions and talk. Being a NIFT alumni, she has recently started a segment called “Weekend Fashion Classes with Shivangi” where she addresses students’ queries about NIFT and fashion education. This adds a touch of educational and professional aid to her blog as well.


Her style statement is largely inspired by her Maa, as she has grown up watching the way she dresses up in a starched cotton saree worn in a prim and proper way daily. She’d sometimes tie a scarf around her hair when they went out, or put on a pair of Mommy jeans and team it with a button-down shirt if vacationing. Over the years she has realised her knack for all things vintage and retro, a style influenced by her mom, nothing maker her happier! She likes to dress gracefully, a saree or a skirt, she gives it a retro twist!


She loves Jenny Cipoletti when it comes to blogging, for effortless style and Tara Milk Tea for her beautiful Instagram feed. In her life, it is her mother who is her biggest inspiration. A major encouraging and driving force is the need to create and innovate various styles.

She began with creating content in 2011, but her full-fledged fashion blog came into existence in 2015. She was then involved in a research on the ‘Rise of Fashion Bloggers’ for her college and she interviewed Bryan Boy, Tavi Gevinson, Aayushi Bangur, Gia as well as some other fashion influencers. Two months of research and she knew she wanted to do this. It may sound unbelievable but Shivangi had a lot of body image issues and she had built herself over the years to the persona she is today. Once unsure about putting herself out there for the world to criticize, in 2015 she began her journey of blogging.


For Lahoty, blogging is a beautiful way to meet new people and reach out to a larger audience with your style and more. She runs a full-time fashion label: Inaaya & Co. It gets exhausting at times: managing all the bills, the tailors, the embroiderers etc. “Honestly, blogging is my escapade”, she mentions. It is therapeutic. Creating different style looks and answering questions for teenagers who want to pursue a career in designing or women who want recipes of dishes she posts pictures of online makes her happy!


Her blog name ‘Inaaya’ is her pseudonym. As she mentioned earlier, she was quite sceptical about putting herself out in the world of social media in the past hence she used ‘Inaaya’ as her disguise, which made her feel secured yet confident. She believes there’s an ‘Inaaya’ in all of us, a side which we are hesitant to show to the world. With her blog, the idea was to basically embrace her other side. She has myriad of age-range in her audience, but mostly, she has a generous number of working women looking at someone making their lives easier by helping them decode wearable looks. A huge number of young followers who follow her due to her academic background from NIFT and FIT and also thanks to all the sessions at Fashion Colleges in the past year and her YouTube channel. She also has a section of women in her audience who follow her for her Indian aesthetic towards fashion – a more sustainable approach.

She is admirable of how ‘Inaaya’ has grown in the last couple of years and the small community she has built along with her followers. In her future, she wishes to focus more on the fashion educational segment.


For vlogging, she uses a Canon G7X Mark II and for blogging her photographer has a Canon Mark D IV. For pictures on her Instagram feed, she puts her iPhone 7 to use.

As a blogger, she wants the audience to know that ‘the picture perfect 9×9 grid’ is not a reality so one must not feel pressurized to maintain a socially acceptable persona. One should love oneself, embrace their body for what it is and not let apparent ‘social media standards of beauty’ pull them down.

She asks the aspiring bloggers to do what makes them happy and do not let other people’s work affect their growth.

Words by Laveena Behl
©Shivangi Lahoty

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10 January 2018

Blogger of the Week: Vinitha Shetty

Vinitha Shetty is a blogger, stylist and a production manager. An all-rounder, ‘Beingnita’ is a blog about a girl next door’s journey which strives on figuring out latest trends. The idea behind the blog is to have an individual style intact. She features high street, affordable luxury and even thrift buys giving rise to an array of personal style for a perfect look.


Vinitha’s blog is not your average blog, she says she does not see people accepting their flaws that often. Shetty adds, ‘I see it in their style, but they seem to not mention why or how they chose their outfit’. This is where she stands out from the crowd and does things differently. She makes each outfit a step-by-step!


The blogger prefers to dress comfortably with a touch of modern and desi styling. She features clothes that suit her the best irrespective of trends and adds her own touch to the outfit.

Mood, as well as her current weight, is her primary source of inspiration when it comes to fashion and style. Apart from that, she loves stalking other bloggers and their take on fashion.


A plethora of picture-perfect bloggers, with great skin and perfect body, made her want to start her own blog. She also wanted to represent women with different body types and skin tones.


Vinitha Shetty


Vinitha Shetty believes blogging is a great way for people who are invested in fashion to engage with those who do not take it as a full-time job and would find it helpful in terms of latest trends in the fashion world. ‘I think blogging is a huge responsibility as you want to give your end user the ultimate source of information’, mentions the blogger.


Being Nita is a variation of her name, the blog intends to show her audience a different side of her. A reform of herself – ‘Nita’

Beingnita’s audience is varied and consists of a majority of 16-year-olds looking for latest fashion ideas. Women in their mid-twenties look for relatable stories to read whereas women in their late twenties hunt for sustainable fashion via her blog!


The multifaceted blogger would like to venture out into making more videos in the near future. She uses a Canon 700D with a 50mm lens for her pictures.


Vinitha says, ‘If you like it, wear it. Trends and fashion faux pas are not the law!’ Someone who’d like to start blogging or is new to blogging, being true to oneself is a must. The ultimate point of blogging should be to portray one’s true version and not a make-believe persona!

Words by Harpreet
©Vinitha Shetty

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3 January 2018

Blogger of the Week: Samee Taskin

Hailing from North-East India, Samee Taskin feels that fashion and style have always been in her living roots. She mentions a memory of her mother making her wear a “skort” (skirt+shorts) for her uncle’s wedding when she was 5 years old. Her style has evolved through years along with influences from various fashion trends. Her primary education was done in Assam and she graduated in B.Tech in Manipal, Sikkim. She shares her love for cooking through her social handle dedicated to food (@themidmess).


Apart from that, her other likes are photography and books. She is a tea-holic and a minimalist at heart. Her blog “Sassy and Classy” is about fashion and Lifestyle. She doesn’t wish to limit herself to a single genre. She likes to blog about anything that grabs her interest, for example, she did a blog post on how to plan your Instagram handle, because she feels it is an important task if we wish to present it as our portfolio. Samee thinks that being unique in a crowded niche is not easy. She mentions, “While there may be a lot of other blogs that cover similar topics as my blog, I try to take advantage of my strength and experiences to help make my blog stand out. I try not to publish all the same types of content. Minimalism is my forte! Be it in fashion or lifestyle.” She also documents post-travel diaries and food recipes along with my other blogs.
Since she is fond of minimalism, it is her definitive style. She shares
 “I like anything and everything minimal and simple. I believe less is more and that’s what I go about when I do any styling or buy any home décor. I am fond of earthy tones because of the warm vibes. As for colour palette, I like coral colours and the hue ‘Fall’ is my latest favourite. Casual, Basic and Minimal is what I would describe my style as.”


She draws inspiration from current situations, mood or colour palette. The mundane life is where she drives her interest from. Social Media, according to her, is a great platform to get many inspirations from. Her blog came into being on one quiet evening of May 2016. She shares the anxiety she felt at that moment, “Everything about blogging seemed so daunting to me, uploading pictures, being consistent, having a catchy name etc. I have been really interested in blogging since the time I discovered the blogging community back in 2010 where I use to see my sister blogging. I thought I would create a little corner for myself in the world of Internet and share my interests.”



Samee Taskin


The significance of Blogging varies from person to person. It has been a year of blogging for her and yet she feels she’s naive at it. Blogging is not a piece of cake, it needs consistent work and a lot of patience. Blogging does not mean mere posting articles online. The main motive of blogging is sharing. For Samee, it does not matter how you share your knowledge and content with people, but the presentation is attractive and comprehensible.  She shares her anecdote about her blog’s name, “I have a penchant for classic as well as quirky. I think every person has both these sides, hence I chose ‘Sassy and Classy’ as the blog title.”  Her audience comprises mostly of youth from all across the globe. She aims to reach out to everyone. Her future plans include various collaborations and paid sponsors as an influencer and creator. Social Media plays an important role in this. She would love to create a YouTube channel, but that plan is still in pipeline.  She uses Canon 500D for her digital pictures but iPhone does a very good job, especially in portrait mode. She does a major chunk of iPhone photography as well. Yashica is reserved for print photography. She feels “Camera is just a tool, it doesn’t actually matter what camera we use to click amazing photos”.


One advice the blogger inside her would like to pass on to the readers is if someone wants to start blogging, just go for it. There will be lots of ifs and buts, which will be there always, so instead of speculating, jump into the sphere and experience it yourself. Her tip for other bloggers is “make mistakes if you can and then learn from them. Experience is the best teacher.”

Words by Laveena Behl
Images by ©Samee Taskin

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20 December 2017

Blogger of the Week: Shruti

Shruti is a 29-year-old multi-tasker, who efficiently juggles her life with a 2 and a half year long marriage, her work profile of a UI/UX designer and a blog. She has planned to come up with her online store of curated vintage inspired clothes. She is an ardent vintage lover. Film photography, yoga, classic rock music and clothes are among her other favourites.

Her blog is about her thoughts, things and people that inspire her, and all other things she loves- photography, music, travel, etc.


On being asked about what makes her blog unique, she states

“It’s a difficult one to answer though. I mean someone else would be able to tell it better if it is different at all. On my part, I try to create a feeling rather than something that is commercial or something that looks artificial. It is actually difficult for me to categorise my blog because I write about a variety of topics: everything I feel and experience. To many it may look like a style blog but it’s not entirely a style blog. I also write about my life, my weaknesses, my thoughts – so maybe that’s something that makes it different. I also don’t have regular updates on my blog, because I don’t want to make it something that I need to maintain or feel the pressure to maintain. I started this blog as an escape route and I wish to keep it that way.”


Her style statement is not of a trend follower or a brand conscious person. Versatility is her keyword. She shares, “My style keeps on changing on how I feel on a particular day or the kind of music I am into.”


Music is a major influence on her style. On days when punk rock is in a loop, her attire reflects that. Her wardrobe reflects her playlist of the day, let it be Kenny Rodgers, Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles etc. To pin down, her style is a mix of the 60s and androgynous fashion.


She feels her inspiration doesn’t come from trendsetting and high ended fashion journals but from street style and music. She likes what she terms practical fashion, something that you can carry every day. She is fond of efficient tailoring. TV shows have been her major source of inspiration lately, some of the characters from Downton Abbey, Mad Men for example. She has also explored the arena of men’s fashion and loves to borrow stuff from her husband’s wardrobe.


She started her blog in 2013. It started as a platform to spill out her thoughts. She developed upon her blog as a style curation feed a year after in 2014. She finds blogging a great platform to share, a great way for her to express her creativity and thoughts. For someone like her, who started a blog solely to express thoughts and share photos – she feels blogging has also lost its essence in many ways. According to her blogging is a great way to know a person. She says, “for me – to be able to feel/ connect with someone just by reading about them is really important. To be able to feel like you know them and you can relate to them or think they are really cool or just like you makes you feel like you will be great friends if you met in real life.”

She believes blogging has become a source of income, a full-time job, a feedback forum in many ways but feels that connection to be able to relate on a personal level is missing.

Her blog which is called Retro Days comes from her love for everything vintage such as old music, retro/vintage fashion, film photography, old architecture and many other things.


Her posts are quite relatable to people who are in their 20s/30s but sometimes it becomes hard for her to judge her audience as people from various ages have liked her content from time to time just like her yoga posts that are liked by people of different age groups.




Long-term planning is not the kind of game that she plays but wishes to keep having fun and follow her passion. She says, “I really like blogging, so I’ll keep doing that for sure. I am planning to launch my online shop soon and I’m really looking forward to that. Exploring my creative potential is something that is always on the cards. To stay happy and fit is my everyday goal”


Shruti uses her iPhone to click her pictures but prefers using a digital camera when someone else clicks for her. However, she wishes to start using film cameras as they bring a type of feel that most other cameras cannot capture.


She says that people should not start blogging with a notion of making money on it because at that very moment one ends up losing authenticity which causes the focus to get diluted and she believes that one should write and blog just for oneself.

Words by Laveena Behl

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13 December 2017

Blogger of the Week: Shubhkiran

Shubhkiran is a 25-year-old Business and Design graduate from Chandigarh. She juggles between a routine of 9 to 5 Design job during the day and a fashion blog by night. The blog began as a medium to share her favourite buys and budget finds. It has now transformed into a kaleidoscopic display of everything from travel and fashion to beauty and lifestyle.


The uniqueness of the blog lies in presenting the mundane everyday style in an impressive way. It’s about clothes that are versatile, shoes that are comfortable, beauty products that are great yet affordable. It stands out because it’s less about the current trends and fads and more about individual style.


Describing her personal style statement, Shubhkiran shares, 
’My style is very minimal and basic chic but with a bit of edge. It’s about low key yet timeless pieces topped with fun or a statement accessory to uplift the overall impact.’




Her major sources of inspiration are all the fashion magazines and personal style blogs she grew up reading. While she learnt about what’s new and ‘it’ via magazines, style blogs paved the way for moulding her personal style. Hence, print and digital media are the key factors of her style enhancement.


Shubhkiran started her blog in June 2015. She ardently followed fashion blogs from her high school days, which lead her to discover the lack of content about the everyday budget fashion online. Thus, she started documenting budget-friendly daily outfits on social media. Once that gained momentum, he gave his blog a proper professional touch.


Blogging, according to Shubhkiran, is a great platform to express oneself and share one’s passions. One earns a lot of exposure and opportunities via connecting with like-minded people. To be precise, it’s an online portfolio of your digital presence and helps you establish your personality in the desired arena or industry.


She also shares the anecdote behind the blog name,
’I always dress up in fragments i.e. tops and bottoms. Whenever I have to break down my outfit, I begin with the top and then the bottom and then all the other accessories or add-ons. The method in which I explain my apparels pinned down the name of the blog to “TOP TO BOTTOM”. It is an exhausted term in my vocabulary till date.’


The audience ranges from the age of 15 to 35, comprising of mostly college youth and women on the move looking for everyday outfit inspiration.


She plans to venture into YouTube and building a more personal rapport with her audience. She has also planned to introduce more segments into the blog and converting it into one comprehensive style guide for everyday women.


She uses a Canon 70D but at times resorts to her first camera i.e. the Nikon D3200.


An advice from Shubhkiran to upcoming bloggers to people who are stepping into this field,

 ‘Be 100% original and show the real you. People identify more with someone who has flaws and is closer to reality rather than a person who is perfect but stagnant. Secondly, be consistent if you want to build a community out of the traffic, but make sure to periodically refresh content on your blog, and give a reason for your followers to return to your blog, and grab attention of the newer audience as well.’

Words by Laveena Behl


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6 December 2017

Blogger of the Week: Nikhil Kandhari

Nikhil is a full-time fashion stylist and consultant, a part-time fashion blogger and musician from Mumbai. His blog ‘I AM NKHL’ is a conglomerate of his styling projects, daily outfit inspirations, music and an occasional peek into his life. His blog stands out from the rest because he enunciates his views on fashion, music and travel with a tinge of personal touch. Nikhil labels his style quotient as ‘versatile’ because he can transition easily from street style one-day to formals the other. He manages to extract inspiration from everything around- be it from different eras and their celebrities, architecture, etc. The best part about inspiration is that it is limitless.


Nikhil Kandhari


Nikhil started his blog on 11th May 2016. His inclination towards fashion is a long-time affair, which started during his college days. Being a part of multiple fashion shows for college festivals and winning several awards made him find a more significant goal in the same arena. Thus, he remoulded his hobby into his passion and career.


Blogging for Nikhil is a vast, limitless space to express. Being a blogger, you have the onus to be the art director, stylist, model-all in one. Though it seems to be an entertaining task, it involves a lot of hard work, he says.


Nikhil shares his tale behind the name of the blog. He has been DJ’ing as well as producing music as ‘NKHL’ for 3 years and wanted it to be his identity, a singular badge for every venture of his. Also, it preserves his originality and he prefers to call it ‘I AM NKHL’ (pronounced as I am Nikhil). His audience ranges from the age of 15 to all the way to 35. They’re all amazing and support him ardently for all the content he produces, his highly engaging pictures are a good proof of this fact.


About his future plans, Nikhil shares
, ‘Honestly, I wish to grow and create an impact on the menswear market, and the work starts with my blog. I have many plans for 2018 but I can’t disclose anything as of yet. You’ll see it all and hopefully like them’.


Nikhil’s regular photography tool is his iPhone and the rest depends on his photographer’s choice of gear. Mohit Varu is his regular project partner but he works with others as well since experimenting leads to improvisation.


Nikhil shares his words of encouragement for people who wish to explore the field of blogging as a career. ‘Be passionate and confident, make sure to think like a businessman or businesswoman’, says the blogger. One has to learn to market oneself. The most important part is to be inspired but to establish a unique identity, not using copying as an approach stresses the versatile being!

Words by Laveena Behl
©Nikhil Kandhari

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29 November 2017

Blogger of the Week: Charuta Arvind Yadav

Charuta Arvind Yadav is the Founder and Creative Head of art inspired, experimental fashion, DIY (do it yourself), travel and lifestyle blog named ‘Moda Yalda’. A masters degree holder in technology in Genetic Engineering, Charuta blogs about wearable art, street style and has recently started sharing her travel experiences via blogging.


A blog free of following set patterns or trends, the blogger always adds a personal touch to her blogs. ‘I would not force trends or brands down your feed. I have a strong voice and I believe in what I say and that’s very important otherwise you just become a part of the herd’, says Yadav.


Charuta Arvind Yadav


Her blog name, ‘Moda’ is derived from Spanish meaning ‘Fashion’ and Hebrew word “Yalda’ which means ‘Daughter/Birth’ which ultimately translates into ‘fashion’s birth or fashion’s daughter’ in English!


A fashion bipolar, she does not have a tedious approach to style. Experimental by nature, Charuta wants to try everything and wear everything that makes her feel good without caring about the rules. ‘I do love vintage finds and statement pieces’, mentions the blogger.


Greatly inspired by art, travel and people, the engineer started her blog 3 years back. With an idea to document her personal style, she started wearing self-designed hand painted clothes turning it into a visual diary. Charuta uses a Nikon D5100 for her artistic pictures.


Blogging is much more, to have a voice of your own is one such thing she believes in. To create content of which one is proud of, something that is cohesive with one’s vision should be a top priority when it comes to blogging. The blog (website) should be the main focus. She says, ‘social media apps like Instagram and Facebook come and go and they are just extensions where you share your work, your blog is your work’.


The blogger feels blessed to have a mature audience that understands the work she does. They also have the capability to appreciate her love for art based blog posts. She wishes to continue her blogging journey and give more time to her personal brand ‘Adagio’ in the future.


She advises our readers to not worry about trends or rules when it comes to fashion or style. If you like it, wear it – is her motto when it comes to blogging.

She also shares her tips for new bloggers or someone who’d like to start blogging. Number one, be original. She stresses newbies to have their own voice and to stand true to their vision. Last but not the least, blogging shall never be started because of perks or sheer excitement one has out of fancying a particular blogger’s style! ‘Because to be honest, the perks do not even suffice for the hard work you put in’, she says.

Words by Harpreet
©Charuta Arvind Yadav

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