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29 March 2016

Interview with Landscape Master: Debraj Chakraborty



Inspiro India: Tell us something about yourself and how did you get started creating?

– Nature has always attracted me with its vastness, vistas, moods, colours, extremities. It is an endless list and so in my early days I used to be a Landscape painter to express my vision and love for it in canvas. I started taking photos about 5 years ago as when I started my own business I found it difficult to devote time to paint landscapes. Later, when I again thought to start with painting, by coincidence the camera was the medium most available to me then as a medium of artistic expression so, I happen to be a photographer.


Inspiro India: How did you develop interest in this field?

– As i told before, I was initially a painter and liked painting landscapes a lot. This went on till I started my Business after studies which presented with shortage of time in nurturing the hobby further. Later, when I again thought to start with the same, by coincidence the camera was the medium most available to me for portal of landscape which i previously used to paint in canvases . I am into a Business of IT and sale of Electronic appliances and selling cameras is a part of my business. As i started to explore the possibilities that the camera can offer which will help me to be a better salesman on selling this product, I just got amazed by its possibilities and thought it can be a way of artistic expression which i was for so long doing in a canvas with paint and brush.




Inspiro India: Did you face any kind of problems while pursuing this field ? How satisfied do you feel after working in this field?

– Though i have not faced any problem while working in this field but risks are always associated when i travel to some remote locations and that too in odd hours and in extreme weather conditions. I am very satisfied after working in this field as i love doing it for the memorable experiences it brings. I find myself really fortunate enough to listen to my heart’s call and pursue my dream.


Inspiro India: What is it about Landscape photography that interest you the most? What has been your favourite photo location in North East India?

– Well it is an endless list but constantly searching for those rare magical moments when the Perfect Light embraces nature in all its glory is what interests me in landscape photography the most. Even the dynamic character of Landscape that can me captured like movement of water etc. North East India is a treasure chest for landscape photographers and nature lovers alike and i keep on exploring it ,few places which I like near where i stay has always exited me to come back over and over gain is Meghalaya and two seasonal wetlands in South Assam Sonbeel and Chatla.




Inspiro India: Please describe your post-processing work flow and the equipment that you use?

– Camera alone is not capable to replicate the scene which we have seen or experienced in the field. As it lacks such a wide dynamic range where we can see details in both dark and light areas of a scene unlike human eye. No one tool is perfect so a photographer has to take the help of Darkroom techniques and now with the advent of digital world, Its Digital Darkroom. The process in this pursuit of mine involves to pay a meticulous attention to details and technique in the field , along with some precision work in today’s digital darkroom. To further optimize, fine tune and adjust contrasts, colors, tonalities, luminosity, etc. of the picture, in an endeavour to better present the viewer the sense of being in the place. Regarding the equipment, I use Digital SLR with an ultrawide lens primarily apart from that Mid range zoom lens, telephoto lens and prime lenses depending on the situation. But i prefer to be in ultrawide while shooting landscapes. Regarding to accessories, i use a solid stable tripod along with remote release and depending upon situation use filters like Neutral Density and Circular polarizer.






Inspiro India: What did you want to become as a child?

– As a child i always wanted to be an Artist-sometime creative like a painter or sculpture.


Inspiro India: If not this, What would have Debraj Chakraborty been doing?

– Artists will always find ways of expressing themselves by whatever means and skills are available to them. I would have been Businessman which i am still now and a painter painting landscapes to fulfil my passion for art and love for landscapes.






Inspiro India: What advice would the artist inside you like to pass on to our readers?

– As a landscape photographer I believe whatever may be the photography technique or process, being at the right place at the right time to capture that perfect light and that stunning split second moment is the key to make a perfect picture. No photograph can ever be eye-catching unless it obeys the golden rules of photography which crafts the art in it. The rule of third is the most commonly used theory of composition in photography. Sometimes stunning images can also be created by breaking these golden rules too but knowing the rule first then breaking the same will set us apart. Shoot Shoot and shoot- the more time we spend on the field, the better we are in producing great work. Identify places near your residence which have great potential and visit them over and over again. Some of my best shots happened near my hometown.




Image00009©Debraj Chakraborty

Inspiro India: What do you think about Inspiro India Magazine?

– At the onset, I must congratulate for this great job of bringing all the creative talent that our country posses under one roof. With the beautifully done layout and showcase of art and creative talent, this is definitely going to promote lots of Indian artists.




Inspiro India Official

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27 March 2016

Black and White images that make you look twice | Inspiro India

Color tones are of utmost importance when we view an image, but a black and white image forces us to look beyond the subject. A black and white image somehow resonates with the minimal concept of minimizing the distraction and helping the viewer to look and appreciate the subject and the subject only. Black and White harmonize effectively with portraits…especially those portraits in which the photographer wants to draw all attention towards the intensity of emotions or wants the viewer to create a story in his or her mind for the subject. It also works well with minimal images, since the concept of both these types of images go hand in  hand- Drawing all the attention towards one main object/subject keeping all the other elements in a subdued or muted form. Monochrome images are also a win-win for conceptual or fine art images. Conceptual images should speak for themselves, all the attention should be on the concept that the photographer wanted to convey or the point he or she tried to make through the image-Black and white helps in creating dark and interesting conceptual images. What is fine art photography, if it doesn’t make you look twice at the image? You gotta go “ooh I like that” or “ Oh I hate this”…Fine art images creates some kind of reaction within the viewer, it makes you think , that is where monochrome tones come into play. It adds an element of darkness and tease that will make you view the image again and again.


01©Sally Mann
02©Toni Frissell


04 ©Jake Ford


05 ©Mark Fearnley


06 ©Sandra Jolly


07 ©Sandra Jolly


08 ©Images 2 Marc


09 ©Mark Handy



©Mike Reid


11 ©Jaime Sánchez Cuenca


12 ©Manish Mamtani


13 ©Domi


14 ©leica_monochrome


15 ©Kathryn Louise


16 ©Bikramjit Bose


17 ©Ta-ku


18 ©Abusan


19 ©Jason M. Peterson


20©Nick Rasmussen