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10 October 2017

Desi Aunty Series By Megha Sharma

Megha Sharma is a self-taught, 20-year old illustrator obsessed with galaxies, making art, reading books and enjoying food and tea! Megha started making art in her second year of college and then there was no looking back to the point where she says, people may find it cliche when she says it has become a part of who she is now!

A sucker for stationery, she shows love to both digital and traditional art, also trying to make a living out of her passion.

The idea behind the ‘Desi Aunty Series’ hit her during one of her visits to the local salon. The first reaction she got from the neighbourhood parlour aunty was, ‘Haww! Itni growth leke aaye ho! Whilst bearing the pain from the waxing strips, I kept thinking of making a series and the ideas kept coming up’, says the swift thinker. The quirky illustrator starts with a rough sketch and then jots down ideas. Changes are made as the illustrations form sense along with content formation. A final drawing on paper, scanning via phone and ultimately vectorizing in the laptop, further polishing and colouring take place. She works with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop with her Wacom Intuos graphic pad.


Relative aunty

Bank wali Aunty

Parlour wali aunty

Kaam wali Aunty

Padosi Aunty

Metro Aunty

Series by ©Megha Sharma 


The young illustrator finds inspiration online, observing artists every day and eventually grabbing something from them. She says, ‘I feel I have so much to learn from the artists out there. It scares me and makes me happy at the same time. Weird, I know.’ She draws inspiration from regular people which also form the inspiration for this close to home, everyday women’s life-based series. ‘So, I just try to keep my eyes and ears open all the time and look for inspiration’, says Megha Sharma. 
 Megha took about 7-10 days to complete the series. Steering away from ‘Aunty’ cliches, She came up with a new series called ‘Bank Wali Aunty’ which is much more relatable and not like every other post on ‘Aunties’!

Words by Harpreet

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