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29 June 2017

Interview with Illustrator : Alicia Souza

Meet Alicia, an entrepreneur and self taught illustrator. 

Alicia Souza


Inspiro India: How did you start creating? What first got you into Illustrations? Tell us a bit about yourself.

– I like to think that I really never stopped drawing since I was a kid. I didn’t draw more or less than any other child but I just never stopped, when most did. It became my part time job when I left college and then full time job when I moved to Bangalore.


Inspiro India: How would you best describe your style of illustration? And the challenges you faced as an artist?

– I think I can call it a bit cartoony, funny and whimsical. I think the challenges are the ones that anyone faces when they just start out as a freelancer in the field- starting with personal challenges of things one is uncomfortable with, whether it’s talking about money or social media or even just talking and then there are the others like financial of making ends meet when you just start out and carrying forth. It’s a matter of time and passion.



Inspiro India: What are the tools you couldn’t live without? Can you please explain about your work process?

– An ink brush and paper is all I really need but I have way more that I need for finished work pieces.
My work process is really simple most of the time. I start on simple paper, usually copy paper, with a pencil. Once I finish the sketch, I ink it with an ink brush or a regular paintbrush and ink. Then I scan it and colour it in digitally! Voila! That simple!
Of course, there are times when I throw in photographs and textures, which involves a few more steps but the above is my usual process.


Inspiro India: Is studying illustration in college worth the cost or do you recommend an alternative?

– I didn’t study illustration so I can’t compare it to if I did. I think college is a time to explore but I think the ‘real’ learning starts when you start working. Though I think college can expedite basic knowledge, which is also necessary but not compulsory.


Inspiro India: Who/What has been the biggest influence on your way of thinking?

– I think everyone I met and talked to when I began freelancing thought me something in some way. I can’t say it was one person but being thrown in the deep end really helped.


Inspiro India: What did you want to become as a child ?

– A veterinarian, an engineer, a mathematician, an accountant, a nun, a soldier, and a boxer even. Never ever anything in the art field, but life is full of surprises!


Inspiro India: What do you enjoy most about being a illustrator?

– That I can work in my pyjamas.


Inspiro India: Can you explain to our readers bit about the daily drawing project?

– There’s no project or anything but I just draw daily, that’s it.


Inspiro India: What are you passionate about besides your work?

– Animals, baking, writing letters, stationery, yoga, meeting people, cooking, and learning new things.


Images by ©Alicia Souza


Inspiro India: What advice would you as an artist give to other creative heads out there ? And Some creative tips you’d like to share?

– Just keep your head above water and never lose hope! Draw daily and be diligent with your work. Nothing beats hard work and passion.


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