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17 March 2017

Creative Head of the week : Akash Negi

Akash Negi, the photographer to whom photography came as a realisation while scrolling down Instagram, lives in Nagpur and is presently pursuing engineering. It was almost three years ago when he shifted to Nagpur. When he was new to Instagram, he used to upload selfies only. Later, he came across some really good Indian photographers and admired their work, but all he had was a cell phone. That’s when he thought “Can I click good pictures without any professional camera?”


Akash Negi


Eventually, he started trying ‘cell phone only photography’. He uses a phone which costs less than 15000 INR, so there’s no high-end equipment involved. When shooting with a mobile you have to take the perfect frame, there’s no scope of cropping the photo as the quality degrades, says Akash.


People say it’s very easy shooting with a phone, on the contrary Akash believes that it needs a lot of precision and hard work. The pictures he clicks are never pre-planned. He has immense love for long exposure shots that are spontaneously composed at the location only. People appreciating his work and asking him to help out with phone photography drives him to create more and he makes sure that he never misses out on any of the Direct Messages he receives. The whole Instagram community inspires him. His favourite accounts being @brandonwoelfel, @bryanadamc and @achalmishra.

The Tool Kit, Equipment and Softwares he uses are phone based, for clicking, YU Yureka and Nubia Z9 mini. Nubia Z9 mini has a fully manual camera, he then processes the pictures using phone apps like Snapseed, VSCO, PicsArt and Polarr. He has recently started using Adobe Lightroom.


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