Photo Series : Siblings

Photo Series : Siblings


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14 March 2017

Photo Series : Siblings

A self-taught documentary photographer, Azaan Shah is based in Kashmir. Shah took a year to shoot the photo series which he named ‘Siblings’. The photos have real-life siblings as well as people with qualities similar to that of real siblings!

The photos in the series go much deeper than what they appear to be in plain sight. The photos talk human emotions to the viewer, our co-dependency as humans, duality and love.

Surprisingly, the series has been shot with a smartphone and has been post processed in Snapseed to monochrome.

The photographer blends in the crowd to take pictures of random strangers on the road, they don’t seem to mind, says Azaan. One has to be invincible and attain a body language to be invincible to the people as such.


Shot on the Streets of Kashmir //Photo Series by ©Azaan Shah

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Anushka Tendolkar is a 20 year old communication design student with a keen interest in graphic design and is very passionate about photography.


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