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‘Dedicated to Creative Heads’

Inspiro India is an independent magazine and is the property of its respected owner(s).This is a platform to provide surface to budding artists of all genres. Inspiro India is more than a magazine- it’s a spinning wheel with different threads and fibers of visual and artistic pleasure accompanied by the content to satisfy the ‘inquisitive you’.
Exchange tips with other members and get inspired with their collaborations and projects. Expect exciting things happening in the community because we always have something new to offer. Best of all, you could interact with like-minded artists to share the creative love. It is one of our dream initiatives. Inspiro India has a ‘10 issues per year’ policy where September and December are our ‘peace and thoughts’ special. We hit the stage on the very first day of every month.
Inspiro India has three paramount sections namely, Photography, Art and Travel.
Photography encompasses ‘Stars to watch’, ‘Portfolio’and ‘Interview’ being its prime coverage along with submissions from photographers all over India, iiframe, facebook feature of the month and viewers’ choice section.
Art ranges from ‘Stars to watch’, ‘portfolio’ and ‘Interview’ being the pick accompanied by submissions from artists all over the country.
Travel is the segment of fantasy where the explorers belonging to the Indian land and the officials from Inspiro India itself come up and share their affair of ‘being here and there’.
‘Brand Ambassador’ and ‘Artist of the Month’, with their noteworthy space in every issue of the magazine project towards being ‘extra-ordinary’. And for the ‘Entrepreneur’ in you, we offer a string under the pristine section named, ‘Spot-light’.