KUMBH : Pilgrimage of faith|Photo Essay by Sukhnidh Kaur

KUMBH : Pilgrimage of faith|Photo Essay by Sukhnidh Kaur


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28 March 2016


KUMBH : Pilgrimage of faith|Photo Essay by Sukhnidh Kaur

She is a 16 year old student currently studying in St. Xavier’s college, Mumbai. She has been fond of creative arts for as long as she can remember, and have dabbled in many forms, from art, writing and acting to music and photography. She received a DSLR as a gift when she was 13 – It was her first love! From the moment she started using it, she knew it would be a big part of her life. She is blessed with the opportunities and ability to capture moments for the world to see, and she absolutely loves it.








02 ©Sukhnidh Kaur

About her experience at Kumbh:

“On the way to Trimbakeshwar for the Kumbh, I was told that  it would be nothing like I’d ever seen before – good, bad, or ugly, it would be an experience of a lifetime all the same. From staying up 24 hours to click and experience the Kumbh in its full glory to watching thousands of sadhus dipping into the holy water, it was a deeply spiritual experience and it served as a brilliant example of the power of faith. I reached the area at 12am to click before the main event started, and watched the proceedings of the night in awe until 6am. It was crazy, exhausting, and beautiful.”

With the help of this series, she wants to showcase the sheer power of faith of Indians in the holiness of the Kumbh, the anticipation and colorful chaos of the festival, and she wants to bring to people’s attention the amazingness of India’s vast cultural landscape.

For this series, she used a Canon EOS 550d (rebel t3i) along with a 50mm prime lens and a 50-250mm zoom lens.


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