Creative Head of the week : Pratik Prakash Kadu

Creative Head of the week : Pratik Prakash Kadu


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30 June 2017

Creative Head of the week : Pratik Prakash Kadu

Pratik is a commerce student. He always loved to draw anything that he saw in the books or any other thing of his interest. He enjoyed drawing. He used to participate in drawing competition in his school days. Even though he did not win in every competition, he enjoyed being a part of that competition. He never thought of becoming an artist in future, it was just a hobby. The conversion of a hobby into a passion happened 2 years ago in 2014. It started with the drawing of an eye and he was happy with the outcome and also received positive response from friends which motivated him towards drawing more and more. His interest in art kept on growing since then. This passion made him improve with every drawing he made and he decided that he must continue with his art. He also creates digital art in Photoshop but his main focus is on pencil drawings.
Every artist has a different perception of art. As he is focused on portraiture, his approach towards it is creating with his own style/technique and not just simply copying from a picture, but in a realistic way.  Realism drawing has been his fascination and he is working hard to improve in that art style. The more complex the drawing is the more challenges you face in creating it. Drawing portraits was the biggest challenge he has faced , the proportions and also the light and shade compositions were the challenges he faced in his early years of drawing portraits. He worked hard in perfecting his imperfections by learning different techniques online. It is rightly said that ,”Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection”. Try to become better and better with every drawing you make by practising and learning from your past mistakes.
He does pencil sketching. He begins with drawing the outline(by using grid, measurement or freehand) of the picture on an ordinary drawing paper (120gsm) and then goes with the shading part. The tools he uses for making his drawings are:
Staedtler Mars Lumograph  and Conte a Paris pencils, I use a falt shader  brush (Daler Rowney) and a soft cloth to blend the different shades.
Shading is not a single-layered process, gradually layers are developed by shading with light hand and by using the right shade of pencil for the right area. Once the different shades are put, they are carefully blended. The reflections of the ornaments or the eyes are added by using a white gel pen or an eraser(normal or kneaded) depending on it’s intensity.
Charles Laveso and Emanuele Dascanio are his inspiration. They are specialists in hyper realistic drawings. Their drawings helped him in improving his style. Watching their time lapse drawings also helps a lot. Looking at varied forms of artworks online also inspires and motivates him. It takes him about 2 to 4 days to finish one artwork. It depends on the details and the complexity of the picture.
About Inspiro India Magazine, in his own words,
“Inspiro India Magazine is the best for artists like us to showcase our talent. It is doing a great job of sharing different views and knowledge of artists across India through this magazine. Keep supporting and keep inspiring!”


Photos by ©Pratik Prakash Kadu

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