Creative Head of the week : Cherubina. S

Creative Head of the week : Cherubina. S


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19 May 2017

Creative Head of the week : Cherubina. S

Art has always fascinated her. Art and craft classes in school were the best hours where she tried her hand in various forms of art. Her journey with painting began with the humble watercolours and she still cherishes the feeling when the paint spreads to transform lifeless paper. She started using Adobe Photoshop when she was in the 7th grade for doing personal projects. By now, she had sketched her career path and was keen to get into the creative field but had absolutely no idea about the possibilities in it due to lack of exposure. Her parents were sceptical in sending her to design school and coerced her to do engineering.



She eventually ended up in engineering, feeling like a fish out of water. She moved into freelancing in her 2nd year of Engineering through which she was able to build her portfolio and also experiment various art forms. During the fag end of her under graduation, she was faced with the most important decision of her life as she turned down a lucrative offer from Infosys to pursue her dream and has not regretted taking this wonderful path. She loves using bright and bold colours in her work and experiment with the simplest of shapes with an adventurous colour palette. Research is the key element before she starts with a piece of work. This helps her to undertake new approaches for every project. The challenge is to up the ante by creating new designs on a regular basis no matter what, and no matter how busy you are and also, how well you can communicate what is intended especially in commercial projects. She is currently working on a project called 36daysoftype where designers/illustrators/visual artists share their presentation for a letter each day. She uses a sketchbook for doodling and sketching out ideas. She also makes a detailed sketch after experimenting several styles. Once that is done, she tries various colour palettes and then uses the Adobe illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. The detailing is carried out after the design takes shape. Sometimes she does hand drawn illustrations or lettering and scan it and add it to the design. The creative field is teeming with incredible work by artists so she does have a pool of artists whose work inspires me, but she usually tries to take the most usual and normal things and turn it into something interesting. While designing, she strives to take a different approach to the real world by not sticking with the run of the mill colours. She would rather paint the sky green and the grass blue instead of traditional colours. She has spent days together doing one single illustration. Some would just take a matter of a few hours. Illustration is a process, so it consumes a lot of time. In-order to get the perfect illustration, initially she spends time creating mood boards and colour doodles.  She would say it’s a quest to find the right combination and time is a factor but the feeling of completing an illustration is priceless.


Artwork by ©Cherubina. S

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