Creative Head of the week : Aparna Ramesh Mhatre

Creative Head of the week : Aparna Ramesh Mhatre


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16 June 2017

Creative Head of the week : Aparna Ramesh Mhatre

There were many influences that went into Aparna’s decision to select this field. Her early mentors and her family always encouraged her to explore opportunities in this field. They pointed her in the right direction to explore the possibilities. She has found that the only art style that’s universally understood is realism. Everyone’s heard the line “it looks just like a photo.” She thinks, for her, other styles hold so much more interest, both emotionally and in terms of the level of technical skill. She is not using any special tools for her work. She just tries to do her work with perfection to give it a little professional touch. Her inspiration is her parents’ effort on her. Her paintings also inspire her. They give her the positive energy to do more and more perfect work. It usually takes her 3 to 4 hours to complete one art work. But, sometimes it takes up to 1 to 2 days.

About Inspiro India, “I think it is the only right platform for my artwork.”


Photos by ©Aparna Ramesh Mhatre

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