Creative Head of the week: Ankita Thakur

Creative Head of the week: Ankita Thakur


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5 January 2018

Creative Head of the week: Ankita Thakur

Ankita Thakur, with her education in the field of Architecture and Design, felt that Lettering was her calling when she found herself engrossed it in all the time.

Her journey in lettering has been a fascinating one. She learns some techniques, and when the gets handy, she increases the difficulty level. Lettering started like that for her. Initially, she aimed at something that was acceptable, then towards refining the skills by imbibing the rules strictly. It is after that you face two paths- honing your knowledge to perfection or allowing a bit of innovation on your end. She thinks she’s the latter because she has played safe for long enough and now she has the itch to experiment.


Consistency is the challenge she faces. Her acquaintances can recognise her work amidst others but she has not found that definitive streak that could bind all of her work under one category. It is not necessary on personal end, but professionally, for clients to know what they’re diving into, consistency becomes an important factor. Visual art for Ankita is her favourite blanket which she can use to cover herself or even shelter others.


Talking about how she would describe her style to someone who hasn’t seen your work before, she mentions, “I find a purpose and that becomes the style for that project. But I don’t know yet what character I, as an individual, accidentally slip into each project. A quote that lies at the back of my mind is, “If you don’t know your style, maybe you haven’t created enough”. So I’ve been focussing more on making and worrying less about finding a style. I would often ask my friends to send me some keywords about my style, every time I make a new resume or have to fill up a description about me. They’re my saviours! I’d say I try to keep it human, sometimes warm and sometimes dark, just like a human being.”

She recollects the times when her love for creating grew apart from the label of being a “hobby”. At home, she shares, she would save everything, from marriage invitation cards to old dupattas because it was the age of recycling. And she liked to see what new could she create out of them. The idea of turning nothing into something sounds like a superpower.


Her strongest skill according to her is zooming out and looking at the bigger picture and being aware of the context at all times.

Her five interests apart from art are sewing, slow mail, magazines with pictures, stickers and banana chips.

About her working process, she mentions, “If I have an idea, I get it instantly. I don’t mull over the visual language because I feel it would be guided by the emotion automatically. If I hold the idea it might or might not grow, but the emotion fades and I don’t feel like getting back to it. When I got nothing up there but I still want to create, collages comfort me. You’re not empty anymore, they guide you!” Her tools include Wacom tablet or iPad mostly and a 2B pencil while travelling. Too much of stationery perplexes her.

Ankita wishes all her fellow artists a sound health because it is only then you can channel your energy to create the art you love.

Words by Laveena Behl


Images by ©Ankita Thakur

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