Blogger of the Week : Shivani Boruah

Blogger of the Week : Shivani Boruah


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28 June 2017

Blogger of the Week : Shivani Boruah

The immense love and support from you ‘Creative Heads’ have been surreal over the past few years. Inspiro India wishes to grow with the growing population of ‘#inspiroindia‘. We’re continuously working to bring great content to anyone and everyone following us on various platforms.

This year we present to you, an all new feature presenting ‘The Blogger of the Week’.


Shivani is a fun loving person and love dogs! Apart from being a blogger, she is a  musician and is currently working on her E.P. “The Velvet Radio is something through which I speak my mind. It’s basically a visual story teller. Currently it has the following major sections : Fashion, Lifestyle, IAndAThing. ‘IAndAThing’ is where I feature people who are living their dreams and in some way inspire me to work on my dreams. Also, June onwards, I have started a ‘music’ section where I would cover major music concerts across India and a few music related talks( The first and the latest one being ‘The Music Scene In North- East India: A Retrospective’). Coming to the fashion section, which is the crucial section of the blog, I mostly try to come up with conceptual ideas so as to be able to tell stories through the pictures. As I go by my motto- “Let Art Begin”, I love to experiment with my wardrobe.” Boruah talks about her blog.


Shivani Boruah


The Velvet Radio is a visual storyteller drawing major inspiration from Art. “I try to portray a few grey areas of the society through my pictures( Two such blog posts being–  Mannequin and Phantom Bride ). In the days to come, I want to bring to light more such grey areas of our society.” As she continues to talk about her blogging ideas.

Shivani’s style is all about comfort. Although she experiments a lot, it always revolves around comfort.

“Art and a lot of Art. Apart from it, its the people around me, people on the streets who inspire me. Also, it’s the kind of music I listen to helps me draw my inspiration from  ‘cause I like to move along, groove with the music, dance or headbang a little bit, so yeah, that’s the kind of clothes I usually prefer to wear in which I am comfortable to do all these! Plus one of the major source of inspiration is the nature itself! I also draw inspiration from the trend forecasts by the elite magazines and webzines but try to add the me- flavour to it.” Shivani shares about her inspirations.

Well, It was last year July ​​that I took my writing skills and ideas about fashion a little seriously and started blogging. Although I kicked off TVRadio as a Fashion Blog, now it has many other sections too. I have a great interest in putting my thoughts into words and then I also needed a platform to showcase my ideas behind fashion with a poetic flare. Fashion, for me, is a creative expression and a beautiful form of art. My blog serves as a medium for my visual/ photo stories.”

Shivani talks about the blogging industry, “ It is good to see how the blogging- industry is developing but also at the same time there is a lot of grapevine around it. People usually do not know how much time and effort bloggers and photographers spend on one concept. Also, in blogging it is very much important to be original and never copy the style and content of an already- famous blogger. Two of the key traits a blogger has to have are: Patience and Honesty. I don’t endorse brands with which I can’t relate my style to. My blog is a personal blog portraying two of my passions: Fashion and Music. I wanted a name that would highlight both, hence, the name. Velvet signifies fashion and Radio signifies music. Well, since my blog is pretty new, I do not have a huge follower base. Plus as I am mostly into an editorial theme, people can’t always relate to it. But yeah, it’s the youngsters around the age group of 15- 30 yrs within and across the nation.”

As she moves ahead with her future plans, “ I want to be better w.r.t., the kind of work that I have been doing. At times, I don’t get what I seek from the photographers, as in, there is a clash of taste and interest. And it is very important to maintain your flare throughout no matter who you work with. Its my creative direction that I put into my pictures, so as to master it I want to develop good photography skills. I do not shoot and am still in my learning phase with my Canon 700D. I use my iPhone for on- the-go pictures. My photographers get their own cameras but I only work with photographers who understand my flare and with whom I am very confident shooting.”

Shivani gives us two tips regarding blogging, “Never lose your originality and develop  the basics of photography and editing.”

Words by Archita Rajkumari

FRIDA for eShakti

Phantom Bride- A concept blog dedicated to Early and Child Marriage

In the shoes of a PAINTER who longs for unadulterated art for QUIRKBOX

Showcasing Maybelline’s EYESPEAKDRAMA Campaign as a tribute to victims of Domestic Violence

What does a MANNEQUIN desire

©Shivani Boruah

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