Blogger of the Week : Karron S Dhinggra

Blogger of the Week : Karron S Dhinggra


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10 May 2017

Blogger of the Week : Karron S Dhinggra

The immense love and support from you ‘Creative Heads’ have been surreal over the past few years. Inspiro India wishes to grow with the growing population of ‘#inspiroindia‘. We’re continuously working to bring great content to anyone and everyone following us on various platforms.

This year we present to you, an all new feature presenting ‘The Blogger of the Week’.


Karron S Dhinggra is a corporate lawyer by profession, he has always been inclined towards fashion and finally thought of pursuing his interest side by side and ultimately got an amazing response online.


Karron S Dhinggra


Karron’s blog is all about men’s fashion which features his own designs along with current fashion trends, tips and knowledge on accessorising. Fashion updates on how to experiment and stand out as well as making people aware about fashion are what makes Karron’s blog stand out to the crowd!


The blogger has a theme for blogging formal wear which is updated regularly and helps men to look trendy yet classy at the same time. Karron uses a Nikon D5100 for his pictures.


“My style is my confidence”, says Karron. He credits his mother for teaching him to carry anything and everything only if it is done with confidence.


Posting regularly on Instagram was received with great response and he was asked regularly where his purchases of clothing were made from. He was also requested to post regularly and was asked for advice on styling, this is how he started blogging in December of 2016.


Karron S Dhinggra takes blogging to be an outlet to express his emotions towards fashion and teach the world that they can do the same.

Whilst looking for a catchy name, a close friend suggested him to keep his love for formals in mind. The blog surely comes with a catchy name, ‘The Formal Edit’ and surely fits Karron’s style of blogging.


The Formal Edit has a fashion-loving audience with the majority being men, a no-brainer!

He definitely wants to grow and reach out to even more people and hints at starting his own brand if everything goes as planned.


Karron advises newbie bloggers to be themselves and never copy others. High-end brands don’t always make you look good, it is all about what one wears and how one wears it, adds the blogger. He also says that the audience should be kept happy by listening to their requests and reverting to everyone as possible. A good engaging audience is always a plus about any blog, says Karron!

Words by Harpreet

©Karron S Dhinggra

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