Blogger of the Week: Dhwani Kathotia

Blogger of the Week: Dhwani Kathotia


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14 February 2018

Blogger of the Week: Dhwani Kathotia

Dhwani Kathotia is a fashion blogger, stylist, fashion consultant and visual artist in progress who overthinks like there’s no tomorrow. The blog which started out as a personal style blog has now shaped her into exploring more.


A creative canvas, her blog, she discovers conceptual art and storytelling through fashion. Each post has a concept behind it and the imagery used has a certain mood that goes with the concept. It’s not restricted to fashion but covers the entire story.


Dhwani Kathotia


Her online journal stands out from the rest as she does not stick to any rules or norms related to blogging. She wishes to delve into creative freedom! Dhwani and her audience find themselves resonating with the aspects of fashion explored through the blog. Defining one’s own style is different from merely following fashion trends. Her blog, ‘My Little Cupboard‘ is a fragment that expresses her unique style statement which she curates through separate creative pieces in a slow, sustainable manner. It’s about creating a look out of what one already possesses. It is also about utilizing all one has in numerous ways. Above all, it’s about creating a new story with every new post.


The blogger’s style statement, if she had to use only one piece of clothing to describe it, would be a plain white t-shirt, basic yet multi-functional! She likes to wear a lot of white and solid muted tones, oversized silhouettes and is most comfortable in wearing any clothing item basic in structure, fuss-free at the same time.


She believes that a slow and steady introspection is needed to find true inspiration. Over the last year, she focused on stealing some “me-time” from her busy routine and allocating specific hours to reading books, observing and absorbing everything around. It’ll surprise one to know how minimal our engagement with our surroundings is, she says. She has come up with the idea of giving herself a creative hour every week- an hour to cut off from everything around and spend time either experimenting with her camera or flipping through a coffee table book- no planned routine, but going with the flow. Her work is now inspired by recollections of jumbled pieces from everything around.


‘My Little Cupboard’ started as an experiment around 5 to 6 years ago. As someone who was (and probably still is) anxious about public speaking, the blog became the mouthpiece for her expressions (where the initial posts consisted of nose down pictures!) It began as a fashion experimenting platform where she mixed and matched clothes out of her closet which she hadn’t worn in a while. Dhwani cleaned her closet and dug out abandoned clothes! She tried to utilize all of it by styling in a unique way so that she didn’t have to discard them. This is how she found the appropriate title ‘My Little Cupboard”


Dhwani feels that blogging is a method of self-expression. In the contemporary scenario, blogging has become an established industry with certain norms and well-known brands and we agree! But if you take away the glamour and branding attached to it, she feels blogging is all about expressing oneself through any medium preferable to the person concerned-photography, clothing or even poetry.



Not having a concrete bigger picture for the blog means that there’s room for more creativity and experimenting. If there’s something to look forward to, it is her website which will soon feature all her styling and creative direction work form the last year along with her personal blog posts.


She collaborates with a bunch of photographers from Bangalore and hence the cameras used differ with every post. She shares valuable advice for people who wish to explore the world of blogging and has two crucial tips for them:

1.  Don’t get caught up in blindly following the trends. Blogging isn’t about rat race to top the ladder of trends or posting online only to gain popularity. Create a style that symbolises YOU.

2. Experiment, push your boundaries and never stop creating.

Words by Laveena Behl


©Dhwani Kathotia

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