Blogger of the Week : Devesh Baheti

Blogger of the Week : Devesh Baheti


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22 February 2017

Blogger of the Week : Devesh Baheti

The immense love and support from you ‘Creative Heads’ have been surreal over the past few years. Inspiro India wishes to grow with the growing population of ‘#inspiroindia‘. We’re continuously working to bring great content to anyone and everyone following us on various platforms.

This February we present to you, an all new feature presenting ‘The Blogger of the Week’.


An aeronautical engineer by the day, 22-year-old Devesh Baheti jokes how he saves the world at night with fashion blogging! Born and brought up in Hyderabad, Devesh believes to make the best lemonade possible when life throws lemons at you, both sour and sweet. He describes himself to be neither carefree nor distressed which is clearly visible in his Instagram handle (_thenakedsoul_) of choice!

Devesh “TNS” Baheti


The blog, ‘The Naked Soul’ is primarily based on lifestyle and fashion which whirls around charismatic stories and sagas of couture, clothes and costumes. To him, it’s a platform and a diary where he can talk about the things he loves with utmost passion and a tongue in cheek attitude! The blog quickly escalated after having successfully created a niche for itself in three years on Instagram.


Baheti is true to his style and proves to be hundred percent authentic to its syntax. Where his fellow bloggers are already turning out to be huge media influencers, he feels his blog doesn’t hold the burden of any influence or sponsorship. He’d rather focus on his niche of being a lifestyle blogger and curate stories that are directed towards the audience than cover an event that’s off topic and off-brand as an influencer. The stories and words penned by him on the website are true to his individual work and devoid of pressure. Devesh proudly believes in quality over quantity, for sure.


Greatly fascinated by someone who is opinionated, he respects the fact that someone constructively and creatively creates an outlet to vent and pen his or her thoughts through blogging. The personality and creativity can be morphed into so many different things which are endearing, exciting and intimidating, gets him. The inspiration to start blogging came naturally and also to have a proper platform like Instagram to showcase what he loves.


His journey started when he was introduced to Instagram by his brother. Being a ‘Waldorf school’ graduate, the impeccable blogger was an avid journal keeper. The ‘valencia’ filter was the only thing that intrigued him on Instagram. An eventual random post of an excerpt from his diary ended up being well received and liked by the community. It resonated a lot of fellow photographers, artists, bloggers and liked minded humans to his drool-worthy Instagram Feed!


This brings us to the style aspect of The Naked Soul’. Devesh says, ‘style to me is not what you wear, it’s how you wear something. Confidence is my style’. A mix of sophisticated and a little hipster-inspired he uses the word ‘schizophrenic’, in the sense it keeps changing with his mood.

From a high-end sharp fitted suit to rocking just a basic white tee, he doesn’t want to be limited to any one style. He steers clear of trends and strongly believes in being comfortable and glamorous at the same time! Nevertheless, he says his style is still evolving.



©The Naked Soul

©The Naked Soul

©The Naked Soul

©The Naked Soul


On talking about the general take on people about blogging, he says it is sad that it is not taken seriously, perhaps because of the frivolous and glamorous tag it comes with. Intrigued with goodies and the photo shoots, people are unaware that it’s a full-time job. A blogger is a self-employed entrepreneur and a content creator in terms of working with brands. The photo shoots and location choices are not mere fun but a content creation based digital business, says Baheti. Half-hearted blogging and doing sponsored post doesn’t make one a blogger, according to him proper time and mind investment is the key to blogging!


The story behind the blog name is always a fun thing to know. When asked what made him stick to the blog name ‘The Naked Soul’, the engineer remembered when he was once on a call with his best friend. Wanting to change his Instagram handle to something fancier, he ended up debating for hours into the night. He says he wanted something which made him feel empowered as well as vulnerable at the same time! Hence, The Naked Soul was born.


The Naked Soul caters to an audience of teenagers to 20-23-year-olds from countries like India, US, UK and even European countries. Since the niche is pretty young and majorly targeted towards the Fashion Conscious, he does have a pretty solid reach with the older age group in the middle eastern countries which is surprising because he has personally never thought about someone older to him in Abu Dhabi wanting to read his fashion-oriented content. To our amazement, ‘The Naked Soul’ collectively sees a traffic of around 6,000-10,000 clicks on the website each month!


Baheti usually gets clicked by his friends Abhishek, Arpita and Shreya with equipment such as a Canon 1200D, Canon 5D Mark III, and a Canon 650D respectively. 50mm and the 35mm are his preferred lenses.

As for the future, he wishes his plans are a gift to him and that he is totally ‘worthy of’ and ready for them!


On asking him what he’d like to advise the readers and future bloggers, he says, ‘Just start!’. He thinks everything and everyone has become brand oriented, people who start blogging about a month or two ago, want to see results in forms of affiliate programmes, collaborations, VIP event passes and 1000’s of Instagram followers which sadly doesn’t happen overnight. In the process of branding, marketing and positioning oneself as a blogger, people forget to roll out good content.

Devesh Baheti also stresses on the fact that in the midst of brand deals, a blogger will end up being manipulated, mistreated or misunderstood as well. The key to starting a blog and be successful at is to be sincere, real and passionate!

‘One shall also voice his or her opinion but never let the naysayers’ deject you!’ says Baheti.


©The Naked Soul

©The Naked Soul

©The Naked Soul

©The Naked Soul

Follow Devesh: Website | Instagram


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