Blogger of the Week : Aditya Madiraju

Blogger of the Week : Aditya Madiraju


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22 March 2017

Blogger of the Week : Aditya Madiraju

The immense love and support from you ‘Creative Heads’ have been surreal over the past few years. Inspiro India wishes to grow with the growing population of ‘#inspiroindia‘. We’re continuously working to bring great content to anyone and everyone following us on various platforms.

This year we present to you, an all new feature presenting ‘The Blogger of the Week’.


Aditya Madiraju has always had the passion for dance and paintings, he grew up in New Delhi and ultimately moved to the US for his studies. Even though he works as an IT employee, his passion for art is what fuels the creative head’s spirit and soul!

Aditya Madiraju


Aditya’s blog is all about his personal fashion and lifestyle. The world of style is yet to be explored for this creative mind but he can definitely eye men who struggle with clothing, walking through the streets of New York City. He believes men don’t really understand or pay enough attention to accessorising, which he feels ‘makes or breaks an outfit’.

Through his blog, Aditya wants to explore more of what’s current in the New York City and what it means to be a ‘brown boy’ in New York! One can absolutely see glimpses of his love for dance and photography that also eventually influence his way of clothing himself.


With plenty of blogs out there, what makes a blog different and appealing to a set of masses is a great deal, where blogging is picking up more and more as a profession than just a hobby. His blog is very personal as he writes only about the things he loves doing, it is obviously not about buying new clothes or keeping up with celebrity styles! ‘It’s all about reinventing what you already have in your closet to reflect what you are doing or feeling that day’, says Madiraju.

The blog combines his everyday wardrobe with the activities he does, whether he is going to work, grabbing a meal with his friends or exploring the city.  He also feels the need to associate himself with any Indian guy living in the US. ‘Our sense of style ought to be different as we bring one culture to another’, says Aditya Madiraju.




Aditya’s style is ‘Relaxed and Rebellious’! One can find him in a white shirt, blue jeans and sneakers. The only thing that will stand out is his use of collar pins or the sleeve roll-up pins in his outfits. He believes in incorporating something unique or new in everyday look, one should never try too hard, says Aditya. ‘It should be effortless’.


The young blogger also draws his inspiration from ‘Mariano Di Vaio’, a very famous Italian blogger. He is also inspired by linen and denim clothing and owns several pieces in both the fabrics!


A newbie in the blogging world, he has received great feedback from people all around. It has been only a month for Aditya but he always wanted to share his fashion sense with the world. Although he had harboured the thought to start a blog for the past 5 years, spending around 45% of his paycheque on clothes, it hit him how potential worthy his closet was!

Starting his journey by uploading only a picture or two per week has now turned into his own website. ‘I believe in baby steps, but once in a while, a giant leap does help!’


Blogging is not only taking high-quality pictures or writing well, networking and building relationships with people are equally important, says the creative blogger.

One also needs time, patience, a unique perspective, and a positive attitude. It takes years for bloggers to establish themselves but large platforms can, fortunately, give a huge boost as well!

The blog focuses on targeting men between the ages of 25 to 45, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t connect with people of other age groups or gender. In fact, he has a great female audience who visit his social media in search of something for their boyfriends or husbands.



He also plans to feature female bloggers and noteworthy personalities on his website very soon. ‘Styling and blogging are an art and art does not discriminate!’.

Aditya wants his audience to remember him by his real name as the blog is the reflection of his lifestyle hence, www.adityamadiraju.com as the blog name! What is interesting is his Instagram handle ‘@mad_adiyoo’, it is a cut and cross derivate of his name.


Aditya wishes to be recognised for the skill set he has and having a strong voice and presence, to make an impact. He does admit he wants to be famous, ‘who doesn’t want to?’ says Madiraju! He also wants to launch new sections in my blog talking about ‘brown folks’ in the US and upcoming artists, anything which can connect him to new and interesting people!


The blog features photos shot by a very well known professional photographer in New York, Shravya Kag (Instagram @saxophonestorie). Other than that, he uses his iPhone 7 to get very creative and artistic photos for the blog.

On asking him what he’d like to tell the readers as well as aspiring bloggers, Aditya says, one should definitely get inspired and incorporate the looks they see online in their wardrobe. A lot of people read articles but they are still a little scared to try things at home. One should take the information from others and find one’s sense of style. As for creative heads who’d like to start blogging, he says, ‘Take it easy and do not stress, if you enjoy what you are doing, it will always work and the moment you feel stressed, re-evaluate your approach and start again. You have to have thick skin to be in this game!’


©Aditya Madiraju

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