Best of January’17 | #inspiroindia

Best of January’17 | #inspiroindia


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2 February 2017

Best of January’17 | #inspiroindia


We’d like you to know that Inspiro India is receiving immense love and support from you ‘Creative Heads’ out there.

In the wake of the phenomenal usage of the ‘Inspiro India’ hashtag, we have a created a new section, ‘Best Pictures of the Month’.

Here are the Best Pictures from the month of January!

(The pictures are not in any supposed order. To get featured in the next month, use hashtag #inspiroindia)

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©Yash Kamini Sudhakar Rane



©S J Sparky Pictorial


©Veronica Gera
©Abbas Baig
©Prankur Rana



©Adriaan Louw
©Ashish Jose


©Harsh Jimnani
©Raikchak Reang


©Saeeduddin Faridi



©Henry Wu
©Aditya Saxena


©Chandan Mahimkar
©Sharafat Ali


©Rahul Khobragade



©Manish Jaisi


©Shubham Nalat
©Shweta Malhotra


©Wajid Ansari



©Farhad Barvatiya



©Maitri Dalicha
©Amir Bhat



©Prince Sarmah
©Satavisha Chakrabarty



©Rahul Singh Manral
©Nitin Sharma



©Ankit Gupta
©Siddharth Marlecha


©Imdad Barbhuyan
©Shreejana Rai


©Prayaag Ramakrishnan



©Kaiwalya R



©Devansh Rangani



©Dron Chandwani



©Raghav Chopra



©Arka Dhara



©Harish Masam



©Sonal Jain



©Mayank Makhija



©Rahul Tripathi












©Kenz Ul Muneer



©Santosh Mishra


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We want to send a big thanks to all those who participated in the contest and helped make Inktober, initially created by Jake Parker in 2009, a success with Inspiro India this october (2016).

Featuring series of inspiring images by creative heads from all over the world everyday as ‘iidailyinspiration’.
To contribute, send your work at info@inspiroindia along with subject: ‘iidailyinspiration’, your name and location. Eg. Subject:- iidailyinspiration+name+location

Today on International Women’s Day, we have curated artworks and photographs from 10 Creative Heads who inspire us and wish they inspire you too!

Meet Radhika Sharma, a 23-year-old commerce graduate from Delhi University and our ‘Traveller of the Week’. Radhika was born in Amritsar but brought up in Delhi and now works as a Business Analyst.

Aniruddha Das was born in Kolkata and is a true Bengali at heart. He loves the city and all that it has to offer which naturally makes him a huge football fan. He played the sport when he was younger and was even offered a semi-professional training though unable to pursue due to his knee injury.


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