Artist Spotlight: Joy Brasilino | iiOverseas

Artist Spotlight: Joy Brasilino | iiOverseas


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7 January 2018

Artist Spotlight: Joy Brasilino | iiOverseas

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Intense feelings of passion and freedom while creating was what made Joy Brasilino decide her path towards creating art. Feelings which began during her childhood, she began in a playful and uncompromising manner like true artists do. Joy is from São Luís, a city in Maranhão, Brazil. Only in her early teens did she realize that this is what she would do to live. ‘I have taken the practice seriously since’, she says.


Joy Brasilino


As a child, Joy was very confused by the conflicts between her heart and what the world expected of her. Nevertheless, she always felt she wanted to be in some creative career.


Visual art means everything to Brasilino, it is something that carries extremely complex meanings to possibilities. To be more accurate, it also describes what is within her. Art has saved her life, she says. It still has continued to give her higher perspectives on life. ‘I was also given a certain adventurous spirit, a researcher, curious in the way we all are as children’, says Joy Brasilino.


Joy doesn’t really recognize her art to be of a particular style. She is still reforming in search for a unique style. Every artwork she creates is quite different from each other.


Her approach to illustration starts by analyzing what she has done so far, a more realistic approach than a stylized one, Joy does not intend to maintain a fixed style. She is always trying to reform her practice in illustration for something freer along with more personality as she creates.


Her portraits try to capture feminine glances, other times immersions in ethereal, abstract and coloured sensations, and a certain variation of possibilities within it.


She also thinks most of the challenges faced by her are common to every artist in the beginning. In terms of financial obstacles, the search for a proper and consistent visual identity is one challenge Joy has engaged with. ‘But a specific challenge has concentrated a lot of her attention, which is to be away from the great courses and art universities, which would really teach me practice and the market. So that makes me self-taught, and sometimes not as well-oriented as I’d like’, admits Joy Brasilino.


Pencil, paper, a computer for research and a tablet are the tools she can’t imagine her artistic life without. Her work process consists of trying to capture abstract sensations, combining aesthetic references, and ultimately trying to develop a technique combining with all that she has got. Usually, she scribbles on random papers in random places. And when she gets home, she tries to develop the idea by combining photographic references, songs, and everything that makes her feel what she wants to get through. After that, it’s hours and days of immersion in those feelings and references!


Personally, the creative head doesn’t believe in ‘pure talent or in that concept of ‘genius artist’. Everything comes in a magical and mysterious way. She believes that a gift can mean absolutely nothing without study and hard work. So she tries to develop her studies of photography, lighting, anatomy, colour, texture, composition. Most of her published works are studies. She also believes a university can help a lot in this process. The institution helps to stay focused and learn new things that would take more time to discover alone. ‘Having a teacher, an experienced master leading the way is wonderful. But I think a self-directed study should never be abandoned’, adds Brasilino.



Joy’s strongest skill is the ability she has to focus completely on what she is working or researching on. Not to forget, aligning her eyes with her hand a lot, the ability to portray real things with fidelity. ‘But I don’t believe that the latter is something so fundamental to an artist’, adds the artist.


Besides work, Joy is in love with the light. It is something that permeates her daily life, observe the incidence of light, variation, colour. She also believes it is something that focuses a lot on her work, especially the colours and the energy that each one goes through. ‘I’m fissured by all this’, she says.


The artist believes Osho and all this oriental spiritual wisdom to be the biggest influence in her way of thinking. It has been a daily reform of her principles which has also brought her closer to freedom, creativity, harmony and authenticity.


All that causes pleasure, comfort and enjoyment through an almost ethereal presence, be it sonorous, visual or completely immaterial is what defines beauty for Joy!


Joy’s inner artist advises our readers to look for their own voice. She says, ‘Often we think we’re being ourselves, and we have a voice of our own, but we’re actually stuck in what they expect us to be, what they taught us was better, and often it’s so far from the truth and so far from ourselves. To know yourself, for the first time. Find your unique energy and put your strength into it. Only then will we be able to live fully and only then we can make an authentic art. I’m still learning this practice but it makes difference even in the beginning’.


Images by ©Joy Brasilino

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