A bunch of ‘kids’? We are thinkers, we are workers, we are a team pursuing a theme. We love INDIA and this is all we had in mind when we started. We wanted to do something, we wanted to make it big, we wanted to do something for the countrymen- our brothers and sisters but did not know what to do. All we knew and had in common was our love for our motherland. The very first step was CAC CLUB- actually not even the club, just an idea about the club..a hint of making a club which will welcome talent of India with open arms and will hug them lovingly. And this club with its membership open to all INDIANS is an endeavor to encourage the youth to come forward their talent which is waiting for a platform. It is a creative’s club which means it is for everyone- me, you and all the creative heads in the country.
We believe that ‘Passion and talent are congenital treasures.’ And this has been affirmed by the youth of the country in whom we have seen both.
And here we have ‘Inspiro India’- our proud endeavor through which we have taken a step ahead regards to the talent the country possesses. It all started with a single idea and here we are..!! A magazine where all the creative heads are cordially invited, where we are joyfully welcoming the talent of the nation and where we consider ourselves lucky to have the creative souls with us and with enthusiasm to the brim we are now here and the response till date has been overwhelming and we promise you that we will keep working in the same direction positively.
Thanx to Since93kds Group for Sponsoring us.:)
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